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Author Topic: VGB Seeking Females (Closed)  (Read 604 times)

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VGB Seeking Females (Closed)
« on: August 13, 2013, 10:30:27 AM »

We have a few to many male characters so we are seeking to inject a couple more females into the game to balance out the hormone levels. This is an already established game but your presence will be most welcome. I've included below a bit of information from one of the first world posts.

Virtual Galaxy Beta (like Ready Player One X Sword Art Online)

<<  An advert pops up on your interwebz while browsing for a research paper... >>>

Come socialize with your friends! Make-out with a hot alien! Gamble! Have Adventures!

Welcome to Virtual Galaxy Beta!

We add the exclamation points just to let you know how excited we are to bring you this opportunity!

Virtual Galaxy Beta is brought to you by DreamWorld Studios the leaders in virtual engine technologies. Over 67% of the connected world has access to our Virtual Galaxy Beta haptic head gear and are playing right now. What are you waiting for? Get in game and join your friends. We are #1 in entertainment and education. We promise the experience of a lifetime, every time!

This ad is brought to you buy DreamWorld Studios the school of choice for the United Nations Education Fund and global partners.

- Synopsis -

The Backstory
You are an ordinary person living in a modern world. There is this online game(Virtual Galaxy Beta) that has become so massive they have built the world's entire advanced education system into it. It contains 1000's of whole worlds to explore and they are all connected in this one fully immersive virtual reality game.

You are a student in the virtual reality school. One day you put on your headgear(haptic gear), that transports your consciousness into the school that's inside Virtual Galaxy Beta. (you are between age 17-24).

As you enter Virtual Galaxy Beta you are given a screen to create an avatar. You can make any humanoid like avatar that you want to. You could look like a movie star, favorite anime character, be a tentacle girl, a green martian, or whatever you wish!

After your character is created you enter the school. Everything in the world feels real. It all looks real as well. The core difference is that you have a heads up display(HUD) like in a video game with a life bar, message centre, chat panel for friends, etc... Then you can click on an icon and bring up a User Interface. The UI, allows you to check your messages, inventory, etc...

The Event where the game begins...
Everyone in the virtual schools that day receives a message from the creator of the Virtual Galaxy Beta (her name is Parisa). It says that everyone is trapped in the world and can't leave. If anyone in the real world tries to remove their haptic gear they will die. She then tells them that the only way to get out is for someone/anyone to beat a series of riddles/dungeons/quests/challenges that she's created. Once someone wins then everyone will be free.  To spice it up she says that this is her Last Will & Testament (to imply that she's dead), and she says that the winners of her game will receive her fortune & business.

In the opening sequence of events everyone was given a a couple of riddles to solve (working as a team.) I set everyone up in teams that way if one person isn't good at doing riddles or something then someone else in the team will probably be good at it. So, don't worry if your not good at them.

As part of the opening sequence of events everyone's avatars were stripped of all pre-existing levels(for games), inventory, etc, and that included clothing. So it sent everyone into a nudist panic.

How the game works
It's a freeform game that's directed by the challenges that I give the players. I'll drop clues and even tell players specific things to help them keep moving along. Never be afraid to ask questions. This game will be driven by your questions.

How it all begins... (preserved for posterity)
How it all begins...

All our avatars are going about their business at the start of another normal school day <On WikiTube World.> It's a beautiful day on campus... Well, it's almost always a beautiful day here. Sure there is weather simulation but it rarely rains or is cold, practically everyday it's bright, sunny, and the birds are singing. It's permanently like a late spring or early fall day from British Columbia, Canada.

Even the forests here locally are giant redwoods exactly like the forest moon of Endor from the movie Return of the Jedi. The students usually tell all the new kids every year that over in McArthur Island Park their is an Ewok village. So it's not uncommon to see a flood of noobs over their searching... Yes, hazing the noobs is still a practice, even on a Virtual Campus.

This morning everyone was stopped in their tracks. An automated voice message chimed in over the audio all across campus. It sounded a bit like a P.A. system from an old style school. There was this little chime sound, some crackling then a loud megaphone screech as the voice bellied up to the mic. The voice was that of Ms. Parisa Erdoğan, the founder and lead developer at DreamWorld Studios. It was her source code that was used to created the Virtual Galaxy Beta (VGB) software. VGB had become the primary source of internet access, advanced education, and entertainment for the world. This success had made Parisa and DreamWorld Studio the richest company and individual world. Parissa was estimated to be worth well over 100 billion.

Parisa's message...

"This is my last will and testament. All of that legal mumbo-jumbo stuff is encased in the coding and copies are in the hands of a bunch of people... So if anyone is thinking of anything funny they can just forget it.

I'm going to be straight with you all. I worked damn hard on Virtual Galaxy Beta and it has pretty much consumed my life. I started writing the core code for this almost 40 years ago. When I wasn't writing code I was off playing games. Damn, I love those old games. Not because they were all the great but because it's a bit like watching an infant take it's first steps. Damn, magical I tell you. Aside from the occasional drop in the babies nappy, it's been a sweet ride.

Along the way though, I found out that I couldn't have children and I never made a lot of friends. The few friends that I have are pretty much controlling my company because I couldn't trust anyone else to do it. Thank you guys, without you I could never have done it.... but I already made you all filthy rich so you're not inheriting a damn thing from me.

No, no.. I'm not just rambling. I'm telling you all this because if you look in your UI's Options your going to find a new section. "Leader Board." That's right. One last great game for everyone to play. The bulk of my possessions, the key to controlling the code of VGB will all go to the winner. I realized that wasn't enough though so I'm also making prizes for everyone that places in the top 100. The top 4 places will get prizes like this:

Fourth Place: Wins 10 Million Dollars
Third Place:  Wins 50 Million Dollars
Second Place:  Wins 100 Million Dollars
First Place:  Gets the grand prize of the remainder of my wealth, controlling interest in my privately held company, DreamWorld Studios, and... the key to the code for VGB.

Everyone else in the top 100 will get a 25 thousand dollar prize for competing. That's 2.5 million dollars in prize money up for grabs.

Just to sweeten the pot, I've added a bunch of other little prizes throughout the VGB for completing games, earning the most VCoins, etc etc etc.. You'll see them all as you go along.

There's a catch though.

The haptic headgear that allows everyone to enter VGB has been locked. If anyone tries to remove the gear basically your brain will short circuit and you'll be a vegetable for the rest of your life. Sorry about that but I had to make sure that no one was going to cheat. People on the outside world can still watch what is going on inside but they can't communicate with you in anyways.

That's a word of caution to the outside world. Don't try to mess with this game. I've built in plenty of fail safes. It took me 40 years to write this code I'm sure it'll take you a few years to crack it.

Now don't worry, since everyone in VGB uses an avatar and pseudonym - no one in the outside world will know who you are. That means no one will go around pulling off your headgear on purpose to take you out of the game.

Oh, by the way the log out option has been disabled in your UI.

When the final stage is completed, everything goes back to normal. So if everyone is ready then let's begin..."


OOC: At the time that Parisa created this message she was not aware that people from the outside world would find a way to crack the code and jump into VGB. Those new (NPC) players would start with fewer XP points and not having solved or defeated any of the soon to be known required elements but because they could watch from the outside they'd know how to solve/do those things quickly.  Enemies/greedy people will soon enter the game... but for now it's, Game On.

At the same time the message ended there was an audible beep and a synthesized masculine voice said "All Stats have been reset."  In that moment, all clothing, items, weapons, armor, stats.. everything accept the avatars were set to empty/0. Nude avatars stood around in classrooms and open fields aghast at what happened.

((Sample from first world including game links below))

  WikiTube World 
Virtual School Campus for the World!

WikiTube World Information
WikiTube World (Virtual School Campus) -  for Age 17-24 year olds.

It's a virtual school campus where students go to learn regular academics. They come from all over the real world. It was an idea conceived of by the United Nations to advance the education of some countries and create a more universal standard for advanced education. The UN sought global partners and teamed up with DreamWorld Studios, Wikipedia Foundation, YouTube, and Google along with many government sponsorships to create a School world designed with learning in mind.

This entire world is a giant series of school campuses looking like Universities - 1138 campuses in total. They are broken up by lakes, rivers, and vast wild life parks that have hidden ruins in them. The ruins are actual replicas of famous historical locations, built for educational purposes but many of them go unused as the swathes of land between campuses can stretch on for 100's of miles.

The school campuses themselves are also major social hubs with sporting events, restaurants, cafes, and many other amenities that are free to use for the students even when not attending classes.

World Rules
No one can get hurt on this world - the safety settings here won't allow it. Even the threshold for pain is throttled down. So if a person were to stub there toe here, they wouldn't feel the pain, just the thud of contact and sensation of pressure and touch.
Although there are designated areas like sports arenas where that function is turned off or turned down depending on the event taking place, but death is never allowed on this world.

Where our player's characters all go to school:
(click to enlarge)

Because it's a virtual campus that runs 24/7 students actually just get assigned classroom numbers then walk to the class in question. Once there they walk through the door and the program deposits them in the appropriate class. So theoretically there could be 10 classes going on in the same classroom but the students from each one would never know it.

Classes are just like regular classes with lectures, labs, work rooms, etc... Real teachers come there in virtual reality as well and teach the classes. The main difference is that there are no limitations on teaching materials or lab equipment. Everything is already there at the touch of a button for the classes.

Note: Because all of the students here are considered adults or have consent forms completed by guardians, the students are free to come and go as they please. Students succeed, fail, remain on campus, or leave campus as they desire.

It's not uncommon for a student to catch the shuttle subway service to another planet to spend time playing games instead of going to class. As long as the tests are completed and projects completed the professors ask no questions.

Also since students are permitted unrestricted access to school grounds, many log in in the off hours to take advantage of the campus services, or meet up with friends etc, and use the campus as a launching off point to travel to the other worlds.

Super Simple System for freeform Game
Super Simple Play System
(For freeform games that want an element of chance.)
Notes about combat and skill system usage.
This is designed to introduce the element of chance
into combat and explain how it will work.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

First lets get rid of the nerves over the Dicebot on E. The Dicebot is your friendly neighborhood random number generator.

For the rare occasions when it's needed. It's very easy to use but if you've never clicked on it then you might be a bit nervous. No problems. In the spoiler below are a few images to show you what it looks like and how it works.
Dicebot Images/Explanation
*Click Images to enlarge and again to shrink it back up.

Step 1: Find the Dicebot. (Or click this link here:

Step 2: The layout of the land, adding - character name and random number range.

Step 3: Filled out example.

Step 4: The results.

Step 5: Getting a line of code to copy into your post to display your results to the world.

- What it will look like if someone clicks on the link in your post. -

Our Combat System... (A one roll combat system for Freeform Forum RP)

Enemy Combat Levels
Combat Levels will indicate how much danger the opponents are to the players on an individual basis. I will announce Combat Levels in OOC Thread before encounters occur. (Or players may ask for them in the OOC thread when they decide to engage an enemy.)

This is essentially a freeform game so if a player or group of players wishes to engage an enemy they may do so at almost anytime.

What is a Combat Level? What does it do?
Combat level is the number that you need to beat in a Dicebot roll to win the battle.

For instance if the enemy is a Combat Level 5 then you will need to roll a 6 or higher to beat them. If you have bonuses because your Combat skill level gives you some, then you may add that to your Dicebot roll.

Enemy Combat Levels range from 1-20, so all Dicebot rolls will be set to 20 Sides (IE: random number range 1-20)

What if I win? (the roll)
If you win the roll then you have defeated the enemy and may ask in the OOC discussion thread if there are any rewards or XP for it. In your own post you can type up the combat in anyway that you wish.

A good rule of thumb is that if your roll only beats the number needed by a couple points then it was a desperate fight to win. The wider the margin of victory the easier the fight was for you and the less injuries you sustain.  Remember this world is virtual so injuries are just reflected in a decrease in your Life/energy bar and will slowly recover. The character is technically unharmed until their Life/energy bar reaches zero and then they face permanent death. (Don't panic!)

What if I lose? (the roll)
If you lose the roll then your Life/energy bar has entered the red zone and you are at risk of permanent death. Your character must flee for their lives and get to safety.

Many planets have a fail safe so if you lose you will just respawn at a hub location minus all of your items, weapons, armor and VCoins. However, many zones do not have failsafes, it's always a good idea to ask the GM in OOC first (This translates into your character checking their UI Locator feature for the zones rules.)

Player Combat Levels & Bonuses
Combat Level & Bonus
| Total XP needed to reach level
Beginner (No bonuses) | 0
Intermediate  (+1)| 500
Advanced  (+2)| 1000
Expert  (+3)| 2000
Master  (+5)| 5000

How do I earn XP to gain combat levels?

By defeating enemies and finishing games with the combat skill in question. So if you fight an enemy with any type of ranged weapon you'll gain XP with the skill - Combat: Ranged.

Approximate XP rewards: Boss = 100 xp, Mini-boss 25 xp, Mob/Standard NPC 5 xp, Critter = 1 xp

Some games also award VCoins, Items, Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and Crafting skills for your inventory.

Skills... I can haz pleaze?

What sort of skills are there?
Intellectual skills will be things that your character possesses in real life and they are currently learning about in school. Much of those will be irrelevant in a virtual world where the laws of science don't exist. However, they still might come in handy from time to time in game worlds that have a heavy dose of realism.

Physical skills are a lot like intellectual skills. If your character can dance in their real lives then they can dance in VGB. However, all characters share an equal level of physical fitness, strength, etc... The real world physical skills give you an edge in form and practice but can be easily learned and practiced by anyone in VGB.

Creation/Crafting Skills such as wood crafting, blacksmith(weapon or armor), gunsmith, tailoring, alchemy (potion or spell scrolls), and various others are skills that are earned in game. You learn them by finding special scrolls that grant the character the ability to perform these tasks... As long as they have the necessary items in their inventory to complete it. (Ask in OOC for what is needed if you wish to create something.)

Once learned a Creation/Crafting skill is permanent.

The Super Simple Play System (Remember: we are about 98% freeform)
VCoins... the currency of Virtual Galaxy Beta.
Travel between virtual worlds in VGB

WikiTube World (Virtual School Campus)  (starting world)
StarVegas World (Sci-Fi Adventure)
Dungeon World (Fantasy Adventure)
Classic 8 Bit Game World
Dust: Apocalypse PVP World (A lot like Borderlands Videogame)
Mutants And Men: Apocalypse PvP World
Cute Critter World
Super Hero World: Rock City 2015
Fantasy World (created with TheHangedMan, London, and I)
Olympus Rising World
And - ... Endless other worlds

Thread Links:
OOC Thread
WikiTube World (starting world)
Private Message Center
Avatar Profiles
Leaderboard (Unlockable)
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Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2013, 02:38:28 PM »
Where we are the current characters at in game?

The characters were given the initial riddle to solve which led them to play an old fashioned game of Atari's "Pitfall!" It was a single dice roll easy victory/lose situation (all won!)

This all took place on the WikiTube world about 50 km (31 miles) outside their campus school grounds. Now they are just relaxing and getting to know each other as they await their next set of challenges.

Where will you come into the game?

Well, the outside world is going to figure out a way to enter the game. You on the outside, were watching what's been going on inside the game through live streams.

You will come into the game as someone not initially trapped in the game but voluntarily trapping yourself inside the game in an attempt to help free people and/or win the game.

Your motivations could be personal, or your seeking to win the prize, or maybe you are under contract by a company to try and win the game on their behalf, or maybe you are a young government agent that's just going in to help free the people. You are between the ages of 17-24, and a straight or bisexual female.

It might sound complicated but it's not nearly as complicated as it looks. Please post here or send me a PM if you're interested in talking about joining.

((PS: I accept people that are new to E as well. Don't be shy.))

Offline Ember Star

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2013, 11:16:11 PM »
I am interested. But not sure I have the time.


Offline MoralineTopic starter

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2013, 01:50:24 PM »
I am interested. But not sure I have the time.

HI EMBER! *crashtackles*

Let me know if you'd be interested. I'd love to have you on board.

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Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2013, 07:39:11 PM »

It looks really interesting but I gotta confess I'm a little intimidated by the amount of information.  How much handholding are you willing to do for new players?  I'm sure you're right that its not as confusing as it looks, but I think at least at first, there's an awful lot to take in.

Offline Ember Star

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #5 on: August 15, 2013, 08:17:13 PM »
HI EMBER! *crashtackles*

Let me know if you'd be interested. I'd love to have you on board.
*ish tackled* ouff. LOL.

I am interested, but give me a few days to consider as I'm currently working on a project of my own.

Question, if I make an avatar with wings, would she be able to fly?

Offline Adere

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2013, 02:30:37 AM »
I am totally interested. Where can I find the thread for this rp?

Offline Adere

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2013, 02:32:42 AM »
Woops, stupid question. Nvm, found it!

Offline MoralineTopic starter

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2013, 12:24:34 PM »

It looks really interesting but I gotta confess I'm a little intimidated by the amount of information.  How much handholding are you willing to do for new players?  I'm sure you're right that its not as confusing as it looks, but I think at least at first, there's an awful lot to take in.
Most of what you need can be found in the first post of each thread but if you're unfamiliar with either the book Ready Player One or the anime/light novel Sword Art Online (or one of the similar ones) then it might be a little bit confusing at first.

I have no problems guiding players into the game. We have an OOC and I don't mind PM's - I love answering questions so it's all good.

Woops, stupid question. Nvm, found it!
I know, there's a lot of information there. Most of what you need is in the first posts of the OOC, WikiTube, and Private Message Centre threads. For character examples check out the Avatar Profiles link.

NOTE: Some people might see the "Super Simple Play System" and worry that this is a system game. IT IS NOT A SYSTEM GAME. Basically we use one simple roll on the dicebot to resolve conflicts/beat a game/challenge when needed. So far that has only been done once since we began. I have a really easy to follow tutorial and it's a matter of just a couple of clicks and a copy/paste when needed.

Almost all of the game is GM story guided freeform.

Offline Ember Star

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #9 on: August 18, 2013, 03:14:57 AM »
this may be a stupid question, but where can I find the character sheet code/layout to copy?

Offline MoralineTopic starter

Re: VGB Seeking Females (Established game)
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2013, 02:20:31 PM »
this may be a stupid question, but where can I find the character sheet code/layout to copy?
Sent you a PM with some information and a copy of the character sheet.