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Author Topic: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!  (Read 6943 times)

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Hiya all!  Thanks for checking this out.  I'm gunna start off by referring you to two other pages so you can get to know about me if you're interested.  For starters is my O/O's page.  This has all of my kinks and desires and preferences laid out nice and neat for ya.

O/O's page!

The next is my other rp request thread over in the other section for non-forum requests.  To be honest the first few posts on that site and this one will be identical.  The difference will be the craving's section.  So the last posts with all the individual requests.  For right now it's not too organized sense I'm still going through it all.  But idealy, the rps I think that would be better over an IM program are going there, and the ones that I think would be better on the forums will go here.  But, that is by no way set in stone.  If an idea over their catches your eye, I'm more than willing to do it here on E!  So take a gander if you'd like!

Non-Forum Request Thread!

Sense this is an intro I'll start off with a brief basic about me and what I'm looking for.  I'm lesbian irl but here in the rp world I'm quite open to other things...just not actual human males.  So if you're character is a woman, great!  If you wanna have a cock near me though it's gotta be attached to a monster, animal, or futa (Futa by my definition by the way is entirely female body with a cock instead of a cunt and no balls)

I'm also very submissive if my O/O's page hasn't tipped you off.  I love dominant characters who call me names and talk dirty to me and use me how they want.  And with that, I'll add another post shortly to speak of characters and the like.  Enjoy, and feel free to PM me if you're interested!

I've been writing and rping for years, longer than I can remember, and am very into it.  My schedule is random now however, no set times that I'm on, and though I try I don't always get to checking this site daily.  But I do try.  I prefer moderate length in posts, not page long but not sentence short either.  But I usually match what I get well enough so hopefully we can mesh well together.  But there's only one way to find out!
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What I'm looking for in a partner:
It should be fairly obvious from my list of kinks that I'm into dominate characters, (even if the title of this didn't tip you off), so I'll try to be a bit more specific.  I'd really like one to start out aggressive from the get-go, even when we're not rping to call me dirty names and in general treat me like a slut.  (If I understand this, this thread is for approved members only so it's OK to say that sort of thing on this one, but if not let me know)  I know it seems like in character kinks and out of character kinks are different, and in truth for a lot of mine they are, but being called names and talked down to is not one of them! 

I'm going to try to add a list below of rp story lines I'd like to incorporate specifically later on, but I'd also appreciate if you had your own ideas and suggestions and what not.  I'll of course help, contribute and move things along, but I'm fine taking a back seat in the decision making for the most part if you have some ideas.

Lastly, I am looking for mainly smut rps at the moment.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good story line, but I also really, really love sex so he he.... Though if you love story line more then sex, don't write me off just yet.  Those kind of rps I'm happy to do here on E, so if I interest you, feel free to PM me regardless of what you want.  I think that about covers it so... onward to

Characters I play:
This will almost be verbatum what I wrote in my O&O's page but I'll recap and expand here a bit.  In real life I'm a 24 year 5'4" blond with green eyes, D cup breasts, and a shaved pussy.  I have a habit of playing mostly as myself so this will be what I look like to a point.  My personality is mostly the same, I'm very submissive and subservient and I'll rarely act out unless I actually want to be punished which I do from time to time.  I can play a bit more rebellious type if you like the rape type scenarios but I warn you now I'm not as good at them because...well honestly I tend to enjoy myself too much he he.  I can also be ignorant, and tricked into sex or be more of a bimbo who doesn't get anything in the world besides sex.  All of those quirks are available upon request.

I'll warn you now, I love big breasts.  So, it is very possible that my character will have larger then D's depending how horny I am, or just in general because I enjoy them.  Also, I do enjoy playing as a Neko character.  (Nekos by my definition are all human, save for cat ears, tail, eyes, fangs, and perhaps claws...with the ability to lick almost anywhere on their own body he he.)  Though if you do enjoy furry characters, I will consent to play one of them as well.  Though I have a fairly specific type, nothing too animalistic, though you can be as animal like as you want.  (I'll talk more about that below)

And Pics because they're fun and it's one thing I didn't include in my O&O page to give you an idea.  Warning, none of these are safe for work, not sure if I need to worry about that or not though.
nsfw- What I look like (with bigger boobs and on a very, very good day lol) - nsfw

nsfw- What I look like if I were asian and you want me to be asian because you share that kink with me he he - nsfw

nsfw- What I'd look like as an anime character - nsfw

nsfw- What I'd look like as a bad ass anime character lol - nsfw

nsfw - What I'd look like as a Neko - nsfw

nsfw - The kind of furry I'm OK with - nsfw

nsfw- A more realistic furry I'm OK with he he -nsfw

You get the idea... he he.  (Let me know if any of the pics randomly stop working)  And with that onto-

Characters I want to rp with:
Again I'm going to recommend my O&O's page for that... I imagine I'll be doing that alot before I'm done but...moving on.  I'm a lesbian irl, so women is pretty much what I'm looking for.  If the pics of what I want to look like are any indication, you should have a good idea of what I'm into by now lol.  As for all other characters, well I like variety and I am a bit of a slut in my rp world so let me try and break this down for you.

Male characters are a definite no.  Not human anyway.  If you want to get a cock anywhere near me it's got to be on a monster, animal, or futa.  Monsters are the easiest, for example tentacle monsters!  I love them plain and simple, won't really even protest.  Others, such as like a wear wolf or minotaur or centaur ect. ect. have to be done pretty well to get me into them.  Animals are the same to a point.  I won't just jump the nice doggy, I need a reason to do so, like the "you're nothing but a bitch in heat" mentality to accompany it, the humiliation is what really gets me going about animals.

Lastly, Futas, (In my definition this is an all woman body with a cock instead of a pussy, and no balls) May not be realistic, but it's your next best bet at getting a dick near me.  Of course big boobs help with that image a lot he he.  If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask!  I'm really open about all this so, if you're unsure after reading through this and my O&O's just PM me.  I'll answer it, and update here if I didn't mention it or make it clear.  (PS, men, be sure to read the Q&A section first before PMing me)

Well I think that about covers it, I'll add more in a bit, enjoy until then!
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A'righty then, well sense I already have a large list of settings for rp ideas on my O&O page (last time I'll mention it....hopefully) I'm going to focus more on really specific ideas I'd like here.  Sense I'm thinking on doing these by posts rather then one long one these won't be in any order or anything, just as I think of them.  These of course will not be set in stone, you can add or change them however you like for the most part.  These will just be ones that I don't have going on at the moment, or miss, or just...crave.  So enjoy, and I hope you find something you like, or better yet I hope you give me a new idea I can add here!

Also on a side note so I don't offend anyone.  I'm not entirely sure how good I'll be at updating this.  So if I say I want a school rp here even though you and I are doing a school rp elsewhere, it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it or wanting another one.  It just means either A, I haven't taken it down yet, or B...well let's be honest, I'm a slut, I don't do so well at only having one of something he he.  Doesn't mean I don't like it, if it anything it means I like it so much that I want more!  Again...slut remember!  So please don't be offended!

Sense this'll prolly be my last post before I just add scenarios and the like.  Let me say thanks for reading this far and reading through the page I promised not to mention again if you did...<.< what? I didn't mention it!  He he.  I hope I turn out to be what you're looking for, but if not I understand and I hope you do find it! 

And one last time sense I haven't added any specific ideas yet, there are story lines and the like at the other two links.  I'll hopefully be back soon to add more.  But if the other two links are any other indications I spend a lot of time trying to make these things look nice, so enjoy.

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Video Game:  Yay!  My first post/idea that isn't anywhere else but here!  Lucky you for coming here to read it!  I thought this one went well here because it might do well to actually have some form of system involved.  Normally I'm all for free form and don't like messing with stats and the like but anyway this is my idea.  Something akin to .hack or VGHS or some other similar virtual reality video game system where the video game life is the one the story focuses on and what not, just with a slight knowledge of it being a game.  Obviously the environment can be whatever we want, from a sci-fi to fantasy to whatever.  And it wouldn't need to stay one setting or another as the games themselves could switch or it could be mini games in one hub or even something like wreck-it-ralph.  So this gives a lot of diversity in story, characters and of course monsters to have fun fun times with he he. 

And while that may not sound terribly original, my idea for having something akin to stats was for the level up system.  I was thinking, what if the point of the game was to become better at sex, or at least a point of the game.  So when you level up, instead of getting more strength or agility you can add points to get bigger boobs or ass, or deeper holes, more cum/milk production ect. ect.  I'm not entirely sure how well this would work, or if it'd get boring or redundant and I definitely think it'd have to be done very well, but I thought it was an interesting idea to throw out there.  Maybe someone more talented and creative than I can do something amazing with this.  But I just thought the idea of fucking lower level creatures to level up to a point to have big enough boobs to allow a boss to even consider fucking you so you could continue along your journey was a hot idea.  It's like a desired bimbofication, instead of being corrupted, the character wants to become a bimbo lols.  Besides, the idea of scrolling through a menu deciding what sexual trait to enhance with my hard earned sex points is kinky.

Anywho, throwing this one out to the wind to see if it'll come back to have fun times with me.  Let me know what ya think or if you've any ideas!

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It must be Genetic...: OK, I'm going to preface this one with a quick story.  So I was watching this porno  :-[...  Anywho...  It was a simple SL, these guys who owned a train were trying to make extra money so they got really slutty women to ride the midnight rail and charged men extra for the tickets so they could basically gang bang em.  Anyway, somewhat original and OK, wasn't all that excited for most of it but gave it a shot.  Then the most random thing happened that me instantly excited.  One of the woman (currently giving a tit fuck) looked over at another girl (getting DP).  The girl looked back and her went wide and she says, "Mom?!" right before climaxing.  She opens her eyes to see her mom get a cum facial before the guys fucking her let her go.

She and her mom start crawling forward, getting their faces inches apart.  The daughters says, "You two?  This is the first time I can be true to myself.  I'm so happy!" right before someone decides to take advantage of her upraised ass, thrusting into her and her face closer to that of her mothers.  Meanwhile, the mother gets one final words out before being forced into a blow job, and those are, "Don't tell your father,"  The daughter obediently moans a yes. 

Anyway, it just caught me so off guard and it was so hot that it really got me going despite the sub par aura of the film up to that point.  So I'd like to do an rp off of that idea, not the train part in particular, but randomly running into family members like that.  So, my character would basically just start getting into this slutty world, whatever that might be, and each new scene or location she'd run into another relative, be it a sister, or mother, or cousin, aunt, ect. ect.  If we throw in furries or whatnot the male family could be involved too.  Anyway, I'd like it to be ridiculous to a point and kind of random too. 

Of course as things progress, the members of the family she now knows are sluts like her can invite her along, introduce her to more degrading and sexy things until eventually it just...brings the entire family together he he.  Anywho, let me know what ya think.  Maybe this one would be better in a group request...but for right now I'll leave it here and see if I get anyone interested.

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2013, 10:18:27 PM »
Pokemon: A'righty then, I have this one in my other thread too but I'm gunna add it here because I'm particularly craving someone able to rp this well with me.  Someone got it started a while back then up and left after getting me all turned on and I've yet to managed to get them to start it up again.  So hopefully someone else will be interested. 

In any case, the general idea should be obvious, a whole world full of monstrous creatures to use and fuck me he he.  Maybe it's how I "weaken" them enough to capture into pokeballs, or it's gotta do with their training to make em stronger or evolve.  Or maybe it's a reward for a good battle or the only way I can convince the uncooperative pokemon to fight in the first place?  Or maybe one of the sexy trainers makes theirs use me after a lost battle, and joins in on the fun he he.

On a side note I am by no means a walking pokedex and I honestly dun even know every pokemon there is now.  So I'm not looking for something that true to the franchise with stats and the like, just some fun times!

Anywho, obviously a lot of possibilities and if nothing else it's a LARGE variety of creatures to fuck me he he.  Gotta fuck em' all after all!  Sowwies...yeah I know...but I had to.  And on another random side note the term for sex with pokemon is called poke'felia...he he I love you internet!  Also if that pics is any starter pokemon would be tangela he he! --->

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2013, 11:31:11 PM »
Bestiary: OK so this isn't so much an idea as it is an excuse for fun times with mythological creatures perhaps but anywho my idea was to play an aspiring artist or scientist or scholar who travels the strange and mystical world to make a bestiary of all the exotic animals and such.  Which of course includes their...mating habits, sexual intercourse, perhaps even through pregnancy and birth?  Basically she somehow manages to take on the role of a bitch for each and every species, either by specific intent or somehow just happening to fall into the roll accidentally while trying to get close enough to study.  So I'm thinking something really creative in variety to keep interesting, variety of animals, variety of ways, methods, ect. ect.  So think really, really kinky discovery channel?  Anywho just an idea to run with. 
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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #7 on: November 22, 2013, 12:34:53 AM »
Succubitch:  A'righty then, so I have to admit, I got this idea a lot from watching Lost Girl recently... but hopefully it's different enough to not just be a fandom of it.  My idea is this, fairy tail creatures are still alive but hidden in a modern world setting.  My character would be a that doesn't know who or what she is.  As such she has no control over her powers, and her aura starts affecting other mythical creatures she inadvertently come across, making them unable to control their lusts for her and they essentially take advantage of her own sudden heat.  My thoughts is this can basically make her a bit of a slut, though not by intention.  She needs to feed, and her partners just can't control themselves in using her. 

Plus the combination of modern settings and fairy tale creatures makes for a lot of possibilities.  My thoughts: The werewolf taking advantage of her in wolf-form or bestial form (humanoid with animal features) perhaps even transforming while inside of her, The Futa Vampire using modern toys to sexually 'torture' her, The naughty pixie magically making her clothes disappear while she was casually walking oblivious through a busy crowd, The fairy shrinking her down to their size and than using pencils and other common objects to play with her, The fern sacrificing her to the forest spirit who just so happens to be a tentacle vine monster, Or just a good old fashioned orgy with a herd of minotaurs? 

Obviously a lot of variety and ways to keep it fresh if some good imagination is involved...but then again I say that about all my ideas lol.  Though on a side note, we can of course continue a progression from one to the next if she's searching for her kind (other succubi).  Perhaps hearing a rumors that one tribe or another has information about the reclusive lot, or trying to find her parents and why they abandoned her without teaching her to control her powers, thus constantly immersing herself in the fairy world and thus their sexual habits. 

Anyway, hope it's different enough, and hope it's fun!

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #8 on: December 27, 2013, 12:34:20 AM »
Adventure (needs a better title...):  OK, so I had some better ideas for this when I thought about it during the day, now that it's night time and I'm tired many of those have fluttered away in my sleepiness.  Hopefully they'll return as I post this, and if not, they should re-emerge when someone shows interest in it and talks to me about it.  Anywho, as I do recall, I wanted to base something around this picture.  It's obviously something modern, and given she's wielding the giant dildo like a sword, I'm thinking maybe sexy girl monsters as a antagonist?  Sense I'm obviously not dominate enough to play this character I had two thoughts for as how to best do this.

The first being, I try something new as far as my writing goes, in other words, I play the monsters this time around.  So you control that chick, or someone close to, and I would play one defeated and violated antagonist after another as opposed to my usually sticking with a main character like myself as well as minor characters for the sake of story.  I'll be honest, it's been a long time sense I've essentially gm-ed liked that, not sure how good I'd be or excited I'd get, but with the hero always winning it'd satisfy my dominated side all the same I should think.

Idea two was that I have a character for myself that is essentially a side kick to this character.  So while she's the dominate, go getting type, I'm the more reserved submissive type (obviously).  So this opens up avenues such as training, being dominated, and abused on the course of whatever adventure ect. is happening.  It also allows the heroine to loose and instead sacrifice me to whatever monster wins, or perhaps join in on the fun. 

Anywho let me know what ya think!

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #9 on: January 23, 2014, 02:08:53 AM »
Bad Girl: Perhaps it doesn't bode well to my creativity to have two posts in a row based off of pictures rather than my own original ideas.  And perhaps too it's foolish to put up a new request quite literally the day college starts up for me again and I might start becoming slower with me respond rate...but I've always been more horny then wise so here goes!

I really loved this picture, because for starters it obviously caters to my submissive streak, but beyond that I love the obvious roll reversal because up until seeing this picture I always assumed the nun as a submissive role and the devil as a dominant.  So the idea of playing a submissive devil sounds like a lot of fun!

Now I should put a small note here before I get carried away.  Nuns are rarely part of me turn ons when it comes to role-playing or costumes.  There are a few exceptions, but when it comes down to it, all the other classics like nurse, police officer, french made, ect. ect. rank much, much higher then nun on my sexy to do list.  That's largely because I have bad experiences with religion, so I'm not looking for something very realistic, ie: please no like actual prayers or religious edicts to an extreme.  And the nurse obviously shouldn't be so holy sense she obviously has to play a sexual dominant role.  Hope that makes sense but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So, my thoughts are something along the lines perhaps a nun actually summons a succubus for the sake of destroying her, or gets called in for an exorcism of sorts or something else to get the two together.  Then, they basically hit each other with a spell at the same time, the nun becoming sexually aggressive and needy while the demon gets severely weakened where a human can dominate her easily suddenly. 

Or perhaps it's something like chrono crusade, really adventurous and bad ass nuns to begin with either making a pact with a demon girl and using her to slate her lusts or take her frustrations out on ect. 

Anywho, just some ideas thrown out there, hope someone gets some inspiration as well and can punish a naughty little demon girl like me!

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #10 on: August 06, 2014, 11:31:31 PM »
Time for your real education:
OK so this might not be the most clever of ideas seeing as how many porn scenarios involves this, (one of which I just watched that was quite hot and made me want to post this he he), but I hope that we can put enough interesting ideas behind it or combine enough stuff to make it enjoyable.  So, in short, a sex school rp.  In particular like a high school scenario but one where there's something relatively behind the scenes or ridiculous.  My thoughts / ideas I'm steeling and combining, are more along the lines of a teacher who has some magical control over their students or perhaps something like hypnosis.  So she (Futa I would imagine or monster girl of some sort? ) basically commandeers either an entire class, or a set of key students, to convert into her personal sluts, training them in all manner of how to pleasure her and others sexually or in general be bimbos.  This would be relatively behind the scenes of the 'normal' high school life but I'd like it to be more ridiculous.  So, the teacher renting an entire auditorium for an orgy, having an entire after school club devoted to it, using the pool for skinny dipping lessens and the gym for stripper sessions or using the theater stage for a sexy graduation fuck are very within the realm of possibilities to give a few ideas.

To go a bit farther if you wish, it could be something school wide or some sort of key trigger for the girl's being corrupted.  The story that these pictures are from basically has it where the girls show up to school normal, ready to learn, but when the school bell rings they're true persona's trigger and their obedient sluts masturbating in their desk until the teacher lines them up to fuck he he.  One of my favorite scenes from that one is where one of the girls drops a dildo from her backpack when she's in her 'normal' mind state and another girl picks it up for her and they both see it as a math book or some other school related object that they'd be remiss to show up to class without cause they're so hypnotized.  He he hope that gives you some good ideas and a nice little spin on things.  If not, then enjoy the pictures and let's shoot for something else?

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Cirque du slut:  My's been almost a year sense I've posted here!  AH!  Sowwies to all.  Been...well...crazy in my life but I think I'm getting at least a few small things under control, we'll see how it goes.  In the mean time, I had a sexy dream that's kind of evolved into an idea...maybe...well the starters of one at least, so let's see if anyone can get anything from it.  And I'm stalling...moving on!

So my dream was basically one of those old carnivals, in specific you know the ones where they had a girl sitting on a board and if you hit the target the board would open up and she'd get dropped into water?  (Or maybe that's not old and is still a thing somewhere but in any case)  Well for some reason my mind took that in an even sexier direction and made me a girl attached to a fucking machine in front of everyone and every time the target got hit the machine would kick up a notch and the person who got me to orgasm got the prize...which was, well me of course he he. dreams really are that slutty...

Anyway, for an rp idea, obviously I thought something like that could have variety.  My thoughts being that I'm with a traveling circus of some sort but where everyone is the kind of creature I'd fuck if you've read through my O/O's page.  So futas, monsters, animals, ect.  I'd be the only human there pretty much and as such everyone's servant basically.  So I'd be used by the lot of them, not to mention constantly humiliated in ways like my dream both on stage and off, practicing routine and things like that.

Some ideas: Being used to feed the wild beast in the cage to get him to show himself and instead end up pressed against the glass while being fucked, Magicians constantly magicking my clothes off, Fortune tellers predicting me eating out some girl in the middle of the audience, thus requiring me to do it to keep up appearances,  standing in for a belly dancer routine and the girl's clothes are just a tad too tight for the maneuvers but the show must go on, and of course seeing to the animal's general...'needs' off stage and on he he.  Anyway, hope this sounds good to someone too, if not feel free to pick another or suggest your own! 

Again, sorry it's been so long, hopefully I'll manage to be a bit more active now!

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #12 on: January 11, 2016, 03:44:07 PM »
Watch Bitch: So I'm kind of in the mood for a black mail rp.  Well, more specifically I'm in the mood for a hidden spy cam kind of thing.  Specifically what triggered this was getting a chance to play Watch Dogs for a little bit.  You know the scenes where you hack in and invade someone's privacy by accessing their web cams or the cameras in their phones and what not.  Considering the kind of things I would be doing in front of those without even noticing... you can see where I'm going with this.

I'm not entirely sure how to turn this into a progressive rp cause I was hoping more for the Watch Dog feel of the thing so if anyone has a better idea than black mail let me know.  However my thought was something along the starting point being someone getting video of me doing something scandalous and obviously using that as black mail to get me to do something even more extreme unknowingly also on video which gives them even more leverage until I'm pretty much their property.

I'd rather avoid the traditional 'I'll tell your wife/futa-wife you cheated' routine, one because I typically don't like playing a married character who is unfaithful (without the mate's consent and support) and two because I feel it's over used.  So maybe I'm a celebrity of some kind?  A singer or actress, someone with a reputation I'd rather keep intact?  Either that or I'm still in high school or something and worried over what the other students might think?  That could also lend itself to an obvious reason as to why my blackmailer isn't asking for money, not to mention the end goal of turning me into a whore to make them that money.

Anyway, something heavy on voyeurism scenes and corruption into a good little whorish sex slave is kind of what I'm craving at the moment...though in truth I'm craving any rp I can get so please feel free to suggest another one or grab one of my older posts.  Or all of the above, I don't care, just someone use me!  And some reference pics because Watch Dogs porn is a thing and I love you internets!


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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #13 on: August 15, 2017, 08:56:10 AM »
Vault 69: So, I was hoping not to follow up one video game inspired request with another but... considering how long it's been since I've added anything to this I think I'll go ahead with it.  If it isn't obvious I thought something fallout would be fun!  Especially considering the picture he he.  In all honesty I think this has a good deal of potential though, after all a lot of the vaults run "social experiments" so I'm sure we could think of one that's sexual to a core.  Turning women into a harem?  Rads turning some of an all woman population into futa?  Humiliation and voyeuristic studies? The mysteries of the female orgasm or if it's possible to breed other species with human D.N.A.?  How to increase natural libido or physically enhance sexual capabilities?  Addictive cum?

On that note too we can always say this vault is in a different location, meaning we can have more sexualized radiated creatures inhabit the surface.  Not going to lie, radioactive, glowing cum making it's way visibly up into my womb sounds kind of hot.  Not to mention I could get targeted affects to alter my own body sexually to.  Also... power armor would be one hell of a strap on.  Or I could be trapped in it as it fucks me with every step.  If I do end up leaving the vault, or going out to explore and come back, imagine the missions and side quests that might be available to me he he.  Or what the factions could be?  Or my companions?

As much as it's probably been done before, or might lack originality, I'm sure there's a lot we could potentially do with this.  After all, in its essence it's still a world for us to shape and create as we want.  So let me know what you think!

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Re: Submissive f looking for rps with Dominant f,futas,monsters,animals,ect!
« Reply #14 on: November 11, 2017, 10:20:01 AM »
Virus Alert: Alright so I'll be honest, this post is rather inspired by randomly coming across the Sudden Attack 2 Trailer.  Goddamn she's hot he he!  And I couldn't help but be reminded of all the other hot video game characters there out there.  Anyway, so naturally, I was thinking of how to get some action in on that so my mind went to Wreck-It-Ralph.  Where all those games are kind of connected in interesting environmental ways. 

So my idea was either something directly like that, from an arcade or something, or making it all take place inside someone's computer.  I think the former would be a more interesting setting, but the latter might make more sense given that my 'virus' idea was basically something from a porn site.  So, either my character would be a porn star, traveling to various game worlds loaded in the computer or arcade, and infecting them and pornifying them.  Or I'd play various characters getting infected by the pornified virus somehow.

Not entirely sure how this would all play out.  What games and characters we'd involve and how the world would change but I think there's a lot of possibilities to say nothing of a lot of fan service.  Anyways, let me know what you think.

Also, just as a caveat, even though Sudden Attack inspired this post... I'll be upfront and say I know nothing about the game he he.