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Author Topic: "...I'll be your knight in shinning armor" (seeking a lady)  (Read 885 times)

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"...I'll be your knight in shinning armor" (seeking a lady)
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:56:40 pm »
"...I'll be your knight in shinning armor"

Come, let me tell you a story. Legends or myths you probably have heard before, but this one is truer than anything else.....

Throughout time, the history of human civilization has been filled with stories, legends, superstitions and make-beliefs. Monsters and creatures of legend, of heroes in ages past who rose up to fight them and save lives, yes, these stories have made our cultures so rich and colorful and in fact still does. However, one would have to ask, are there any truth in it? After all, there's always a grain of truth hidden amongst fabrications, deceptions and exaggerations but what if any of those stories were true? Indeed, many had wondered, if any of the horrifying creatures told in legends were indeed true then humanity would not have sit on the high throne at the top of the food chain, indeed we would've been living in fear and terror for our very own survival.

The Mysterious Order of Knights

Malevolent beings of inhuman strength and powers from beyond this world once infested the countryside where even the bravest of men refused to tread. At one time in history long past, people would be afraid to go into the wilderness at night where the lands outside of civilizations were ruled by creatures and beings that have been preying on humanity since time immemorial. Where now people simply attributed the fear of darkness to the irrational fear of the unknown, it is indeed something much more than that. Inherent fear, programmed into the minds of every living human to fear the night and the darkness for it is the realm of the Malefics, beings of great and terrible power and of malevolent disposition.

Then came the order of knights, mysterious as they were, they came donning magnificent looking armors. Armors whose materials aren't found in this world. These knights swore a solemn oath to protect humanity and banish the reign of terror brought upon by the malevolent creatures. These men and women who were trained since they were children to be a level above the rest of their kin so that one day they may don the armor to fight the legendary monstrosities.

The men and women chosen to fight in the knighthood were taken from childhood by the secretive order of Sidhe, known as the Summer Court, arguably the only supernatural beings concerned with the welfare of mankind and seek to contain the threat posed by the Malefics to humanity. These children would then be taken into the realm of the Sidhe to be trained until they reached adulthood and 'graduate' from their training. The training was grueling and unforgiving but was nevertheless, necessary for them to not only survive in a fight against a Malefic but also to emerge victorious. Once they've graduated from their training, these men and women would be given a suit of armor unique to themselves but each impressive and magnificent to behold in their own way. These men and women may then join the society they were meant to protect and be a part of them, always concealing their true identity until the threat emerges in which they would then be able to summon their armor instantly from the nether realm.

Armed with weapons made from metals found beyond this world and donning armors made from the same material, these knights would fight throughout the ages, risking their lives on the line to protect the innocents and passing their armors down to the next generations of knights until modern day. Indeed, that is why creatures of legend had mostly faded into myths, it is because of the sacrifices of these brave men and women, the unsung heroes of history who had protected the world for thousands of years and will continue to do so for as long as the Malefics are able to enter the mortal realms from the netherworld.

The Modern Times

And now we come to the modern time....

Ahh yes, the modern time, where many stories, legends and history have faded into myths and exaggerations. Modern times, where everything is looked upon with scientific eyes, logic and rationality and where superstitions, monsters and curses are being regarded in disdain and doubt. Oh, but I wonder, what if all those skeptics were forced to face down a hungry maw of a Charybdis or the poisonous claws of a Chimera or the twisting and yet deadly riddles of the sphinx or the wailing scream of a banshee. Oh yes, they would wet their pants in fright, they will rub their eyes in disbelief and they will will pay for their arrogance with their lives. Yet, people around the world are still able to sleep soundly at night and go about their businesses as if nothing fantastic or frightening will ever occur in their life because the Order of Knights are still keeping vigil over all of humanity, spreading out across the world and fighting off incursions from the Nether Realm.

The modern time is the time of mortals, for throughout thousands of years the knights have vanquished nearly all of the Malefics and banished those they cannot into the Nether Realms. Few rare cases eventually emerges that caught the sight of a local knight and even if these Malefics did prey on one or two stray souls, they were treated as nothing more than 'missing person' cases. Again, the knights had to fight in the shadows of civilization, for humanity are not prepared for the horrifying truth of the secret war continuously being waged in silence between the Knights and the terrible creatures that lurks in the dark.

However, forces unknown to man, knights and even the Malefics are moving behind the curtains, playing every side like a pawn in a board game. A mysterious force, an unknown factor in a long bloody conflict. Soon, all the world will know about the existence of the things that goes bump in the night, of the sacrifices of men and women who fought throughout the generations to protect the mortal world and the decision of one particular knight who will change the course of the endless war forever.

What am I looking for

This story is about one man's journey that has taken him from Singapore, his birthplace to the United States. It is a story about redemption, love and courage. My character, is a young knight of the Order who had inherited the title and the armor from his father, a very famous and renown knight of great stature. My character was regarded as a prodigy of a sort for even during his time in the training, he was at the top of his training group, emerging as the best squire among the rest. Then came the 'tragedy', an incident that occurred some two years prior to the event of the RP. This tragedy costs him his confidence, courage and willingness to fight in the knighthood. He abandoned his title and duty and seeks a normal life as a newly enrolled student into the New York University.

The story is about my character meeting with another student of NYU and how they befriended each other and soon found themselves attracted to each other. For a moment, my character would find himself at peace, finally believing that he could put his past behind him and live a normal life as he wanted to but the ghosts of his pasts catches up to him finally.

As the story progresses, the Order of Knights believe that something or someone is manipulating the largely feral Malefics into an organized force terrorizing New York, but soon this threat will spread out to the rest of the world. This is when my character finds himself torn between wanting to run away from his past or accepting who he is and take on the sword once more.

At this time, he would've found the love-of-his-life in that NYU student he met earlier and she would become his pillar of support for the difficult days to come. Convinced him to step out of shadows and in the end forgives himself for the 'mistake' which lead to the Great Tragedy two years prior to the RP. It will be a story of romance and the journey of the two characters from the day they met, throughout the entire war against the Malefics and finally, to whatever decisions we as the RPer come up with(we can go for a moving yet tragic ending or the typical happy ending)

The Partner

What I am looking for is a partner who would be able to play the role of the main female character, in other words, my character's sweetheart or significant other, though they won't be so in the beginning. She would have to be someone originally from the states, a typical American girl as opposed to my character who happens to be an Asian foreign student who grew up at the other side of the globe. I kind of wanted to play on the aspect that they were raised and lived in an almost opposite side of the world and culture. The main female character, while normal and mundane would play an important role further into the story, so being strong-willed is certainly a bonus but not necessarily compulsory. Also, my partner would also have to be able to play other characters related to her main character but not really essential to the main plot. This is mostly side stories related to her that serves to bring some depths to the character.

Now, I'm not looking for someone who could write flowery words, or archaic/shakespearan English or 10-ish paragraphs of post mostly filled with detailed description. Gosh no! I'd be pretty much intimidated with that level of writing, but I am looking for someone who could write decent english, uses spell check wherever and whenever possible and definitely no short posts.

It is obvious that at this point, the rp will take some time to pick up and might even be a bit dull at first. My requirement from my partner is to be able to post at least once per day, more is better for sure but once per day is the minimum requirement.

knights summoning their armor:
(click on the image to see the video)
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Re: "...I'll be your knight in shinning armor" (seeking a lady)
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2015, 04:53:03 am »
Returning to E, I'm thinking of going back to my classic. I'm seeking to revive this idea if anyone's interested :-)