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September 23, 2023, 12:40:46 am

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Author Topic: Take Me to the Fallen Isles - Redux. Looking for submissive female character.  (Read 696 times)

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Offline MontagneTopic starter

Hello all. I'm looking for a partner of either gender to play a female character, in this extreme fantasy RP. The story follows the slave of a Dark Elf Mage, tasking herself with the destruction of the curse that they have had over the humans for centuries.  I hope its a relatively interesting plot for both characters beyond the standard slave/Master dynamic. Interesting mind games and a dark character driven story, with plenty of avenues to take the story. Preferably I would like someone happy to pick up the odd NPC, although if you prefer to stick to one character that is fine. The story will contain several extreme themes: Heavy S&M/Torture scenes, Mind Alteration, Cruel Slavery, and possibly murder. Please be aware of this before signing up, of course, the story will never go beyond your O/o's, but be aware of the included themes before joining.

Below is the IC preamble to the game, along with some character motivations etc. Feel free to contact me if you would like to approach the story from a different angle. I'm always open to new ideas!


Drow are a corrupted race. Fallen elves, tainted by demonic powers they left the main continent of the world, retreating to an island fortress, shrouded in mists. “The Fallen Isles.” The Drow have built a society in which decadence is an absolute. They are near immortal, and great wielders of demonic magic. With their considerable powers they built a culture of brutal passions; the most exotic sexual pleasures, profane music and illicit cuisine was theirs. Nothing about their culture avoids the touch of pleasure, and the corruption of demonic magic. They’re city is built upon slaves, nearly a hundred for every Drow who perform every menial task in the city. They are messengers, builders, cooks, handservants, pets and toys. The Drow capture servants from every race of the mainland and take them to The Fallen Isles, never to return. The Drow have become the most expert subjugators of people, sadistic torturous, with magic and curses designed souly for the subjugation and rebuilding of lesser races minds.

600 years ago, a curse was placed upon humanity by the race of the Drow. They saw the humans, and they knew they would make the perfect slaves. Easy, bendable minds, nimble hands and...Supple bodies. But, they multiplied too quickly to fully enslave, the Drow were few in number, and so the Drow placed a curse on one of the human tribes, now grown into a might city state. The night they come of age, one in every thousand women are afflicted by the curse. Every night they're dreams transport them to The Fallen Isles. There they're captors torment them; for the Drow are masters of two things: Torture, and Seduction. Every night their bodies are first placed through the most agonizing torture, and then the most exquisite pleasure, bringing them to the point that their minds shatter into a thousand shards and they are mouldable as soft clay. Then perfect toned ebony bodies of their Elven masters come to claim the women, and take them to such extreme pleasure that no man could ever bring them too. Some women lose their minds, never wishing to sleep...others only ever wanting to dream.

Once a year, on the last full moon of winter, The Drow return from their homeland beyond the shores covered in a magic mist, and make landfall in great ships upon the continent of man. The cursed women flock to the boats in droves, thousands of them, their minds so tainted by their need for elven pleasures they will do anything to be allowed to make it a reality. Most women go on the first year they receive the curse, few last more than a year or two; either leaving for the ships, or taking their own life, every hour of their sleep filled with the siren calls of the Dark Elves. The ships are great prison arks which take the women back to The Fallen Isles to begin their new lives as slaves.

No attempt by the humans to stop this has ever been successful. Every ship sent into the mists that surround The Fallen Isles has never been seen again. Only one attempt was made to try to stop the women, locking up those cursed and meeting the Drow with an army rather than a horde of willing slaves. The Drow king, riding a ferocious black dragon, slew them all with immolating fire, and burned one of the great human cities to the ground for their resistance. From then onwards, it has become an accepted sacrifice the humans must give. None of the other races would come to the humans assistance, the pure elves too fearful of another war between their two races. The lesser races too fearful of becoming slaves themselves.

Your character was cursed nine months ago. For nine months her dreams have been haunted by her Drow masters. She is special, one of the few humans able to perform magic, a healer, still a studying apprentice. Her mind is far stronger than the other women, who's minds turn to putty in the hands of skilled Drow mages. The curse on all the women of humanity is maintained by the greatest of the Drow mages, only he has the power to maintain such a curse. He has taken special interest in you and visits you in your dreams, tempts you, punishes you...ravishes you. It is time for the Drow to arrive once more, and you await him on the beach. You plan to stop him; to allow him to take you prisoner, such that you can find the source of the curse, and stop it. The pleasures he gave you even in your dreams, were near unimaginable Will you be able to resist him in person, or will you surrender your body to him, like the rest of your kin. And more worryingly, does part of you want to.


I will try to post for the story every other day, although I might be able to post more frequently, depending upon my schedule. I'm happy to move at the speed my partner is if you tend to post less frequently. Quality over quantity as they say. My preferred writing style would be the submissive writing in first person, myself writing in third person, as if a book was being told from her perspective. But I'm perfectly happy to do 3rd/3rd or 1st/1st as I know many people would rather write in 3rd person. I'm a massive lover of description in scenes, and even more, I want to know how your character feels and what they think. I want to know their emotions and senses as the Drow's flayer slices the skin from their back, and as its long tongue assaults your characters body. Paint a picture for me not only of the scene, but what's happening in her mind.

So, what would I like from you if this has caught your attention? Post your interest below, and then send me a PM. In there, give me a brief description of some of the themes you want to explore in the story. Then I would like a description of your character, tell me about her personality, and a description of her looks (or some artwork if you prefer). Finally, I would like you to write a brief post, detailing one of the cursed dreams your character has. Don't feel it has to be any longer than a normal post, but hell, if you enjoy it, run with it. I just want to see your writing style and if we can gel as two authors, and you can let me know what you enjoy in a game by highlighting it in the writing. Love detailed descriptions of restraints, perhaps sensory deprivation? put it in, if you like hardcore sadistic scenes, write one of those too. I want to develop the story together, so as we play, feel free to constantly PM me ideas with where the story can go next. Nothing makes me more excited to post again than a fellow player who has his/her own ideas with where to take the story that we can bounce off each other.

I'm happy to take multiple requests, so don't feel off put if there is are a number of requests below. Throw in an application, or at least ask if I've found someone yet and I'll send you a speedy reply. I'm on the UK timezone, but I'm a bit of a night owl, so american players shouldn't have to much trouble finding me. As with all of my games, none of them are first come first serve, and I like to be selective about partners, but please don't feel offended if I think our writing styles wont match for this story, I'd still love to play with you in a different setting somewhere down the road, just not this one.

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Interested! Oh very much so!

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Hmn, interesting