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May 20, 2022, 09:23:25 am

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Author Topic: Malcolm Reed Cravings (F seeking M)  (Read 811 times)

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Malcolm Reed Cravings (F seeking M)
« on: August 14, 2013, 01:05:29 pm »
I've been re-watching Star Trek Enterprise and it's left me wondering why poor Malcolm never seems to have much luck with women. I'd like to RP something where he gets to be the centre of attention for a bit, with a heavy romance focus but with the possibility for smut and/or action as appropriate. I've got several ideas and am fairly open to suggestions, though not T'pol (I like T'pol and Trip as a couple, though they can be involved in a little flirting if it's before they get together) Hoshi is fair game though.

In no particular order:

The Rescue:
The Orion or the Ferengi kidnap some of the crewmembers again, Malcolm leads the rescue party. They've recently had additions to the crew and when he sees an apparently human woman that he doesn't recognise he takes her with them, only to realise they have just met their first Betazoid. This scenario could also be added to many of the other ideas easily enough.

Shuttlecraft One:
With Malcolm and Trip thinking that Enterprise has been destroyed they activate their distress beacon, knowing that there's almost no chance of it being seen, what if someone did happen to be nearby. The two men end up on an alien ship, one with their own mission, how long will it take for Enterprise to find their missing crew? And what will they get up to in the meantime?

Mirror Mirror Malcolms:
Major Reed is nothing like his Starfleet counterpart. When a transporter accident leads to both Reeds being on Enterprise there's bound to be sparks, but Major Reed is cunning enough that he's able to fool most of the crew, how will Malcolm make sure his alternate self doesn't do something? And when Major Reed finds Malcolm's weak point he's determined to take advantage of it, how far will he go to gain power? Possible NC, Malcolms could be played by separate players, could be inserted as plot into one of the other ideas at some point.

Doctor's Assistant:
Dr Phlox is part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange, so when another doctor wants to study humans, or Phlox's menagerie of animals, he's thrilled to have her on board. This could be either an alien or a human doctor.

Mirror History:
A Trill runs into Enterprise a few times, perhaps their vessel was damaged, perhaps they help out when Enterprise gets into trouble... either way he's something of a recurring character much like Shran. Many years later when she's changed hosts and is serving aboard the Defiant they answer a distress call winding up in the Mirror universe, how will she deal with the strange new versions of people she thought she knew?

Andorian Addition:
There's a Vulcan and a Denobulan on board, what if the Andorians decided they should be represented on the Federation Flagship as well? With plenty of opportunity to explore Andorian culture, misunderstandings and the occasional racial slur there's sure to be fun, fighting and flirting, possibly all at the same time!
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