Amateur Porn Threesome (F and M seeking Hetro M or Bi F)

Started by Hercinia, August 17, 2013, 07:26:46 PM

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(Moved from one-on-ones, since it's technically a group game)

I (young female) have broken up with my partner. He/she has moved out and I am seeking a new roommate, but two come along you and your friend/rival/sibling/a stranger etc. After an interview with each of you, I can't choose between you and so accept both of you. The rent will be cheaper, we may need to get another bed, but it'll be fine.

During our first night, we get drunk... really drunk. We find out that none of us have a job, or at least not one that pays well, or one that makes us happy. During the drunken 'get to know ya' night, the topic gets onto 'easy money' then sex and finally we make the connection. "Hey, why don't we *hiccup* why don't we do porn?" Someone says, expecting a laugh, but the other two agree and the dream is born, young, single and horny, we set up our own porn site and fuck all night long with the cameras rolling.

I have a few ideas for the more specific elements, but I want to include the other writers in the planning etc.

Additional: This game will be extreme in it's kinks, but there will be no direct M/M sexual contact.

Examples of extreme: Sexual pain, seudo-rape, dp, humiliation, degradation, bondage and up (more extreme).

I'm throwing this open to male or female characters again.


I'd be interested in the Male Roommate role. Perhaps some one with past experience with Cameras/Tech.

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