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June 22, 2018, 04:15:30 PM

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Author Topic: Monster Girl! [full]  (Read 5026 times)

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Offline kasperTopic starter

Monster Girl! [full]
« on: August 11, 2013, 05:37:55 PM »
Thing I'm craving right now:

Master Monster x Slave Human (like a lot)
Master Monster x Slave Mythological Creature (love this idea)
Master Human x Slave Mythological Creature (love this one too)
Master Monster x Slave Monster (like)
Master Mythological Creature x Slave Mythological Creature (like)
Master Mythological Creature x Slave Human (like)
Master Human x Slave Monster (like a lot)

Also Toothiana x Jack Frost 'cause she's kind of a mythological charrie and because <3

-Non-con/rape (varying in degree from the girl wanting it physically but not mentally to brutal rape)
-Monsters (varying from handsome demons to beautiful mythological creatures to grotesque aliens and disgusting orcs)
-Humiliation (just yes. yes. yes. yes.)
-Degradation (again- yes.)
-Girl being manhandled by giant and used like a fleshlight
-Virginity (especially when brutally taken)
-Huge cocks
-Hardcore (bloody penetrations, bruised, swollen orifices, etc)
-Anal (from light play, to love making to extreme brutal fucking)
-Oral (again from light play to extreme brutal fucking)
-Vaginal (same here- light play to extreme brutal fucking)
-Multiple penetration (anywhere from a cock in every hole to two cocks in one hole or more)
-Distension (a cock so big it bulges the belly/throat of whoever is being fucked)
-Men being forced to watch as their woman is humiliated/degraded/raped and being powerless to stop it
-Masturbation (forced or not)
-Public (from secret shenanigans in public to full out being fucked/fucking in front of audiences)
-Power play (a dominant being forced to be a submissive by another dominant <3)
-Strange/unique anatomy (especially sexual organs! alien-like cocks/pussies, completely different orifices to slam a cock in, etc)

I also play both male and female and like any pairing, but love multiple pairings, such as one plays a dominant character in one pairing and a submissive in the other pairing. And I also like playing futa and "dress up." And I like estranged relationships/romances.

Things I don't like are pretty much scat and vore.

I do like watersports as a degrading/humiliation thing and I also like sexual gory stuff but, since these are uncommon interests these are absolutely not necessary in the game. However, if you do like such things then let me know!

I'm looking primarily for a story line where I can play one dominant character and one submissive character. If interested let me know and we can discuss our ideas!

Inspirations (Warning: Hentai!)

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Offline Adamska James

Re: Monster Girl!
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2013, 10:03:27 PM »
From the looks of your request thread, it seems like we could very easily work out more than a few interesting concepts to play with.
I'd love to do any of the things you're looking for, especially Human/monster master with Monster slave. Was there a particular kind of monster you like to play more than others? I notice your inspiration pictures focused a little on Lamia's. Maybe them? Lamia and Gel/Slime are my favorite kinds so that would be really cool.

As for me, I'd be willing to try just about any Monster or kind of Human you'd be interested in opposing as a slave. It could be fun to try to control two monster girls even, if you wanted to be able to write as both a submissive type of character and a resistant/dominant type as well.