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Author Topic: Tom's All-Time Favorites  (Read 512 times)

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Tom's All-Time Favorites
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:25:23 AM »

Looking for partners for the following plots. I don't care what your real life gender is, and in most cases I can play either role. Feel free to get in touch via PM. I prefer playing over the forums.

Best Friends (F x M, romance)
This is a classic and something of a cliché, but a favorite nonetheless. A girl and a boy have been best friends since kindergarden. Now, they're in their late teens (16-19). One is secretly deeply in love with the other, perhaps the girl in the boy, but the other option is good too. Aside from this secret, the two share everything; desires, fantasies and dreams. They know each other through and through.
The boy, oblivious to the girl's love has obviously considered her as a love interest, but on account of a misunderstanding believes there is only platonic feelings; like brother and sister. Perhaps the boy overheard the girl talking to another friend where she emphasized she didn't have those feelings, not knowing she was lying.
I would like to roleplay the two through some every day scenarios; conversations about banalities, about sex and things like that. Perhaps some casual nudity, even. Then, when the boy is asked on a date by another girl and starts developing another relationship, things develop. The two drift apart for a while. Then the boy discovers (perhaps some email that was sent by mistake?) that the the girl was in love with him all along and he starts re-examining all his feelings. It would be awesome if their love could be expressed in combination with a classic event such as a prom. Finally there would be some sexual stuff before things are concluded.
Inspiration: The video from Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me".

Girlfriends (F x F, romance)
I would like to roleplay two beautiful girls meeting up, dating and falling in love. I see them in their early twenties somewhere. I would prefer my character to be aware of her feelings and sexual orientation, but inexperienced. She would have been lonely for a time, in spite of having good friends.
It would be nice with a romantic setup for their first meeting. If one character was a firefighter or a cop, she could have aided the other with some situation (not over the top). Perhaps a minor fire or following up reports about a theft. Perhaps there is love at first sight between the two. Another option is having the two meet through online dating (not as romantic, but realistic).
In any case, I would love to roleplay through their first dates, escalating from simple kisses to more and more sexual stuff as things progresses. It would be awesome with some mobile flirtation, where they send each other text messages or sexy photos as well. I suppose the game would culminate with the two confessing their deep eternal love.

The New Girl (F x M, romance)
There is a new girl in class. She is a larger-than-life character; beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy and kind-hearted. She notices a shy boy in class and can't understand why none of the girls are interested in him. He is cute, handsome and intelligent. He is the type who aids others without asking for reward. He explain things when they need help. He does tutoring. In a discussion he will help others reach conclusions by themselves. In her eyes, he should have been the alpha male in class, but just because he has been shy through the previous school years, he has become invisible to the other girls; even if he has become a little more outgoing this last year.
So the girl takes action; helping the boy out of his shell; giving him the sexual experiences of his dreams and boosting his status at school from invisible to school president and eventually prom king.

Special Girl (Futa x M, romance)
A boy immediately falls in love with the new girl in class. Thew new girl could possibly be an exchange student from an exotic location. The two starts hanging out for a while and become friends and there is a lot of flirtaton, perhaps some initial sexual experimentation. Then the futa girl reveals her secret and the boy is facing a whole new situation...

Family 1 (father x daughter)
A single dad and his daughter has a very close relationship. The daughter has a crush on her father and slowly seduces him. He is reluctant at first but very slowly accepts going another step with her; starting out with innocent hugs and little kisses to more and more sexual acts until the two become lovers, exploring all sorts of sexual possibilities.

Family 2 (mother x son)
A shy boy with strong sexual urges has a beautiful mother. She wants to take care of his needs. I would like to explore things slowly. Perhaps she buys him magazines and films to satisfy himself with. Perhaps she lets him take care of himself in the living room, while she is there. Maybe she lets him look at her breasts while he masturbates. Slowly, he grows more and more open and casual about sex around her and the two become lovers.

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Re: Tom's All-Time Favorites
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2013, 06:42:46 AM »
Some of the requests have been answered. Still looking for more.