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Author Topic: Looking for a player for a Lexx inspired RP  (Read 622 times)

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Looking for a player for a Lexx inspired RP
« on: July 13, 2008, 08:45:51 PM »
Fire rocked the ship… each shimmer and shudder that ran through it began to take its toll and the shrill pf grinding metal assailed Captain Jenova’s ears as he desperately tried to make his way the to cargo hold… Damn, what the hell had happened, where had the cluster gone…  there was nothing but garbled chatter on the comms system and nothing that their antiquated system could seem to separate into anything understandable..

He reached the hold, the door had already been shattered through as had the door that led to the prisoner bay, on his way he had stopped to glance inside… there was no one there… they had all escaped… all of them… how could this happen… he felt a shiver run through him and increased his speed through the bowels of the dying ship…. Before finally making his way into the deeper chamber that contained the cryopod that contained something or rather someone that made his blood freeze.

He quickly touched against the control panel and turned around.  There was a hiss as the chilled gas from the cryogenics pod was vented and the door lifted upwards, exposing the figure within… a woman, her flesh cold to the touch, her skin pallid and taken with the pale hue of death, her body clad in a woven material that seemed to draw from the shadows around it and give it an even darker hue than it had.  Her eyes flicked open, a pair of cool cold green orbs devoid of passion and registering nothing but the frail and frightened form of the captain before her…

“It’s gone… its all gone… and so have the prisoners….” His tone panicked and confused…

The Divine Assassin looked over him for a moment… then she spoke a voice devoid of soul and edged with a cool calming wave.  In life she had been a gentle soul, but one that had resisted the purge of the Divine Order as they swept across the universe, her name had been Amber… but now she was nothing more than de-carbonised flesh, an Assassin that obeyed only the orders of the Divine Shadow and carried them through with merciless efficiency.  She could not be stopped, she would not be stopped… her only limitation was the fluid that flowed through her body, a slick secretion that was derived from the insect itself… her proto blood….

“Speak clearly…” she regarded him with out regard for the destruction around her as the ship began to buckle and break up about them…

The Captain tried to calm his breathing, this voyage would be the end of him, he knew that… even if he survived it… which he wouldn’t, his failure would see him sent to the protein bank where his body would be stripped of serviceable organs and his flesh disposed of to feed the Divine Orders latest and greatest project…  “The Cluster… it is…gone… there is nothing but rubble out there.  And we have taken a hit, the coils are venting and the ship is pulling itself apart.  The prisoners… they have escaped, leaving many of the Divine guard dead in their wake… and…” he paused a little… this was the worst of it, “She… has escaped…” he blinked as he watched the face of the Assassin.  She showed no sign of recognition, no sign of concern, just the quiet of her mind as she processed what he had told her.

“The Divine shadow, what of him and the Divine predecessors before? ”

“We cannot raise anything on the radio… nothing but garbled chatter…”

The soulless shade that was once a carefree spirit named Amber nodded…  “In such times I am instructed to carry out his Divine Shadows wishes…”

He nodded softly… the ship had begun to split, an inferno raged about them… a shudder went through it as one of the coil engines exploded… a chain reaction now set in place that couldn’t be stopped… Jenova looked at her, a pleading in his eyes…  “His Divine Shadow would wish you to hunt down each and every one of them; he would not want them to escape the true justice in his divine teachings would he…”

Amber thought over this for a moment… a memory of an instruction in her mind of the last Divine Shadow bent over her as she lay in her crypt after having awoken her, he had instructed her to hunt down these criminals… these usurpers of his divine teachings and so she would… she was a Divine Assassin and his word was all… The black clad assassin nodded… “They shall all be eliminated…”

A moment later the ship was torn asunder by a cacophonous explosion, the void lit up by the blue tinged flare that swallowed the ship and everything about it in a moment of hellfire before the coolness of the void was returned once more, nothing remained… save for a few fragments of metal and the single black clad figure of the de-carbonised assassin now drifting in space… the coolness of the void began to slow her systems down, she knew that the longer she remained out here then it would be akin to her being cryogenically frozen… This was a good thing as; this would serve to conserve her proto-blood until the warmth of planet re-entry would awake her…. 

The Cluster is destroyed, the ‘spiritual’ home of the Divine Order is gone and in its wake the universe is home to a newly emerging threat that promises to destroy everything in its path… but… this isn’t of great concern, at least as yet to the escapees of Prisoner transport AD5567L who are even now feeling the dying derelict which was one route to the organ bank and swift justice for each and everyone of them. 

Of course the term criminal was used to describe pretty much anyone who had a bad word to say about the Divine Order and their ‘crimes’ where in many cases trumped up merely in order to serve the Divine Shadows true purpose, that being to provide his new weapon with a near endless supply of protein to feed on as it grew… but something has happened, something has seen the universes most destructive weapon fall into the hands of a traitor and its power turned against the home of the Order that now lies in ruins.

You don’t have to have knowledge of the Lexx universe, But be warned, literally anything could happen and if temporary gender realignment or any other induced weirdness in anyway concerns you then this won’t be for you… *grins*  This will incorporate a number of the more weird and deranged elements that go to make up the light/dark universes, however, this will not be set at merely the mythos surrounding the second series, there shall be a number of other elements incorporated into it

I am looking for one person to play a fellow escapee… or I may consider a group game, it depends … I am toying with the idea of whether to make this completely freeform or maybe to incorporate some semblance of a system into it, but for the most part this will be a game that will be very much in keeping with the nature of the series… In other words it will be sexy strange and weird…

Your character can be pretty much anything, just because they are criminals doesn’t mean they have to be the worst of the worst as many innocents were purged along with the guilty… so let you imagination run riot…

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Re: Looking for a player for a Lexx inspired RP
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2008, 09:02:48 PM »
You've sparked my interest...

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Re: Looking for a player for a Lexx inspired RP
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2008, 07:33:05 PM »
You've sparked my interest...

I think your creative fire will work well within the limitations of this… hang on… there are no limitations, *grins* even better…  I have a few ideas regards this but it is pretty much open to any amount of weirdness