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June 25, 2021, 04:41:44 am

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Author Topic: Battle of the Sexes (post apocalyptic conflict/courting/romance/breeding)  (Read 459 times)

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It started with a plague. A mysterious illness with a roughly fifty percent mortality rate. It was no random factor which determined who survived exposure and who did not. The pattern was simple- males survived and females died. Further more, it was discovered that only the males were contagious. The governments of the world tried to keep news of the outbreak, and its particulars, from the public. After all, if people knew how fast it was spreading, that any potential close contact between a man and a woman could result in the woman's death a few days later, the world would panic.

And it did.

When the details of the outbreak finally became widely known, it was already a global pandemic. Many men decided to do the best they could without female contact, but there were still some who hunted down women for their own pleasure, no matter what might happen when they were done. Women started to form conclaves, hiding away from any contact with males, many of them going so far as to kill any men that got within a certain radius. It was kill, or be killed. The population dwindled, as fewer women took the chance on even one liaison. Not even artificial insemination was a solution, because semen from an infected male was just as contagious as the man himself. Technological progress ground to a halt and in just a few decades the world fell into ruin.

In fifty years, only a fraction of the world's population was left, territory was very clearly divided between males and females. Skirmishes started to break out, as dwindling conclaves of men and women fought each other for precious resources, whole generations who knew nothing but constant struggle and an even bleaker future.

Then a miracle was bestowed on the dying world, in the form of a cure to the deadly plague. Within a few years, everyone had access to the cure, and much quicker than it had taken to emerge and wreck the world, the Ladykiller plague was no longer a threat. However, the social and psychological damage to humanity would take much longer to mend. Most of the remaining population were either men who had been taught that females were vicious, territorial and would kill any man that got within range of sight, while the women had been living in a world where getting within even several feet from any man could mean contracting a fatal illness. The cure paved the way for at least the potential of a major reconciliation of the sexes, but only if those born in an age of fear and conflict could find it in themselves to see past their prejudices and learn to get along with each other again.

I would love for the story or stories to center around young couples getting together, extremely wary of the other at first, then slowly warming up and eventually doing their part to help repopulate the Earth. :-)

I can play a female for anyone who wants to play a male, but not vice versa as I don't play males. So I am looking for more people to play males, but if I end up running it as a group, I would definitely accept other players who would prefer to play females.

Right now I am also specifically looking for someone who would want to play a very dominant female, and then maybe one or two more players besides that.

The OOC group is here-
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