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Author Topic: Looking for new blood (M for F)  (Read 676 times)

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Looking for new blood (M for F)
« on: August 12, 2013, 02:11:42 pm »
If you are interested in any of these ideas, or have on idea which you think may interest me, please contact me by PM. Do not reply in this thread.

I would also like to say up front that I'm looking for at least one post a day, preferably more.

Best Friends
They all had been friends since they learned how talk.  Even when they hit puberty they were so close that their parents didn't give any thought to them staying the night at one another's houses with or without supervision. Nothing would happen. Finally they were reaching the time when they could feel the world's currents begin to separate them. The first separation started when their interests diverged at puberty, and once more when the age of dating began. The final and strongest current was coming, and male of the two could see the swell of time poised to sweep him away as the time to leave home neared.

[Scenario #1: The girl has dated other guys despite being unusually close to her best friend, and every time something bad happens she is comforted by him. Never realizing that the foundation for her mental well being and joy stems from his wisdom and strength, until it's casually mentioned by his mother that he's going to leave for a week to tour college campuses, the longest stretch of time she's ever really been unable to see or speak to him.]

[Scenario #2: The girl has dated numerous guys, usually getting in trouble because of their bad influence, and every time he would be sent out by their parents to reign her in. It wasn't a task he disliked, but every time he found her in more and more trouble, with worse and worse guys, and he could see the pattern was leading her to a dismal future. If she so badly needed a dark presence in her life it may as well be him, so he could at least force her toward a happier future, even if she hated him for it.]

These are just two paths it could take, but in either case I'm looking for there to be a moment of weakness on her part that he'll finally take advantage of to make her see him differently, namely sex and pleasure too strong to forget, something to shock her into forever seeing him not as a safe benign boy, but a virile man with wants and needs of his own.

Distrustful Father

There was never anything particularly wrong with him. He was strong enough to hold his own in pretty much any situation, but he wasn't a very sociable but a very guy. Even so he never got attention from women, and due to being shy in his teenage years he never sought them out aggressively like his peers.

His first and last relationship was when he seventeen.

The only person he hung out with was his best friend, an unreasonably nerdy individual who had the eye of a very determined girl who he had grown up with. The girl was unreasonably attached to him. Not able to get the nerd's attention, let alone affections, she decided to make him jealous through a series of rapidly expanding events, until finally she went so far as to trick his best friend (my character) into having sex in the same room as him. It proved to be the final straw as even that didn't get her any attention at all. So she discarded the both of them, ignored them for three months, and then moved to another state, leaving a scar in her wake.

Nine years later a little girl shows up at his doorstep claiming to be his daughter, carrying only a letter that explained that her mother had run into money troubles with a loan shark and that he should take responsibility and look after her since it was his daughter too.

Unable to turn away his own flesh and blood he decided to raise her, gradually working on building up a relationship with the girl and earning her affection. This arrangement went on for a whole year before one morning he woke up and his daughter is gone, and in her bed is a note from the mother saying that he doesn't need to look after her any more. He attempted to file a police report but was rejected as he was not recognized as the child's legal guardian, and was not allowed to even know where they were.

The next day a man about his age shows up at his door, explaining that he too had a child with the same woman, and was hoping that the two of them could find their children and see if either of them could convince her to return their children or at least allow them to take part in their lives. It took several days of investigating but he managed to find where she lived, which was made difficult by a change of name on the address forms, and in good faith informed the other man.

Upon arriving at the home he found out that the other man got there first and strong armed the woman into agreeing to a marriage based solely on the fact that he had more income to offer. When he attempted to intervene, at least having custody of his own child, he was viciously berated by the woman in front of his child, and finally threatened that the police would be called if he did not remove himself from the situation. Emotionally crushed he had no choice but to turn his back on his crying daughter and leave her in the care of the cold heart'd woman and the devious man who won her through a larger wallet.[/s]

[I have no scenario for this one, and it's a bit vague despite it's back story, but the basic story line I'm looking for here is a woman to find her way into his life and try to get past his distrust and pessimism to try and heal him.]

The Price of Wishes

A girl discovers that there is a way to make wishes come true, but never realized what the payment would be. Until the payment was complete she would loose all restraint. Her hunger for food, her urge to go to the bathroom, to seek pleasure, to unleash violence, there would be no restrictions for a certain period of time each day until the payment for her wish is paid in full.

[I have no set scenario for this one, it could fit in pretty much any era, and the basic idea is something to build on.]

The difference between Money and Power

She has everything a girl her age should want. Attractive in both a sexual and social manner, with a social circle that could only be described as the top of the food chain, and thanks to her enabling rich family her to keep a tight control on pretty much every social activity her age group attended. As one might expect all this lead to a few inevitable traits, namely arrogance, selfish, and low empathy. It wasn't that she was a selfish bitch by nature, she was simply corrupted, and the taint of it stained her personality too deeply for her to be anything else. So she wields her power like a true Queen, blessing those in her favor, and punishing those she found displeasing with varying levels of vicarious violence and social poison.

However all that comes with a side effect. She doesn't date much. Any guy who gets with her is obviously going to be going after money or sex, and because of that perception there is always an insurmountable distance between her and any potential boyfriends. Naturally this is a touchy subject for her, but her closer 'friends' still encourage her to go to clubs and parties in hopes to find someone for her, if only to soften her harsher edges. At the very most she had gone out on a date with a guy occasionally just so people would stop trying to hook her up with random guys.

[I want this to be the basis of my partners character, in a modern or comparative age of convenience. My character will be a guy who somehow earns her ire and their relationship will evolve from there. I'm looking for someone able to see that such a woman can have something hidden under the corrupting effects of her upbringing, including a submissive streak with hints of masochism.]

Mail Order Bride

A lonely man who had more money then he would ever need and no humanity to ground him finally decides that he needs a woman in his life, but is too jaded to trust anyone in his social circles, so he anonymously seeks out an alternative, namely buying a young bride. It was done in such a way that the young woman would have no idea of his personality, history, or finances. She would be told simply that the man was not ugly and that she wouldn't go wanting while toiling for a worthless man.

[Scenario #1: The man who orders her expects obedience and submission. He will waste no time to have his way with her. Never being particularly cruel he will still assuredly treat her less like the image of the modern Western wife and more like old world wives, where all household chores were hers to take care of, and she would be made to always to be available for his desires, perhaps while ignoring her complaints.]

[Scenario #2: The man turns out to be shy and introverted. Instead of finding herself in a place where she can only speak when spoken to she finds that she needs to proactively engage him for any attention at all. Finding herself with such a husband she worries that she will be divorced and sent home and so she quickly decides she must actively make her worth known to her husband.]

"Save me from myself!"
The girl is simply a mess. She grew up with an abusive father and found escape in drugs at an early age, becoming addicted and quickly falling into the dark world outside of societies reach. After finally burning through all the money she could steal from her father she began to pickpocket, pull con jobs on rich looking men, and finally ran into a mark that wasn't as easy as she hoped.
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Re: Looking for new blood (M for F)
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