A Bimbo Transformation Story.. F L4 M, Exotic, Extreme Transformation

Started by magikal, August 23, 2013, 01:59:11 AM

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I started discussing this with another writing partner but he vanished.. i think it's a pretty interesting idea.. I'll give you the first post I had written up and you can private message if the concept intrigues you.

I only play on Threads On E, expect at least a paragraph reply per time, and post about 3 to 5 times a week.

If after looking at those terms you are still interested, read below:

Bella McIntosh, went to work on Tuesday like it was any other Tuesday. There had been a lot of developments lately in the political arena of Los Angeles, as well as celebrities making and wasting fortunes. For Bella, a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist for the Los Angeles Daily News, she was always looking for the next scoop. She is 45 years old, and is in pretty good shape, she runs several times a week, although now has wrinkles and blemishes like anyone else her age. She is slim compared to the average woman, having a very slight feminine figure. She has one child who was now in college, and was divorced 5 years ago, from her Hollywood producer husband, who was a bit of a womanizer and cheated on her multiple times. Bella did some research on her ex and eventually figured everything out, she received a nice settlement and didn't have to worry about paying her mortgage anymore, it was her love of figuring out mysteries and solving problems that propelled her forward in her career.

As she arrived at work she powered up her workstation and looked through the usual emails. One piqued her interest. It was rambling and incoherant at times, but if even one tenth of it was true she would likely have her next Pulitzer.

"To McIntosh Have you heard about the funding in Syria and Egypt? The dissolution of BE Inc and Curve Industries? How do you think is getting rich with the surplus with China? Look into Janet Monahan as well as Sandy Franko. 1677 Lincoln St, suite 5, Los Angeles.
KiT. Signed- Concerned Citizen" It had several links in the email, mostly to wikipedia, which featured unverified sources.

Bella loved a good mystery more than anything so started looking into the charges from the email. Both governments were in turmoil right now, although she couldn't' draw a conclusion if there was a single party behind it. She followed the wikipedia links to BE inc and Curve. Both are genetic companies that closed down within the last 3 months. Both focused on anti-aging treatments, focusing on creams, salves, and even custom-made formulas based on the user's DNA. Curve dabbled in cutting edge Plastic surgery as well, a holding company ended up buying and controlling both companies, some sort of shadow fund. Both companies assets were bought from a private firm, B.T.Inc.

The two women both disappeared 6 months ago for Janet's case, and 2 years ago for Sandy's.  Both women seemed to vanish off the face of the earth, with no trace of either of them being found.

Bella transferred all the work to her smartphone, typed in the address in the car's gps, then drove to the address on Lincoln. It was an industrial building, at BT Inc owned suite 5. She typed it into her smartphone, then headed to the lobby. She entered the Suite and was greeted by an impossibly gorgeous young woman, spilling out of her tight top. She had cleavage that was extremely large and was probably somewhere in the F or G cup range, if not larger. There were pictures of female beauty up on all of the walls, so Bella figured it might be some sort of salon or possibly a clinic.  Bella smiled, "I was thinking about getting a skin treatment.. but, how exactly did you.. well.. look ravishing.." She smirks, "Are those implants.. if you don't mind me asking?"
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