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Author Topic: Skynet's Fun Fantasy Ideas! (M for F)  (Read 730 times)

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Skynet's Fun Fantasy Ideas! (M for F)
« on: August 30, 2013, 09:09:25 PM »
Knights in shining armor.  Dragons and princesses.  Adventurers combing through monster-filled dungeons.  Faeries in the woods, robed wizards in towers, and chosen heroes with magic swords.

Fantasy always intrigued me since I was little, be they the colorful worlds of the Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest, or joyful literary novels such as The Hobbit and Harry Potter series (technically it's urban fantasy, but it still evokes much of the charm of the genre).

I have a few ideas below.  Tell me if any of them interest you!

Systemless Freeform:

Part-time Diabolists (taken)
A dark wizard lives in a forgotten shrine in the forest with a demonic familiar, a female imp.  Officially they're bound together to enrich the infernal glory of the Lords Below, but they have a rather casual and friendly relationship.  Sometimes the wizard's masters them to perform tasks to further this end, like gathering rose petals from the Elven Glade for a vile ritual, deface the shrine of a troublesome order of priests, and sabotage the plans pesky adventurers.

I'm sort of going for a light-hearted slice of life comedy, but with a fantasy RPG theme.  Misunderstandings with townsfolk and straightforward quests going unexpectedly wrong are par for the course.

Visual Inspiration:

A Wizard's Might

NSFW Hey, why am I the one tied up?!

Priestess and Satyr
A great evil rises in the sleepy hamlet of Gouldriver.  It comes in at night, striking villagers and livestock with a wasting touch.  The entity has not confined its hunting grounds to civilization, striking nature as well.  The village's church made an alliance with the fey of the woods and glades to put a stop to this evil.

However, the most talented among their order have clashing personalities.  The church has a warrior-maiden, chaste, uptight and no-nonsense.  The fey have a satyr warrior, possessed of all the lively stereotypes and traits of his kind.  Reluctantly the two work together, but over time grow to understand and empathize with the other.  The maiden can show the satyr the virtue of patience, while the satyr can help her loosen up and see the bright side of life.  Will their personalities complement each other?  Will the bonds forged between mortal and fey persist once the threat ends?  Only time will tell.

Visual inspiration:

1,001 Erotic Nights
It is 800 A.D. in Mythic Arabia.  The glorious city of Baghdad is the crown jewel of the Caliphate, unmatched in its scientific, artistic, and military might in 3 continents.  Thieves seek treasure in the lost ruins of Iram, the sorcerous City of One Thousand Pillars.  Sorcerers practice myriad forms of magic out of the prying eyes of the orthodox clergy, from animism to astrology to alchemy.  White-robed assassins plot the downfall of the empire from their hidden mountain fortress of Alamut, led by a mysterious old man in a golden mask.  There are thousands of stories to tell in this era, some of which are true and some of which contain a hint of exaggeration.

Your story starts wrapped in lies and disguises.  The Caliphate is the center of the flesh trade between Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Architects seek legions of slaves to build the empire's glorious palaces.  The military kidnaps children to raise as brainwashed soldier-slaves, and decadent nobles seek exotic beauties to satiate their desires.  You are a thief masquerading as a captured pleasure slave, seeking to get into the Emir's manor.  In his possession is a treasure important to you.  Perhaps it's a lamp with a bound djinni, an elixir which can cure any disease, or the holy writings of a Zoroastrian Magi.  You might have to entertain the Emir's indulgences as part of your cover, but in the end it will all be worth it.

Inspirational Images:

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And an anime one:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Prisoners of Lust
Set in the magnificent world of Dungeons and Dragons!

You're part of an elf/drow adventuring party which just recently went on an expedition into the Underdark.  A cult of Malcanthet, Demon Queen of the Succubi, has extended its influence into the nearby cities, spreading drugs, poisoning people, taking slaves, and all manner of destabilizing activity.  The city's factions needed to put a stop to this or else their power structure would fall into chaos, so they hired you to take care of them.

Unfortunately the party fell to an ambush, and when you came to you found yourself in the Abyssal city of Rivenheart, capital of Malcanthet's realm.  The cult charmed you with magic and sold you to a brothel, which you're now bound to and can't leave.  If you hope to escape and find your fellow adventurers (who are also slaves in the pleasure dens of Rivenheart), you'll need to find the charm which binds you, discover the portal back to the Material Plane, and put a stop to the cult!  Or maybe you enjoy your new captivity, or the enchantments overwhelm you, and Malcanthet adds yet another mortal to her loyal following.


The Valley of Torita(Labyrinth Lord)
A lush and fertile valley stands at the crossroads of the kingdom of Nethal.  Blessed with rich soild, precious metals in its hills, and the ruins of the elven and magi empires, it attracts many folk despite its dangers.  The fair walled city of Torita stands near a river, ruled by the stern yet fair Baron Larkas.  A hidden coven of druids lairs in the dark woods to the north, Underdark spies raid small towns for new riches and slaves, elven and wizard heirs to the crumbling thrones of their kingdoms seek treasures and heirlooms from the lands of their people. It is a realm of intrigue and adventure, of countless tales of both heroes and villains from all walks of life, who seek gold, glory, a new life, and other things in this seemingly pleasant realm.

I'm going for a sandbox feel for this.  There will be various locations to explore, which I'll expand upon over time.  It uses the Labyrinth Lord system, with the Black Streams: Solo Heroes house rules.  Both are freely available, so if you can't access them from Drive-Thru RPG or elsewhere I can copy the relevant bits for you.

Free version found here.

Also some generic fantasy pictures which could evolve into a story:

Shadowy Assassin

Thief in the Castle

Adventurous Acrobat

Drow and Knight

Pirate Queen

Orc Wyvern Tamer
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Re: Skynet's Fun Fantasy Ideas! (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 06:09:09 PM »
Added The Valley of Torita to ideas.
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