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Author Topic: Checking interest: The Transendence - Homebrew Group Fantasy RP [VAN]/[Van-E]  (Read 1156 times)

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Offline DejiteruTopic starter

I am looking for characters to populate my homebrew world of Kogren, I will be making further posts describing in detail the people and world affairs involved with this story. I would like to think of this as a cooperative RP with the story going in any direction we might take it in.
This could evolve into a 4e D&D campaign if interest is present and a sound DM found as I am just learning the ropes.

Available Races: Human,Drellian,Delvosian,Gnome,Troll

Human: Nearly your common human only difference is that they are generally xenophobic or wary of species they are not often associated with.

Drellian: An agriculturally based near human beast race, An Empathetically sensitive people with a gift for Telepathy/Psychokinesis.
Hair colors: all human colors and earth tones i.e. dark greens and oranges etc.
Eye color: Black,Blue, Red
Height: 5' and 5'8" for males and females.
The markings are ritualistic tattoos.

Delvosian: A intersexed near human beast race having characteristics of the male and female gender equally, A hunter gather race, less prevalent than than either human or Drellian, Genetically compatible with the Drellian Race yet more often than not abnormalities arise in the make up of their sexual organs(i.e. Nonfunctional,malformed ect.)
Hair: Browns,Black,Black/Blue,White,Grey
Eyes: Human spectrum
Height: 4'10 - 5'5"
(Picture forthcoming - Similar feature of the Drellian but more wild looking i.e. tufts of fur on ears and jowls,smaller in stature, Sharp retractable bone growths extending from their inner wrists)

Gnome: Not much like gnomes in other fantasy worlds, the flavor here is of a much meaner stock often acting as thieves and highway men. They travel in groups and can often be seen scavenging battlefields. Appearance much the same as in other incarnations. They live on the edge of human civilization often thieving their daily needs.
Hair: White,Black,Brown
Eyes: Human Spectrum
Height: 3' - 4'

(Image credit to for the gnome)

Troll: A shamanic people whom live on the outskirts of human lands and often act as advisers to human dignitaries and nobles, Agriculturally based society that has a proud warrior tradition employing the help of animal familiars. (If interested in playing a Troll Warrior please pm me with what you had in mind for a familiar I'll allow anything within reason.
Eyes: Most colors found in nature.
Height: 5'8" - 6'4"

Special Features -
A group of individuals who will in time be known as the Transcenders have as their birthright inherited powers. Each power manifests in a different way be it the ability to move for short periods of time a much greater speed during combat, The ability to harness the powers of the earth in limited amounts or even to control the actions of another for a brief time. There is no precedent for what abilities they have been born with, nor are they inherited through a family member. For these chosen men and women it is as natural as eating or sleeping. It is up to these them as to how they use their abilities for greater good or merely as parlor tricks. The world is changing it is up to you to go along with the change or run blindly in the opposite direction. (Transcenders are born into each race and are treated differently depending on their upbringing I will leave it up to players to decide a background for things pertaining to this)

World -
Trezel (a medium sized country in the southern hemisphere of the planet)
The largely human population in this country are most often driven due to their xenophobic views to skirmishes and and conflicts with the other races. The adventure takes place 30 years after a powerful despot waged open warfare on anything inhuman his mind set on genocide. Many clans and oral traditions have been lost, Drellians and Delvosians being hit the hardest.

Any questions or comments just leave them in this thread or pm me if you feel more comfortable. More info to come in subsequent posts, also any ideas any one may have that seem to fit the mood and/or race of any peoples can and will be integrated into the worlds history and background upon approval of the person who prompted the idea or discussion.

Thanks for your time I hope people find some interest in this.
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Offline Caustic

Definitely-- you'll find people willing to discuss ideas.  I'll keep an eye out for further details, but, at this point, count me as 'interested'

Offline DejiteruTopic starter

Definitely-- you'll find people willing to discuss ideas.  I'll keep an eye out for further details, but, at this point, count me as 'interested'
Thanks for such a fast reply this makes me feel a much more confident !_!

Offline DejiteruTopic starter

I haven't drawn a picture yet for the Delvosian yet but I remembered a drawing I had saved from deviantArt because it had many many similarities almost borderline creepy, there are still certain differences as stated in the original description but this gives a good idea.
So here is that image, credits to Melissa S for it.

Offline Le RandomBloke

Colour me interested. *Hugs the troll*

Offline Omau

you have caught my interest. ~eyes Delvosian~