A harem for a woman (F for M)-Taken

Started by Sao, August 25, 2013, 12:32:12 AM

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*If you are looking for a dom mistress who would tie a man up to do as she pleases and punishes him when he disobeys, you should leave.
However, if you are interested in young woman who grows up in a society where women take the control, but she's naturally tender and doesn't like the idea of having men kissing her foot, then please stay.

Well, it's like those Persian Harem, full of beautiful girls for the sultan. But it is vice versa: a harem full of sexy men to serve their mistress. In this country, women are the breadwinniner, and needless to say that they own men. Not all of them have a harem, though. It's just like our world, but vice versa: men are free to walk on the street, men could take the role of husbands and they're not their wife's slaves. But there are also market where some rich or high status kinky women could buy a slave to entertain them. Or, if none of the men there fit their eyes, they could force a man from a poor family to join their harem. That forcing thing is, of course, illegal, but what could the poor guy do? And certainly, it's the Queen ruling the country, not King.

Anyway, She is young and has a certain position in the society, let says she's a princess or so. She doesn't have her soul mate yet, but that doesn't stop her from having men to satisfy herself, at least that is what her parents say. She has a harem, but she doesn't have many slaves, it's just not her hobby. And she doesn't treat her slave as something less than human.

The country doesn't shut its door to the rest of the world. Tourists and travelers are welcomed. And even the male are treated nicely and friendly. He is a tourist, (Now I'm thinking of a journalist or someone similar) he knows what kind of country this is, he knows he could get in trouble easily and things could go unexpected. He tries to be careful, yet he still gets in trouble.

Perhaps he lost his passport, perhaps they mistake him for an escaped slave...and he finds himself at the princess' harem. She promises to help him, and she keeps her words. But it takes time and the more time they spend together, the more they fall for each other.

What happens next is up to discussion, maybe he decides to stay with her forever, maybe he later leaves the country alone, maybe he is able to convince her leaving with him...

Something to consider:

- While she isn't a dom, other women in the story maybe: her mother, her friends...they could ask for a go with him (or simply take it) since he's not her husband, just a slave. This is up to your liking.
- She doesn't like to dominate men, but she could always ask other men to please her. If they get married and they leave the country, there would be a chance she join another man in bed and doesn't understand it's cheating...
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