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Author Topic: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||  (Read 2837 times)

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Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« on: August 09, 2013, 11:50:36 AM »

-Places cookies on table-
Welcome one and all to my request thread! Why don't you sit back relax and see if anything interests you! Oh and here's some cookies to help you ^.^

When if comes to posts I don't think that I ask for much. Just a few good paragraphs ( It could even be one paragraph as long as it's a little more then a few lines I'm a happy lady). I love detail and I try to be as detailed as I can with things so it would be great if you could do the same pretty please! I will admit I have a thing for Dom / sub relationships and bondage....and spanking. I don't know why but I find it fun to write these kind of scenes and at the end of the day Rping is for fun! To have a laugh and go on a journey! My posting time varies, I will admit. My timing in posts can be anything from once a month to 3 maybe even 4+ times a month depending on replies and how busy my life gets. I know most people like more replies and I am slowly trying to be able to reply more! So now I got the little boring bit our of the way my Story Ideas.


~Battle of Cities / Planets~

~Battle of Cities / Planets~

This is a small pot that has only just come to me over the last day so it's on a rough bases so far, which is great if your interested because I am totally free for adding ideas and changing the plot around!

Anyway's so I was thinking of a futuristic setting where there would be a wealthy glorious city in the Sky called Haven. Haven floats within the clouds with futuristic elements, space / hover crafts, crisp buildings that bounce off the sunlight.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Here i imagine the wealthiest and most respected to live and this is where I would like you character to come from. I picture him to be some kind or guard or solider that is trained to help patrol and keep the 'bottom feeders' in check. Below this beautiful place lays what's left of the old work. Just imagine our own world but torn, broken and almost but deserted.

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This is where my character Roxanne (Roxy) Hart will be from.
  Roxanne (Roxy) Hart

I imagine her to be an outgoing, feisty character who perhaps doesn't know when to stop when she's ahead. She'll have a unique talent for engineering and comes across as a Tomboy being more like one of the lads then an helpless girl. She'll own her own workshop helping out the people within the broken town, rather then Haven itself. Shell be well know against others down in the broken town but not a will like her just because she a women who can do work just if not better then them. Oh and also because she has a habit of taken parts that are ready clamed.

Ok so that's enough about the where my plot is based and a bit about my character on to the plot itself!...which is where im not sure on things. I picture Haven using the broken city for it's fuel, resources and manual labour in building ships and space / hover crafts to help fight against enemy planets. Almost using the people down there as slaves for their own need to survive and thrive. There would be patrols of soldiers / guards roaming the streets working in small groups of 3-5 people, help keeping everything in check. Normally the guards would walk around the city hourily but most walk around 2-3 times a day as not much really happens. The place is more deserted with people keeping to themselfs. Some street gangs would roam certain areas but if work gets done and trouble is kept on the low  the Soldiers dont seem to care much.

Okay so for the mission I was thinking that your character could have previously explore another planet and found some rare space crafts which his crew and engineer's are unable to figure out how to work. Your character and his crew come back 2 Haven and Report their findings. The captain leader then decides that the spacecraft's should come back to Haven for further analysis. Safe this will be where my character comes in with her skills to help your character with his mission.

If you don't like the idea of this Mission we could always change it and come up with something different but this is just something I came up with but the concept can change.

Again these are just rough ideas i'm happy to change and mix it up! Please Message me if your interested or have anything to add!! and many thanks for reading!       

!Older Taken!

~ For Hire ~ TAKEN

So this is a rather simple plot that i'v had in mind for the pass few nights and I'v finally decided to put it out there in hopes of finding a partner willing to play! This is a Romantic RP BUT i don't want it to be too cheesy of a RP! Also I really would like some bondage, spanking teasing good fun added to this too!

It's about two people who genuinely wouldn't have met normal but find each other them in a bit pf a pickle has brought them together. My character would be a 22 / 23 year old artist, who is currently finding it hard working a crappy job in a run down bar and making her dreams of becoming a freelance artist impossible. Her rent is piling up and the pay at work is not cutting it. A good friend of hers has been working for a company called 'For Hire' that basically allows a customer to hire a person for a platonic relationship to attend a social event, wedding, party.

So this is where your character comes in. I figured he could be a CEO or something, someone who business strong who likes to be alone and had little interest in settling down. That's not to say he doesn't bring a lady home every now and then.

Anyway, so your character could have an important family gathering, perhaps a young sisters or brothers wedding? And his parents (no matter how proud they are for him to own and run his own company) seem to complain of the lack of grandchildren from him? Wondering when he'll be settling down any time soon with that oh so perfect girl. Being tried of there nagging and complaining he decides to hire a lady from the company which happens to be my shy little angle.   

Or perhaps an important business opportunity? Most of the CEO's has a wife or a partner and he chooses someone to come along as his plus one guest. Either option is great with me, hell we could them both! First the work meeting which leads him to needed a 'partner' for the wedding?

Either way there could be a lot done with this I think. If your interest please pm! Other wise thanks for reading!

~The Witch and the Hunter~ TAKEN

~The Witch and the Hunter~

This story I guess is pretty obvious by the title. Ill be playing a young witch who has escape her own coven in a bid to save her life. Her coven was transferring all of the magic within their land to as single vessel (this being me character) in a bid to grow and reborn their magic to its original and purest form. Now for the coven to succeed they had to sacrifice 5 young witches who just come of age (18 in this case). Each which would have bounded themselves to an element. At the beginning the young ladies believe that they would be the root of their power and they would draw the power trough themselves but in order for the magic to be pure their lives had I be taken, which the coven so kindly left out. With each his throat being slit the power transferred into the next girl, all until one of the girls was left and manage to escaped with their life (my character), who soon clicked on to what was going on.

Betrayed by her coven and now on the run, the coven look for help in a hunter within the mythical world to track and bring back the young lady so they can complete their retrial. 

Your character wouldn't know all the details, just more to the fact she's a young witch running away from home and is more danger to herself and other if she's not brought back. Perhaps your character suspects there's more but knows bette then to mess with a coven?

Your character can be a wolf or vampire or another witch or something else all together but I thought it could be fun there be a little someone about him? But this is purely up to you! Just as long as he's a bounty hunter of sorts.

Now I'm debating on either having it be a year or two later when there's a red moon and it's now or never for the coven to get the girl, hence them hiring a bounty hunter. My character could have learnt to blend in eight not so crowd and control her magic (some what) and never stays in one place for to long, taking up temp jobs in bars and road cafes. Or we could have it a few days later her on the run and the bounty on the chase? (I'm leaning more towards the first as I think it could be a lot of fun but if you have another twist is would love to hear!)


~ To Protect Her Kingdom TAKEN~

~ To Protect Her Kingdom ~

Princess Amelia Seer

Now this is a story that I have had on my mind for a long while now but I have only just decided to place my idea up now, because I have more time to RP at the moment! YAY! Anyways with out further a due I shall try and explain my new and hopeful exciting Plot!

This plot is based in a world a little like Game of Thrones and Merlin mixed into one. There are two different prime kingdoms in the story that have began a war with each other. King Hawk is a greedy and untrustworthy King who (like many) want more then what they have. And then there's King Seer and his daughter Amelia who believe in fairness and loyalty to what they have and to even help others in need. It's no secret that King Seer has many friend and in many Realms far and wide so taking over Seer's kingdom could lead to many falling behind it's ruler. This being all the plans of King Hawk, although he does have a plan up his sleeve which includes Amelia who is not your every day Princess.

Amelia Seer was born with a unique gift that has been passed down to mother to daughter for centuries. The gift of second sight. To see into the unclear future of what might become. Although for many years the family have tried to hide the gift from out side the castle walls, King Hawk got wind from a traitor of King Seer. A man who was a Royal Knight and almost in second command if it wasn't for his older brother Sir Johnson who was in fact the kings right hand Knight. Clearly coming second best wasn't enough for Sir John. Taking the Kingdoms most precious secret he went to their enemy King Hawk to take down his brother and no longer become second.

Now it's one thing to have the Princess but another to wheel her gift. Although the Kingdom has kept the secret for so long it's not myth that second sight is real nor magic. This world is full of elemental magic where potions and using raw materials make the best magic but rarer magic such as second sight is said to be beyond rare with only a few bloodlines inheriting it. For this kind of Second sight there would normally be an awaking of the power around the 18th birthday of the holder of the gift. The awaking increased the power to it's fullest, making the future clearer and more predictable and detailed. But without the awakening the power is weaker and unpredictable. Plus it doesn't help that generations ago a King and his Queen had decided that the power inherited in the family was to great for anyone to bear, that the only way to make sure that the power was never abused or taken into the wrong hands was to weaken it. To not perform the wakening in future generations and slowly with every new daughter the power watered down, the gift almost but forgotten, if not by the mothers and daughters but by the kingdom and others around them until now.

With the secret out and with many books, scrolls and stories on second sight and their holders there isn't much hope for Amelia. Although she's 19 now and technically it's to late for her awakening there has been told of an aliment of elements and stars that could boost start her powers almost like an awakening. But this comes with a great cost as done wrong and at the wrong moment she could lose everything, including her life and the stories and books as unclear on the correct terms.

So now ill get to the good bits! Instead of keeping Amelia lockup in a castle the king had thought best she's goes within the battle itself. So she's playing in plan sight of King Hawk without him knowing. I mean come on who'll be looking for a princess among warriors and solders?! Now since the kingdom knows who Amelia is and looks like she couldn't just go with any old group of warriors. In fear that someone else might betray their kingdom Amelia was to stick it out with some of the Kings most trusted friends from a realm over seas. This is where your character comes in! Now in my head i picture these new arrivals to be a bit like House Targaryen, where there great fighters and protectors. Although a little more tamed and mannered but still outsiders and almost god like. Now I say godlike for a reason because I thought the male character could have a little twist to him too. If you so chose too. Now your ''Targaryen's'' will be in battle too but they wont know that their protecting the princess either. BUT Amelia to them will be almost like a guide with Knight Johnson. A bit like Daenerys Targaryen has orah Mormont.

So this is about as much detailed I'm going to get with this plot as I still am happy for things to be changed or tweaked if you have ideas too! Now as for the kinky stuff, ALOT of foreplay and teasing. Perhaps some bondage too. See my ons and offs for a little more information of what we could do on that area ;)

PLEASE Message me if your interested and many thanks for reading this!

~ Romantic Desires TAKEN~

~ Romantic Desires ~

As you might be able to tell from the title I'm looking for something Romantic but please nothing cheesy! I don't want them to instantly fall for one another but for them to tease each other and be playful. Although I want love this to be a romantic RP I also want there to be a dom / sub relationship. Some bondage, teasing, a bit off ass slapping too. I want them to find a deep and heated passion where the male wants nothing more the dominant my young lady and for her to want to please his every need, that's not to say she's going to do it without a little fight.

The kind of character I would play is a young, attractive and sophisticated women who works as a negotiator. For example you're a company and you want to negotiate some kind of deal with another one. Maybe one of your rivals, maybe just some other company. You want someone to help handle these negotiations, so you want a person who's really skilled at talking to people, so you hire My Lady., who pretends she works for you full-time to help make the deal. Then once the deal is done, you pay her and she just leaves.Now she could either be someone you hire or someone that the other side hires and you meet during meetings.
(I'm open to change some things around with this and discus this in more detail)

~A Change in the Air TAKEN~

~A Change in the Air~

A flower shop owner in the middle of a busy city has a normal quite life. She's never one to do on adventures or to go out clubbing or parting. Instead she would rather have a hot bath and read a good book with a glass of bubbly. Until one night everything changes. Perhaps she get's kidnapped? Maybe a chain of strange events start to happen and she is forced out of her comfort zone? There is so many ways that this could go so I will leave it open to who ever is interested. (Would love this to be Dom / sub relationship with bondage and Spanking. This could be consent or maybe to start with non-consensual)

Well so far that is all I have on my mind! But please keep popping in as I will add more when stuff comes to my mind!

Also if you would like a taster of how I write here's a couple of my favorite examples which i'm currently doing!

To Protect Her Kingdom || Wintersday & Seekeroftruth22 ||

Nothing but Breeding Stock || Paladin & Wintersday ||

The Full Moons Secrets || Wintersday & Countdown ||

Romantic Desires || Wintersday & Legman ||

 PLEASE Message me if your interested and many thanks for reading this! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: What about a little... || F Seeking M ||
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2014, 08:07:37 AM »
Updated plot... Forgot to mention I was looking for a Dom / Sub relationship.

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2014, 02:39:50 PM »
Added ~Curiosity Killed the Cat~ and ~A Change in the Air~.

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2015, 04:52:26 PM »
Added and new plot! ~I'll show you My ways...~

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2015, 05:45:01 PM »
EDITED ~I'll show you my ways~

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2015, 01:39:08 PM »
Updated a little bit of everything! Added Replies time and added more detail to

~I'll show you my ways~

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #6 on: November 12, 2015, 12:09:46 AM »
I have added

~ To Protect Her Kingdom ~

REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #7 on: January 24, 2016, 12:31:18 AM »
Made it look oh so pretty! And added story plot...

~From One World to the Next~

 I Really Wanna DO!!!!!! :D

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2016, 10:23:40 PM »

Added story

~The Witch and the Bounty Hunter~

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #9 on: July 17, 2016, 06:46:48 PM »
Added, For Hire

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #10 on: November 27, 2016, 04:57:13 AM »
Updated an old story I would like to retry!

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Re: Winter Wonderland Plots || F Seeking M || UPDATED ||
« Reply #11 on: December 01, 2016, 02:29:29 PM »
Changed a few suggestions with plot to try and make it a little clearer and adding a sort of Misson as a goal to my plot!

(Not sure if this is class as bumping or just updating not meaning to bump this so if this is wrong please let me know thanks you!)
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