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Author Topic: ~Nizhoni's Search Thread~ {F for F/Futa/Herm or even maybe M}  (Read 752 times)

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~Nizhoni's Search Thread~ {F for F/Futa/Herm or even maybe M}
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:39:54 AM »
Hello there [you], and welcome to my lovely search thread! Please take a look around and enjoy yourselves. If you are interested in drafting a roleplay with me then feel free to contact me via PM as I cannot guarantee I will see your post here or on IM as quickly, and have a wonderful day.


Roleplay Criteria

  • Where I roleplay? - I'll play either in IMs or in threads. I generally prefer to chat about ideas over IMs, as it's easier and more responsive in general. Though I definitely don't have to, and have chatted about ideas over PM easily enough. Recently I've been keeping close to one-on-one, but I wouldn't be opposed to a group over IM.
  • Give or Take? - I generally prefer the submissive role if there's any in the situation, though that means that there doesn't have to be. However, I have been known to switch and take a more dominative role upon occasion. This doesn't mean being weak, though I've played that as well.
  • Gender? - I've played a bit of everything, though I prefer female as I am one, or futa/herm as they're a bit of both worlds and allows me to stick closer to my own gender identity than male.
  • Preferance? - I am quite readily bisexual, though I lean more towards women for meaningful relationships for one reason or another. Futa/herm, yes please? I haven't really tried crossdressers, or such before, but I wouldn't be opposed to doing so. Also on this line of thought, I care very little what RL gender plays what IC gender, as long as they're convincing as the gender they decide to play.
  • Post Length? - This really depends on if we're RPing in a thread, PM, or IM. Though I tend to go for a couple of paragraphs at the very least, regardless of medium. That said, it also depends on what I'm getting from my partner.
  • Detail? - I absolutely love detail. The more you give, the more I can give in return, and I do so enjoy being as detailed as I can be. This means good grammar, punctuation and such is preferred, but not absolutely necessary I suppose.
  • Smut or Story? - BOTH! I need story with my smut, that's part of what makes it even smuttier for me. This also depends heavily on the type of story we're trying to write. Sometimes smut just doesn't fit in some stories.
  • Preferred Settings? - This is a really good question, and I've had to really think about this, as there's a lot of them I like. D&D Worlds, with Eberron being high on that list. Earth: Whether a fantastic setting such as The Dresden Files or World of Darkness; or perhaps futuristic such as Mass Effect, Shadowrun, or Warhammer 40k. Exalted, Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea are also nice. Post Apocalyptic is also an interest of mine, there are far too many worlds where this is a major thread for me to list them all, but a couple of examples that I know well are Fallout or The Last of Us.


Current Cravings

  • Bestiality - I have been wanting to do this pretty badly recently, usually canines being the higher on my to-do list. There's many different ways this can go. Whether I play a Druid, or other ideas, such as the dogs that follow you around various other games now days.
  • Eberron - I've got so many ideas for this setting, it's actually a little surprising that I've rarely actually gotten to RP in it a lot. I blame the novels I've read, and the general dislike of the setting some traditionalist D&D enthusiasts have for one reason or another. Dice or freeform, doesn't matter to me.


Eberron Ideas
I'm looking for a DM, or even possibly just someone to help me bring a story to life. Most of my ideas start fairly high level, because honestly I'm somewhat tired of the always starting at level 1-3 or so, and barely getting to maybe level 5 before the game dies a slow death. Not to mention Eberron is a great setting to start at higher level, due to the Last War having been a major part of many stories. So, I think I'll just start going down the list, and giving just a little bit of information about some of my wants of late. Mind you, none of these have to be particularly erotic, but I probably won't turn down those that are interested in leading the game in that direction, especially romantic type stories. Though it doesn't have to be that either. This is in no particular order, and I'd probably like to talk about the ideas more so over an IM, than only over PMs on the site. We can definitely start there however, as I'll probably need to get other IM names. Still working on some of these ideas, as trying to put them all in one place.


Dragonmarked Heirs
Cannith Artificer - A somewhat sheltered girl who grew up more around Warforged than real humans, hidden away by her parents most of the time. However, her father insisted that she join in on the Last War on the front lines. Of course as a Cannith heir, she was suppose to have been mostly safe from combat, this was not always the case. Whether by luck or skill, she was able to survive, and became an honored member of the unit she was a part of. There's some craziness behind all of this, that I'd get into in chatting about this idea.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Deneith Heir - Born in Karnnath, the daughter of Regent Moranna ir'Wynarn. A half-vampire Deneith Dread Necromancer (or Thief of Life), who knows her mother, and great great grandfather King Kaius' story, and wishes to help Karnnath against her Deneith father's wishes.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lyrandar Heir - Dragonmarked Lieutenant on a small, but super fast airship. Swashbuckling type of story most likely, during the Last War, or perhaps on a voyage to Xen'drik for a wealthy benefactor of some kind.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Thuranni Assassin - Born in Sharn, this beautiful heiress to the Baron Elar d'Thuranni was approached at an early age by the Blood of Vol. A Spellthief/Thief of Life, she's been known to steal the soul from those men and women who don't take her seriously. With a literal shadow as her companion/symbiote, this strong young woman seems to have plans of her own for the House.
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Vadalis Beastmaster - Born in the Eldeen Reaches, introduced to the Gatekeeper and Warden of the Woods Druid sects, this young girl was also awed by arcane magic in the form of an older member of her family. As she grew older, she combined her loves of nature, animals, and arcane magic into that of an Arcane Hierophant. From then on her Animal Companion and Familiar were one creature, a male wolf she'd raised from a pup to be her best friend. This of course has the potential for lots of bestiality overtones, though I don't absolutely have to have this be part of the story.
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Various Other Characters
Catfolk from Xen'drik -
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Changeling Brothel owner - Born and raised in Sharn, the young Changeling had to learn to live on her own pretty quickly. An orphan who came into her own in the rough lower districts, and worked her way up to owning her own brothel eventually. She'd like to run an escort business in the higher levels of Sharn at some point, allowing higher class gentlemen and women to buy a beautiful body to accompany them to various balls and gatherins of the wealthy. Smart, charismatic men and women who know when to speak, and when to keep their mouth shut.
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Drow Scorpion Wraith - Born and raised in the harsh realm of Xen'drik, where each day is a literal fight just to survive. This girl in an intricate part of her small tribe, which is really just part of her family. This story could have undertones of incest, siblings or others clinging to each other in the wake of the horror that they have to go through each day just to live another day. Or she could run across an outsider from another culture on one of her patrols of the tribe's land.
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Raptorian Stormlord -
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Still adding more ideas, but I'm definitely open to suggestions as well. Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you, and have a lovely day.
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Re: ~Nizhoni's Search Thread~ {F for F/Futa/Herm or even maybe M}
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2013, 12:30:08 PM »
Edited layout, going to be adding some more ideas when I can.