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Author Topic: Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]  (Read 632 times)

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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]
« on: July 15, 2008, 08:03:38 AM »
Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]

I am usually quite a loving cuddly girl, needing some affection and romance while being dominated, but this time I want to go outside my comfort zone. I want to try something well beyond what I normally would.

I am seeking three males to RP three mafia bosses or senior lieutenants. All must be very sadistically dominant. No pussying around here, I want people who will hurt me.

The setting is the main dungeon/play floor of a BDSM club, all kinds of equipment is available, use your imagination.

My character is the star employee of the club, the owners girlfriend. She is not a simple whore but well above that; she is an escort of the highest class, able to converse in three or four languages and talk on many subjects – arts, politics, economics, a very bright person. She can dance beautifully, play guitar and piano. She is healthy and lithe and simply beautiful.

She is also the main attraction/entertainer at her bosses/boyfriends BDSM club (the premises the game is set); she has worked here three years and is accomplished in all kinds of sexual acts – she has, can and will do anything that does not result in loss of blood or limbs or permanent marks/wounds.

Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend has been a very, very stupid man. He sought to expand his business into an online club and borrowed heavily off the local mafia boss to fund this venture. It failed. He owes the syndicate a lot of money. They have come to collect. He’s beaten, very badly, and told to pay up or… the end will be slow and painful. Every man, no matter of what good intentions has his limits, he was pushed past his and took the cowards way out by offering his girlfriend to take his place and accept the punishment for him on the condition that she is handed back alive, uncut and unscarred by burns and with a full set of limbs and unbroken bones and organs and teeth at the end of a weekend. Those are his only conditions.

The mafia bosses accept, abduct the girl and beat the crap out of him anyway, dumping him half alive on the freeway…

(He survives, the girl will survive, they will be reunited and make good their escape eventually – that’s all off-stage)

So, three men please, to abduct, and abuse a gorgeous and (initially) unwilling woman for 48 hours. It’s assumed that as many NPC thugs are also around, guarding the doors, acting as barmen, whatever.

Although there are themes of violence in this game the main theme will be sex.

I would like a lot of extreme bondage. I’ve seen the websites, I do some light play bondage IRL, I know what it feels like, I want this character to be seriously restrained, I can RP the resulting mindset.

I would like flagellation of a light to medium level: not Indiana Jones style whips but certainly paddles, leather belts, light canes, multi-thonged sauna whips. Welts, bruising and some split skin is okay. I do some of this IRL too, I know the limits, you can’t beat someone with fifty strokes of a heavy cane and not break skin, or expect them to walk afterwards – be realistic in your abuse, please.

I would like abuse of all holes, ring gags are fine. Extreme anal abuse is fine. Huge enemas are fine, forced retention, no problem.

No cutting or piercing but clamps are fine, but use them realistically please (for example you cannot clamp a woman’s nipples for longer than about 15 to 30 minutes without doing permanent damage – I know this ;) )

Some sex would be nice :)

Double and even triple penetration would be welcome, a long, rough relentless DP is one of my unfulfilled fantasies… hmmm… :P

I enjoy orgasm denial and multiple forced orgasms with vibrators, on and on until the victim is screaming for it to stop…

I’m sure you have some games of your own you like to play…

I would like realism, play the violence to real levels, please, not cartoon levels.

I want male players only who are not averse to doing nude scenes with other males although of course there will be no male-male sex.

I do not want players who are already too busy to give this game the attention it needs (one post per day minimum); I do not want players whose schedule is uncertain and they might drop out after two pages, please, please don’t do that, nothing is worse.

The game will be played in the first person and in the past tense: “I went into the room, poured myself a whiskey and sat down.” To help us, include your character name at the top of each post. Like this, JOHN SMITH

No tobacco smoking (blech!) please. Anything else, drugs, etc is ok.

See my O/Os - no snuff, scat, urine, etc, etc, although I'm willing to say okay to bestiality for this game, but not oral (me giving!). I imagine one of the mafia guys has a large dog?

Please include a character picture (real life, not a movie or porn star and not anime/manga) and a full bio in your first post.

Thanks for reading… PM me.
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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2008, 02:47:43 AM »
Two positions are filled, wanting a third man please!

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Re: Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2008, 06:47:28 PM »
There's been a surprising amount of draw to crime drama, for me, lately.

I'll throw my hat in the ring, then - I can be a suitably vicious Sicilian, if need be...

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Re: Paying The Debt [BON][NC-H]
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2008, 08:01:21 PM »
Thanks for people's interest and PMs, I've now got three places booked for this.