Sissies, Non-con and more~!

Started by Pinkie, August 09, 2013, 11:32:17 AM

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Hello everyone (:

I'm new to Elliquiy so I'd like to get some RPs going~! Here's a couple of ideas I'd like to play out but I'm really versatile at the moment so don't hesitate to PM me with any ideas you might have too.

The Short Skirt (M x F, human, non-consensual) - I'd play either role.

A female university student seems to live for nothing but partying. She's always out in nightclubs, wearing the most revealing outfits, constantly teasing guys. The thing is she has a boyfriend. He hates the way she dresses the attention she gives other men, but she has him wrapped around her little finger. What she doesn't realize is she starts attracting the wrong kind of attention. A slightly older man she teases becomes angry at the way this girl has treated him. So he begins to stalk her fb page, follow her on nights out and waits for a time to separate her from her friends to get what he wants.

Sissy Slave (M x M, human, fetish) - I'd prefer the sissy role.

A 30-something year old man has bought a sissy slave online and meet the teenage boy today. He gives him sissy training, teaches him to shave his legs, pluck his eyebrows, use make up, dresses him up in pretty outfits etc. And basically the sissy is kept in the man's large house as a full time sissy slave to service his every whim and desire. Not sure how long I'd like this RP to be. It could be a long-term one or it could follow the first couple of days or something.

This is all I've got atm. They're rough and open to change. I'd also like to do a furry RP but I'm totally inexperienced with those so I'd need to find someone else with an idea for that I think...

Look forward to hearing from you :3