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Author Topic: Debt to the Dragonborn (Male looking for Female Dragonborn)  (Read 405 times)

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Offline ZekromnomnomTopic starter

Debt to the Dragonborn (Male looking for Female Dragonborn)
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:48:28 PM »
Okay, so I decided to make this one a separate thread to increase chances of it getting noticed, plus I REALLY want to play this one or one like it.

I've been in this mine for days. I think. I can't really be sure, as my captors have kept me here away from the sun for longer than I can remember. Every time I finally manage to fall asleep on the dirty straw, what felt like minutes later, they would wake me with shouts and kicks and shove me back into the whole where my pickaxe lay. Then it was back to work for me, for several hours until they gave me a little bit of bread and water. As I stand there chipping away at the rock with my pick, all I can do is curse my luck for chasing that thief across the border and into Skyrim. And I think about trying to fight my way out of here, but I know I can't fight off all of my captors with no armor and only a pickaxe for a weapon. What I wouldn't give for a bow. I managed to steal some scraps of paper from one of them, a girl with a shaved head who fancies herself a mage.

Hopefully I won't die down here. When my strength starts to wain, I'll try to take a few of them with me. But I don't see myself escaping here without help. But I try to keep up my strength, I try not to give in when they beat me. From what I gather, they're deserters from some kind of rebel army. Stormcloaks or something? I don't know. I know they hate elves, this group more than most, and they think I'm part of the Aldmeri Dominion. I tried to explain why that was stupid, but they don't seem to be the smartest bunch. And I'm the buffoon that let them capture me.

Something's come up. There seems to be some kind of commotion near the front of the cave. The one they left to guard me seems on edge. Maybe this is my chance. Maybe my prayers have been answered.

Okay, so this is a Skyrim RP that I'm looking to start. I'm looking for a partner willing to play a female Dragonborn. I'm okay with any kind of character, any race and any kind of character and fighting style. I will be playing a wood elf named Menandyr who came into Skyrim when he was chasing a thief that stole from his camp when he was out hunting in the wilds of Cyrodil. In Skyrim, near the border, he was captured by deserters from the Stormcloak army that decided being bandits was easier. The story would start with the female dragonborn coming to the mine/bandit camp where they force Menandyr to mine ore for them and fighting through the bandits. Her reasoning for coming to the mine could be her wandering Skyrim and stumbling across it or it could be a bounty mission from a local jarl.

For my character, I'll be playing a woodsy, sneaky archer type of character. Menandyr is in good shape and has really big arms from shooting his bow and he has war paint tattoos. He grew up in Valenwood and moved to Cyrodil as an adult. He lived as a simple trapper with his younger siblings in a cabin in the wilds of Cyrodil, but during the Great War, he sheltered an Imperial soldier and when some of the elven soldiers were moving through the area, they demanded to search the cabin, and when he refused, they torched the house and left him tied up in his small clothes outside, expecting him to die from the elements. He survived and pretty much disappeared into the woods, hunting and trapping for a living, not really having any purpose to his life.

As for what will actually happen in the play, after the female Dragonborn saves my character, he asks to accompany her and they would basically just go through the storyline of Skyrim. Doing whatever missions we felt like doing. I really like doing the Dawnguard and Dragonborn stuff, but I'm okay with doing any of the factions, except I really don't care to side with the Stormcloaks. I figure as we go along, a relationship would develop between the two, even if they are awkward or even get on each other's nerves at first.

Any questions or interest in this RP, feel free to PM me to ask any questions about it. We'll see what we can iron out.

ALSO: This isn't my only Skyrim idea. I'm open for a lot of M/F Skyrim ideas, so if you don't like this one, feel free to run others by me.

Offline ZekromnomnomTopic starter

Re: Debt to the Dragonborn (Male looking for Female Dragonborn)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2013, 02:50:50 AM »
Skyrim Pairings

Since I already have two plays going with the above plot, I decided to also add some other possible pairings that I would also be up for. The ones I would like to play will be in bold, and in all cases, I would be playing male and looking for a female.

The Pairings:
Follower/Dragonborn (In various other situations other than the one mentioned above)
Dawnguard member/adventurer or other Dawnguard member
Dawnguard/Freed Vampire Thrall
Dawnguard/Vampire (maybe trapped in some situation where they have to work together)
Student of the Mage College/Student of the Mage College
Mercenary/Researcher or Student paying me for protection

Offline Minty Minx

Re: Debt to the Dragonborn (Male looking for Female Dragonborn)
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2013, 12:13:48 PM »
I love skyrim and would love to play with you. :}