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Author Topic: Silly's Role Play Cravings (F for M)  (Read 442 times)

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Silly's Role Play Cravings (F for M)
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:14:35 AM »
Hello, Friend! Thanks for taking the time to check out my plot ideas. Please PM me if any of them interest you. Iíll keep this thread updated if any of the ideas are taken or if I add any new ones. I will also add whether or not I'm working on conceptualizing an idea with someone by denoting that next to the suggestion listed here.

Please be sure to check out my O/Os to make sure weíd be a compatible writing duo!

The Plots

I donít usually have definitive story ideas because I prefer to work out the finer details of a plot with my partner. I donít like to write out elaborate summaries with names and appearances already picked out for my character and ESPECIALLY not already picked out for my partnerís character. I feel like itís somewhat pompous, and even borderline godmodding, to already have appearance, name, and personality picked out for your partnerís character. I want YOU to be the one creating your character; coauthoring a roleplay should be 50/50.

Listed here are more or less vague concepts to serve as bases for plots Ė general cravings Iíve had for writing that have yet to be satiated.

*Note, though I enjoy writing, personal life takes precedence. Please, don't be offended if I wait a week to write a response, or if I write a response to another roleplay and not the one I'm working on with YOU. I think we all experience waning inspiration to work on a story. We all get in those moods.

Plot Cravings
(Iím open to suggestion for all of these. Even if any of these inspire you for an almost completely unrelated idea from the original I have here, please tell me!)

The Lolita Complex (General Concept) - Always an Open Idea
You know the story Ė an older man who has the hots for a younger woman. I donít want to necessarily keep the exact plot of Lolita, though. I just enjoy the general idea of a significant age difference between a couple (between 8-15 years, Iíd prefer.) And unlike Lolita, I prefer this to be a healthy, consensual relationship and not an obsessive and abusive one. This general idea could be applied to any of the others I have listed below, too.

Period Role Plays (General Concept) - Always an Open Idea
This is pretty much self explanatory, but I like writing in alternate (yet true to history) time periods on Earth, though modern day works better for certain ideas.

The Playwright - Taken
I was thinking that this could be set in the Ď20s. An aspiring male playwright, working some dead-end job by day, could come across an aspiring actress, also working some mundane job to pay the bills between auditioning. Together, they could forge a professional partnership to achieve stardom together while a romantic relationship blooms.

Doctor, Doctor - Taken
A certain musing/craving I've had for a long time is a female doctor falling for one of her patients. I would write her specialty according to her handsome male patient's ailment. Or, she could fall for the single father of an adolescent patient she treats. As stated above, the details of the story can be hashed out in PMs; this is purely a general concept, as I would love to write a doctor character. This story I had in mind taking place in present day where women becoming doctors is more commonplace than in decades past.

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Re: Silly's Role Play Cravings (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2013, 11:43:32 PM »
"Doctor, Doctor" idea added. :)