New partners/New plots (M seeking F)

Started by AtteraTotusSanctus, August 22, 2013, 10:04:51 AM

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Pairings -

Mother slave - After coming home from an less than average date, he walks in on his mother (or step mother) in the shower. After finding out shes a bit of a nympho, and much teasing, he turns her into his slave.

The best friends mother - Josh goes to visit his best friend, not realizing him and his father are out of town. As he enters his friends house, he walks in on his friends mother feverishly masturbating. After asking if she needs help, she agrees.

WifexBartender - on a lonely night, Janel decides to hit her favorite bar while her husbands out on business again. As she enters she sees a new, attractive bartender serving the people. So she decides to spend the night at the bar, talking to him.

BabysitterxFather - Wolfgang had hired Kira (a timid, shy teen) to take care of his son while he worked late into the night. One night after getting off early, he decides to reward her by taking her out to dinner. As he arrives home, he finds her on the couch, masturbating, That's when he decides he might keep her around for a while...

All plots are kinda rough draft, but you get the idea of each one. Send me a PM if interested!