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Author Topic: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Closed for now)  (Read 5612 times)

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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Closed for now)
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:23:47 AM »

                             This RPG will be set in the new 52 DC universe of Earth 2.
                             What is Earth 2 you ask? It is a parrell Earth in the DC Universe.
First the Man of Steel from the Stars joined us, then the Dark Knight of Gotham, The Amazon princess, the Scarlet Speedster, The winged wonder, the martain and the Emerald enforcer. Superman (Clark Kent), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Wonder Woman (Diana prince), the Flash (Jay Garrick), Hawkgirl (Shearra Hall), Martain Manhunter (Jonn Jonzz) and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) were the original Justice League who gave their lives supposedly facing a full scale invasion from Apocalypse and Darkseids Forces. 

Fast Forward Five Years Later and meta humans start popping up as well as new threats which require a new team. Hence the birth of the Justice Society. But will President Amanda Waller be willing to accept an army of new heroes when she had such trouble with the last seven? And a new threat emerges from the grave known as Sollimum grundy who seems to have control over the dead.

The first story arc will have Grundy as the primary villain as our heroes unite, and the action will take place primarily in Metropolis. Basically I want to say we have free reign to create new versions of our beloved DC heroes. Such as Aquaman, Green Arrow, the Atom, Vixen, Black Canary, Cyborg, Zatanna, Stargirl, Beast Boy, Arsenal,  Raven, WonderGirl etc etc. But for now lets focuss on heroes rather then Villians.

The Flash can return as Barry Allen the second hero to master the speedforce.
Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner or John Stewart can be the second Green Lantern if you wish.
Hawkgirl can now have passed to Kendra Saunders as the new reincarnated version.

In terms of the Bat Family, a compelling argument for a new Batman could be made such as say Dick Grayson as the Dark Knight. If someone wants to claim Supergirl and have her grow up into PowerGirl I would be fine with that also.


Superman/Clark Kent/kal El (Deceased)
Batman/Bruce Wayne (Deceased)
Wonder Woman/Diana Prince (Deceased)
Martain Manhunter/Jonn Jonzz (Deceased)
Flash/Alan Scott   (Deceased)
Green Lantern/Jay Garrick (Deceased)
Hawkgirl/Shera Hall (Deceased)

The Joker (Deceased)
Catwoman/Selina Kyle (Deceased)
Toyman/Winslo Shot the first (Deceased)
Harley Quinn (Incarcerated)
Lex Luthor (MIA)
Cheetah (Incarcerated)
Deadshot  (Incarcerated)
Boomarang (Incarcerated)
Enchantress (Incarcerated)
Killer Croc (Incarcerated)
Bane (Incarcerated)
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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 10:06:32 AM »
== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==
Legal Name: Dinah Laurel Lance
Alias: White Canary
Age: 28
Sexuality: Bi sexual
Part of Gotham Residing In: Lower East side

== Physical Description == Dinah is built very well. Coming in at 5`8 in height she is no shrinking violet. Long legs and a pert round ass and large breasts. Dinah is coverd in freckles which she gets from her moms side of the family. Naturally blond hair which she also gets from mom. She has a rather distinct dimple in the middle of her chin that is very pounced. She has full pouty lips and deep blue eyes. She has a few scars on her body from her days as a beat cop and a few from her latest trade as the White Canary of Gotham.

== Persona == Dinah keeps up appearances as a free spirited trouble maker still suffering from her parents divorce. She in-fact couldn’t be more focussed since returning to Gotham and becoming the Canary. She still hasn’t fully delt with her drink problem which got her kicked off the force to start with, but since been a vigilante she has little time for booze. The irony her *day* job is working in a bar is not lost on her. She keeps secrets from her family who still don’t know she was captured and tortured by pirates when she went off backpacking at 23. Nor the fact she was trained by one of Ras Al ghuls daughters. Dinah took all she learned from the force and Nyssa and combined it to create her Canary persona. She dongs a platum blond wig when she is the Canary to throw her enemies off. She prefers to go after misogynistic criminals who prey on women.         

== Key Skills == 1) Advanced Hand to hand: Dinah is shown to be skilled in hand to hand combat. First trained as a cadet at GCPD and then later in Wing-Chun by Nyssa Al Ghul.
 2) Trained Stick fighter: Dinah carries two batons which can click together into a full length staff which she wields with mastery.
3) Trained acrobat/Stealth: Dinah is able to scale large buildings and leap great distances. She is also able to get around without been seen or causing too much commotion.
4) Tolerance for Pain/Torture: While her time in China was mostly horrific Dinah did learn to tolerate extreme pain. Now it takes a great deal to break her.
5) Fearless: Dinah is extremely brave and would die for another however this *fearlessness* could at times be mistaken for arrogance.   

== Advantages == Dinah carries with her a sonic device which emits a large pulse which she calls her *Canary Cry*. As well as a voice emitter to hide her identity from her farther Detective Lance. Dinah has a wider understanding of the criminal underworld thanks to her three years in China with Nyssa Al Ghul. She has a tactical mind which she obtained genetically from her farther as well as his sense of *Justice* and empathy for others. She also has a cutting sense of humour which has gotten her through the bad times.

== Disadvantages == Dinah has a hot temper which has a tendency to get the better of her. This can split her focus in battle. She also has a alcohol problem she never truly dealt with. She figures now she has focus in her life as the White Canary she won’t need to deal with it. Dinah can be arrogant and pig headed when she wants to be and wont let things go. At times she can be a bad judge of character especially when it comes to men which leads her into trouble. If her foes ever found out about her identity they would go after both her farther and her mother. She has an estranged relationship with her mother. Dinah does not work well with others or in a team which played a part in her police dismissal.   

== Background == Dinah grew up as a only child to Dinah Drake and Quentin Lance. Her farther was a GCPD Cop to the core her mother worked in a museum. Her parents divorced when she was 17 and her mom moved to coast city to be with her lover. Dinah decided at 18 to be a cop like her dad much to his dismay. She joined the force and lasted all of 18 months. Dinah was kicked out for substance abuse at the ripe old age of 23. She bummed around for a year before she went backpacking across the globe. Dinah ended up getting involved in a nasty situation with some pirates while in China and was saved by the League of Assassins. She was trained personally by the daughter of Ras Al Ghul but left the league once she spurned the advances’ of Nyssa. Dinah returned to Gotham and made peace with her dad. She took a job as waitress in a bar while she started going out at night as a vigilante inspired by The Batman. She is.....the White Canary.

  == Character Extras == Face Claim: Carly Lotz.
Ons: Men, Rough sex, outdoor sex, dirty talk, leather, anal, oral.

Offs: Baby Talk, Toilet, Blood Gore, Animals, underage, non consensual.
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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 10:12:14 AM »

Aquaman/Arthur Kurry for vergil tanner
Green Arrow/Oliver Queen for Wispyr
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Offline Carny

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2015, 01:31:30 PM »
I'd be very interested in this, if it has legs.

Offline mia h

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2015, 06:10:24 AM »
Definitely bookmarking and seeing if my brain kicks into gear.

Offline Batman4560

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2015, 09:33:03 PM »
Good luck.

Offline Kokaine

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2015, 01:11:59 AM »
tentatively interested

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Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #7 on: October 30, 2015, 06:55:15 AM »
I may be interested if I can play Batwoman.

Offline Crash

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #8 on: October 30, 2015, 09:13:42 AM »
Looks interesting Silk.  I am not sure I have time for another character but I will look into DC characters and see if my muse latches onto something.

Online Juggtacular

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #9 on: October 31, 2015, 07:48:24 PM »
Been thinking of DC for a bit now. I'm interested either as Captain Marvel/Shazam or a twist on Triumph.

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #10 on: October 31, 2015, 08:22:30 PM »
I'd be interested in this... potentially as Booster Gold. I'm thinking he's been pretty shocked. After all, in his timeline, the original Justice League didn't die. He might potentially even blame himself for their deaths, thinking he changed the past by jumping into it. Thus, swearing off time travel entirely (largely because free time travel is very difficult to work in a story.)

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #11 on: October 31, 2015, 10:31:35 PM »
Nice to see some intrest. Some bios would be great.

Im not saying no to any character and would love to see youre versions of Batwoman, Shazam, Booster Gold etc...
Fill out a bio like I did for White Canary and we can go from there....

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #12 on: October 31, 2015, 11:31:03 PM »
If you wouldn't mind some advice, posting your character sheet in copyable form helps with that kind of thing.

== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==
Legal Name: Michael John Carter
Alias: Booster Gold
Age: 30
Sexuality: Straight
Part of Gotham Residing In: Downtown

== Physical Description == Mike is a thin wiry man, trim and fit, but without bulging muscles or huge limbs. Compared to the company he keeps in, he is rather small honestly. Combined with the fact that he is 6'0, it gives him a bit of a bean stalk appearance. He keeps his blonde hair cut short, showing his blue eyes. But what is most notable is his smile, which is infectious. It has shown less and less though, as the deaths of the greats of the Justice League weigh down the man ever more. He is unscarred, remarkably. This is largely explained by his suit, which protects him from anything.

== Persona == Mike's personality varies widely these days. Some times he is the same Booster Gold as ever, fighting criminals, posing for pictures, living his life at 100%. And sometimes? He just drops into bleak depressions, and will refuse to do anything but sit at his home and drink. Some people believe he needs psychological help, as these moods are becoming more pronounced, not less. Mike ignores them. He has no family here, and his friends are slipping away. If he slips into self destruction, who cares? He works out a lot, using it to relieve stress, but at the end of the day, he is still just a normal guy till he puts on the suit.     

== Key Skills == 1) Athletics: Mike is a great athlete, even now, his skills from college persisting.
2) Technological Skill: Mike has a knowledge of 25th century tech, something unusual in this day and edge. He's probably the only one who can do work on his suit... though even he doesn't know how most of it works.

== Advantages == Booster Gold has no inherent powers, but does have quite a bit of stolen technology from the future. He has a ring which grants him flight ability, allowing him to soar with the greats. His suit gives him massively increased strength, as well as protecting him from gunfire (though it still hurts like a bitch.) He has the ability to project forcefields from the suit. His gauntlets contain blasters, which can eat through metal or concrete.

== Disadvantages == Booster Gold is vainglorious fool at times, falling prey to flattery and people playing up to his ego. He can stop to pose, or show his good side at times when he should not. Because of this, his relationship with more... dour superheroes is strained. Furthermore, he's developing a problem with alcoholism, and has developed depression. He has no secret identity, in truth. Booster is Mike, and Mike is Booster. Combined with his fame, this makes him an easy target out of his suit.

== Background == Mike was born 500 years in the future, in a version of Gotham that doesn't exist anymore. His mother was a Night Janitor at city hall, and his dad was a deadbeat who vanished before they were born. He and his twin sister Michelle grew up in the slums together, but she and he were talented. She was a genius and Mike... Mike could throw a football like a dream. Between the two of them, they were a dream team. Then Daddy came back. His father wanted to use Mike, forcing him to lose games by threatening to beat his mother unless he complied. The cops ignored his attempts to get help, and his mother accepted it as the price for having Mike's dad back in his life. So Mike began to lose. When this was uncovered, Michelle, whom he'd hidden this from, walked out of his life. Mike wouldn't know it, but he'd never see her again. His mother got him a job at a Museum, working as a night watchman. That was when his plan came together. The museum housed dozens of artifacts. While hopelessly outdated today, Mike knew something the public didn't. In the basement of the Museum, a group of the researchers had managed to activate an ancient time machine. They hoped to study it, and gain access to time travel technology. But John had other intentions. He stole a few of the artifacts, and used them to bash his way into the lab below, grabbing the time machine and activating it, dropping him in the year 2005.

There, Mike began using the suit, and his knowledge of the future to make a new life for himself. He wasn't Mike, the disgraced college star here. He was Booster Gold, Superhero, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. He'd be rich, beloved, and powerful. And he succeeded! He became a national hero, rich, famous... and hated by the other heroes who recognized the selfishness of his reasons for doing so. However, that all changed 5 years after he arrived. He didn't answer the call of Batman, Superman, and the others to fight Darkseid, knowing they would win without him. It was history. And... he was wrong. Something went horribly wrong. And they died. And history changed. Booster returned to his time, and found everything changed. Gotham was filthy deranged place. He found his mother, or at least her grave. She died when she was 16, stabbed to death in an alley. He never went looking for his father. His place in time was gone, his sister. His family. And he ran away. Ran from his time, back to the 20th century. In transit, the Time Travel Device blew out, fried into a useless mess. The strain of travelling in different time streams ruined it. He emerged 5 years after he'd left, to discover his life here gone as well. He'd been declared dead. After a long fight, he managed to get some of his money back... but five years is a long time. His company was gone, the public had moved on, and Booster found himself without direction.

  == Character Extras == Face Claim: Neil Patrick Harris.
Ons: Confident Women, maledom, bondage, spanking, public sex.

Offs: Toilet, underage, gore, male on male, male submission.
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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #13 on: November 01, 2015, 08:00:22 AM »
== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==
Legal Name:
Part of Gotham Residing In:

== Physical Description == 

== Persona ==           

== Key Skills ==

== Advantages ==

== Disadvantages == 

== Background ==

 == Character Extras =

= Face Claim:
Ons: .


Offline mia h

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #14 on: November 01, 2015, 02:06:14 PM »
== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==
Legal Name: Kori Anders (real name : Koriand'r)
Alias: Supergirl
Age: 23
Sexuality: Bisexual
Part of Gotham Residing In: Gotham Village

== Physical Description ==
The simplest and most accurate descriptions of Kori would be statuesque and Amazonian. At 6'2" Kori can be a physically intimidating presence and her entirely green eyes can be disconcerting, particularly when they start glowing. The combination of Kori's green eyes and orange skin clearly mark her out as not being human. However thanks to a small piece of technology Kori has acquired she can appear more human, replacing her orange skin and flaming hair with normal human skin tones and blond hair.

== Persona ==           
Kori is still adjusting to living on Earth so there any number of things that she doesn't understand, this combine with her naturally trusting disposition can make Kori seem naïve and innocent but that doesn't mean she is stupid. She believes in giving people a second chance, unless they are preying on the weak and innocent. Kori is also highly tactile which can make other people uncomfortable.

== Key Skills ==
1) Advanced Hand to hand: Kori was trained in both armed and unarmed combat from an early age, as while Tamaran's are a peaceful race the Royal family is trained to defend their citizens.
2) Pilot : Kori has been trained to pilot a variety of interstellar ships, she is a competent pilot of Earth craft once she has been able to understand their primitive controls.
3) Strategic planning : As part of her combat training Kori was trained to see the bigger picture, identifying weakness of enemies and ways to overcome them.

== Advantages ==
1) Energy Absorption: Kori is capable of absorbing ultraviolet radiation from any source. She uses this UV radiation to power her other abilities
2) Flight: Which leaves a distinctive energy contrail behind, looking as if it is coming directly from her hair.
3) Starbolts: The solar absorption experiments performed on her by the alien Psions granted her the amazing power and ability to channel and project that same energy into destructive blasts called "starbolts". Starfire also has the power and ability to unleash all her stored energy into a pseudo nova blast. It is suggested to be as hot as the sun itself and so only uses this in dire situations as it drains her power reserves.
4) Invulnerability :  between Kori's alien physiology and the experiments performed she was subjected to, Kori has become impervious to the damage caused by any conventional Earth weapon along with many unconventional weapons.
5) Superhuman Strength : Kori has demonstrated near Kryptonian levels of strength in the past but this usually only when she is truly enraged.
6) Lingustic Assimilation: She is also capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person.
7) Poison immunity : Kori doesn't need to breath oxygen and as a result is immune to almost all airborne toxins, and her alien physiology means other toxins that would be fatal to humans don't effect Kori.

== Disadvantages == 
1) Naiveté : Because Kori is still unaware of many human customs and her trusting nature it is possible for people to take advantage of her.
2) Kori's abilities are powered by ultraviolet light; using her powers in extended periods of darkness will eventually deplete them. 
3) Berserk rage : under extreme situations Kori can lose control, while the rage increases strength and the intensity of her starbolts she loses the ability to distinguish friend and foe.
== Background ==
Koriand'r grew up on Tamaran as the youngest daughter of the planet's Royal family. But when Tamaran was attacked by a combine force from Khund and Citadel the planet was unable stop the invasion and in an desperate attempt to stop the blood shed the Tamaran's surrendered with the children of prominent families being handed over as hostages to ensure the peace. But instead of being kept safe from harm the hostages were handed over to the Psion who then subjected the children to horrific experiments in an attempt to both unlock the secrets to and enhance the Tamaran's natural ability to absorb ultraviolet light.

All of the victims of the Psion experiments suffered greatly with many dying from the "procedures" however when Koriand'r was exposed to the Psion's latest technique it worked far more successfully than they could have imagined or feared. Kori's abilities were increased many thousands of times and the energy stored in her body ripped through the Psion lab killing the scientists and destroying the equipment. Kori realized that this would be her one chance to escape captivity and return home. However during her breakout Kori realized all of the hostages were being held on a remote space station and returning to Tamaran would not be simple. She was able to steal a small shuttle and headed for the nearest habitable system, where she was detected signals of Citadel origin that acted as a homing beacon and forced the shuttle's autopilot to navigate to the signal. The shuttle pod was forced to land on a small Caribbean island that housed a small group of Citadel infiltrators who were gathering information for the invasion of another seemingly helpless world.
However unlike the stealth craft that had brought the Citadel forces, Kori's shuttle had been noticed and a force of US Spec Ops was dispatched to investigate. When the American forces arrived they found a smouldering crater on island with Kori stood in the middle of it. Thankfully due to the calm thinking of Major Adams, he and Kori were able to come a peaceful solution. Kori agreed to provide intelligence on alien threats and help the US better understand Citadel technology in exchange for the US Government protecting and providing for Kori. Kori did keep two important pieces of Citadel technology; a chameleon device that allows it wearer to appear completely differently which allows Kori to pass for human. Also Kori retained ownership of a Citadel infiltration ship that is able to camouflage itself and is completely undetectable to any current human technology, for some reason Kori has neglected to mention the infiltration ship to her hosts.

For the past two years Kori has lived in Gotham where she owns a small but surprisingly successful art gallery and shares a very up market apartment with her "childhood friend and business partner" also known as her Government handler. Part of Kori's deal with the Government was to not get attention, after the invasion from Apokolips attitudes to aliens are uncertain at best. But Kori being Kori she can't stand by and watch people suffer so she started to occasionally slip out and help where she could. Grainy videos and poor resolution shots of Kori's fiery hair started to appear on the internet, along with stories from criminals of how they's been attacked by an "orange skinned alien freak." With the loss of Superman still felt by many, a reporter at the Gotham Gazette christened her Supergirl in memory of an alien who came to Earth to help.

== Character Extras =

= Face Claim: Nicky Whelan
Ons & Offs: Too lazy to type :P
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Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2015, 02:15:19 PM »
So... we have a normal human, a dude from the future with future tech, and an Alien Princess. Oooooh DCU you crazy.

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #16 on: November 01, 2015, 03:31:01 PM »
(If this is a vote, Zatanna.)

:: Looks left and right ::

(Her outfit is sexy as hell!)

Offline Crash

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #17 on: November 01, 2015, 03:56:42 PM »
Tacky - I agree, but I am actually switching things up and thinking I will go with Argent.

Offline Vergil Tanner

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #18 on: November 01, 2015, 05:14:41 PM »
I still have to decide whether or not I have time to commit to this one, but I'm just popping in to officially register interest and claim Jason Momoa as my possible Aquaman Faceclaim.

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #19 on: November 01, 2015, 05:35:02 PM »
I still have to decide whether or not I have time to commit to this one, but I'm just popping in to officially register interest and claim Jason Momoa as my possible Aquaman Faceclaim.

Jason Momoa will make a great Aquaman. Dude deserves all the jobs in the world.

Offline Kokaine

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #20 on: November 01, 2015, 06:01:40 PM »
I am leaning toward Huntress for my character.

Online Juggtacular

Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #21 on: November 01, 2015, 06:27:54 PM »
== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==
Legal Name: William Macintyre
Alias: Triumph
Age: 25
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Part of Gotham Residing In: Gotham Heights

== Physical Description ==  William stands at about 6'3, and his body is well muscled from training and exercise. Plus, puberty was very kind to him. He's not massive, but his stature is noticeable. He has dirty blond, almost brown hair that he usually keeps short and spiky, although he's been known to style it from time to time. His eyes are pleasing blue-green and have a fierceness in them representing his inner drive.

== Persona == William is a nice enough guy; he's just not much of a people person, although he does try. Due to his upbringing and never really being able to get and keep friends, he's somewhat socially awkward. He has the potential to be a natural born leader, but only after fully realizing that leading a team is not the same as leading an army. He can't treat people like pieces on a chess board. Due to his powers and intellect, he is very confident, bordering on arrogant from time to time. But it's hard not to be when you're Triumph! While his people skills need work, William's intelligence and tactical reasoning are beyond question.

== Key Skills ==
1) Intelligence: William has always possessed a keen intellect, although he had to foster it in secret growing up. He has a genius level intellect, and is capable of creating and maintaining advanced weaponry.

2) Tactical Mind: Triumph has the natural ability to see the world around him and figure out the best action to take to result in the best outcome. He can figure out who needs to do what, where, and when; seemingly on the fly and in the middle of battle.

3) Charismatic: While it's true that William Macintyre isn't that great around people, his alter ego Triumph is another story. As Triumph he is charming, witty, and he knows how to talk to people.

4) Fighting: His father was a career criminal, and wanting his son to be "tough", James Macintyre taught him how to fight.

== Advantages ==

1) Electromagnetism: Triumph's main, and truly only power is the ability to perceive and consciously control electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe. This of course allows him to control and manipulate ferrous metals, but he has discovered ways to manipulate electromagnetic energy to far greater effects than shaping steel. For example, flooding his system with energy allows him to match even Superman in power.

2) Energy Absorption: Triumph can siphon energy from nearly any source, even energy directly from other people.

3) Energy Projection: Triumph possesses the ability to manipulate the ambient energy within the area around him or the energy inside of him to release potent blasts of energy from his eyes or his hands. These blasts can take the form of any electromagnetic phenomenon possible.

4)Enhanced Senses: This power gives Triumph what he calls "360 degree hyper-senses" which allow him to perceive and interpret the electromagnetic spectrum. With this unique sensory ability Triumph can 'hear' TV and radio signals and decode satellite transmissions as well as expand his awareness and sense the world around him through bio-electric auras.

5)Flight: By manipulating his personal electromagnetic field in relation to Earth's, Triumph is capable of defying the effects of gravity, allowing him to hover in midair and fly.

6)Invulnerability: By supercharging his cellular structure with electromagnetic fields, Triumph can achieve a high degree of invulnerability. He is durable enough to toe to toe with Superman without any significant injury.

7)Mind Control: Through the manipulation of the bio-electrical current within the human brain, Triumph is able to manipulate people into doing his bidding.

8)Superhuman Speed: Triumph possesses enhanced reflexes and the ability to move at superhuman speeds through the sheer force of will.

9)Superhuman Stamina: Triumph has the ability to maintain continuous strenuous physical action for an undefined period, as long as he has energy to manipulate.

10)Superhuman Strength: His electromagnetic powers can be used to enhance his physical strength. He is strong enough to fight evenly with the Man of Steel.

== Disadvantages == 

1) Human: Although he is extremely powerful, Triumph is still only human, and if his powers are dampened in any way, he's normal and easily dealt with.

2) Distant: He hasn't ever really gotten close to anyone, and it causes him to treat people more as tools and pawns than people. It puts him at odds with his teammates more than he'd like to admit.

3) Fatigue: While his body can keep going on electromagnetic energy, his mind still needs to rest. So if he exerts his powers for too long he'll experience mental fatigue and lose control over them until he can rest.

== Background ==

William was born in Metropolis, but before he was ten, he'd moved all over the country. The reason being his dad James was a career criminal. He was just successful enough to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table...before they'd have to pack up and move again because the cops were getting close. Because of his constant moving, William never got to make friends, and ended up becoming his own best friend.

Thankfully he was blessed with incredible intellect and found ways to keep himself entertained and stimulated. His life was lonely though, and his backyard boxing sessions with dad was the most time he spent with his father. When he started to go through puberty, his powers started to manifest. He hid them from his family and trained in secret.

 He did this until he was eighteen years old. Then he donned his suit and took on the name Triumph. And it was then that his life became forfeit. In truth, when Apocalypse attacked, Triumph was the one who united the Justice League together. The original 7, were really 8. However, intelligence doesn't make a good leader, and while his tactics were sound, they didn't take into account his teammates not being robots he could program and follow his orders blindly.

Things got bad, and in a final attempt to make up for his less than stellar performance, Triumph sacrificed his life, overloading Darkseid's army's boomtube and sucking the armada back to Apokolips. However, he wasn't killed. He was merely displaced from time and space. He never even new his sacrifice was in vain, as the League all fell anyway. Triumph has been stuck outside of existence for the past five years, but recently the creation of a black hole surged enough chronal-spatial energy near enough by Earth that he was somehow brought back. Now he's trying to continue where he left off, fighting the good fight the rest of the original League no longer can.

 == Character Extras =

= Face Claim: Taron Egerton
Ons: Oral, Anal, Rough Sex, Public Sex, Seduction, Teasing, Foreplay,

Offs: Scat, Blood, Gore, Watersports, Anything nasty

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Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
« Reply #22 on: November 01, 2015, 06:35:39 PM »
I am leaning toward Huntress for my character.

Yeah I can totally see that.  Can't wait to see who you come up with for a face claim.

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Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
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Holy crap, I've never even heard of Triumph and he's - from the looks of it - even more powerful than Superman.... DC REALLY has a problem with making their characters stupidly powerful. Lmao. XD XD

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Re: DC Earth Two, Intrest Check (Canons/Created chars needed!)
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I gotta admit, I was worried Booster would be the strongest member of the team. But Triumph blows him out of the water. (And I didn't hear of him either, but looking into it, I'm not shocked. He's been dead since the 1990's, though he did appear in a miniseries which had a similar plot to this game, Trinity.

(And yes, Triumph is stronger then Superman. Superman states in comic that Triumph could kill him very easily.)