Possible GM training? (M looking for F or M)

Started by zergmuncher, August 08, 2013, 09:46:54 AM

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Hello ladies and gents, I recently tried to apply for a roleplay that I was unable to due to lack of experience. I have never GM'd before and i'd like to see if anyone has the patience to teach me. I don't see many Rp's requesting Gm's but I thought it would be a good skill to learn.

Any takers please send me a pm.


I guess this shows my inexperience in GM knowledge as I didn't specify whether I was asking for freestyled GM'ing or a specific system of some kind. If I could gain some knowledge in that department as well I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!!


Intriguing too, but what kind of scene did you have in mind? Any kind of ruleset you like more?


Well there was a certain hentai that a person introduced to me and wanted someone to Gm well since I have no experience she didn't want me. Basically I don't know anything about Gm'ing and I want to get into it head first. I was thinking just putting people through situations and seeing how they react. Maybe start off as a rogue A.I. and someone else is the person he/she's captured. Escape or die is the only option kinda like portal.

I do like the whole trapped in an mmorpg concept with me as the Gm. It would mean leading the character into situations where sex is all but inevitable and such. I don't know how rulesets work although i wouldn't be surprised if there was a Wiki on being a game master.