Searching for my abnormal (searching for M)

Started by Lady Aura, August 17, 2013, 09:32:48 AM

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Lady Aura

I know this is searching for my abnormal. This is. I am wanting something leaning more towards the light side of things to get me back into the grove of writing.

So onto the ideas!

Hiding from what?

Aimee was a simple gal from the heart of Alaska. She used to live in the big apple, however, she moved for reasons known only to her. She was the victim of a serial rapist when she was only 20 years of age. After testifying and the rapist getting let loose on a not guilty charge, she changed her name and her looks and her place of residence to get away from him. To hide from the one who had ruined her from every pleasure in her life.

Max was her best friend. He knew what had happened to her and was beside her through the entire thing. Then one day, she disappeared. He had no idea where she had gone, but he hired a PI in order to find her. The PI, specially found and picked by Max to keep Aimee safe, searched the entire world and found her. It wasn't easy.Aimee had hidden herself so well that he doubt anyone would ever find her. But he knew if he did, the perp would have as well.

And find, they did. What would happen now? Would Max follow Aimee to Alaska? Would Aimee have to deal with those who raped her?

||I view this as a light, more than anything else.||

The Bus Blog

Think the song Don't Stop Believing from Journey.

Jessica got on the bus the same days every week just to ride it where ever it would take her and then ride home the next night. She got to meet so many new people this way, so many stories she had heard. And she did all of this to keep her blog. With the permission of the people she met, she wrote their stories down and then put them up on her blog.

Matt had come across her blog one day and instantly fell in love with Jessica just from her writing. He rode the bus every week, the same days that she did, hoping to find her, almost wishing she would run into him. Then, there she was, asking a couple about how they met. He watched her and got off at the same spot that she did, getting on the next day to figure out where she lived. He just had to get close to her, had to see if there was a connection there as well.

||I see this either as Light or NC. Though I see the beginning being a little slow, drawing out the stories a little, drawing out his riding on the bus. From that point, it could go anywhere.||

Any male names I put in my ideas can be changed. I really like both ideas to be in the Light section, however, I am more than up to hearing any tweaks people may have on these ideas.

My availability is sporadic at this time. Some days I may be able to post more than once, other days, I will only be able to post once in a day. I hope whoever decides to take one of these ideas does not mind that little bit. Now that the craziness of spending mothers money for their kids to go back to school, my availability has opened up to being able to post multiple times within a day, should I have a post to reply to. ((I work in retail, so I do mean the "craziness of spending mothers money" as a joke.))

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