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June 26, 2019, 11:18:21 AM

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Author Topic: To Make A Spirit [RotG - Pitch][Light - EX][Any Gender]  (Read 556 times)

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To Make A Spirit [RotG - Pitch][Light - EX][Any Gender]
« on: August 05, 2013, 07:25:03 AM »

To Make A Spirit

Always have a back up plan. Pitch always tried to think of every possible outcome for a situation so he could be readily prepared. Over his centuries of silence, Pitch was slowly creating a home for so called 'lost souls'. Gathering humans he found to be living less than satisfactory lives and giving them a new home. Only choosing adults so as never to click onto the Guardian's radar. Creating a land pocket world of shadows and manipulation where these souls could live and grow.

He has slowly crafted and controlled this shadow world, though without the residents knowledge. They meander around, waiting for the day when they know their purpose in life. Pitch hoped to never need this place, but he knew better than to not have a back up plan. As he was chased back into the hole he had crawled out of, he was grateful for his foresight of thought. He spent time licking his wounds as the Guardians celebrated not only their victory, but their new Guardian. It took time for him to recover, but once he did, he was ready to start his next course of action.

It was time to crown the leader of his shadow realm. It couldn't be him, because he couldn't be a Guardian. The Man in the Moon could create Guardians, then so could he. He would make his own Spirit and they would be his ally. He would teach them how to manipulate the shadows and command an army of lost souls.

But who could it be? The Guardians were specially chosen for their own reasons. They were specially suited for what they did. He couldn't chose just anyone.

  • Absolutely no Non-Con.
  • I would prefer to play Pitch, as I would be playing his powers and history from the books more than the movie.
  • Story would take place about a year after the end of the film.
  • OC can be any gender, Pitch's sexuality will match whatever we decide to go with.
  • OC would not be Halloween obsessed, but rather someone like Jack Frost who heavily relates with a season rather than a holiday. They would eventually be the Spirit/Guardian of Autumn.
  • Eventually, there would be a scene where Pitch kills the OC, but only to complete the process of becoming a Spirit/Guardian (sort of how Jack died and became Jack Frost). It would be a more intimate, ritual like scene and the story would continue on from there with the OC being a creature on level with Pitch and the Guardians.
  • Some options for what the OC could be in life are a witch type being, but this is just an idea, not set in stone.
  • Game can range from Light, Bondage, or EX. Most likely Bondage or EX with the death scene, unless we do a fade to black for that.

PM me if interested.


Dinner with the Nightmare King - CLOSED

I've not read the books and only just saw the movie last night...but I would like a game involving Pitch. It can take place either before or after the events of the movie. I don't care which role I play (Pitch or the OC), so feel free to take your pick on which one you would like to be. I also don't care what gender the OC is, so if you want to be that part, feel free to pick which gender they are. Also, this story is not meant to be romantic. Maybe a little seductive. Once the main scene that I want is done, we can discuss where to go from there.

Anyway...what I want is for a young man or woman to be walking home one night and see Pitch sitting on a bench. They recognize him from their childhood. Most people forget about the Boogieman when they grow up, but this person didn't. They know exactly who he is and they are not scared. Instead of announcing their fear for him, they thank him. Telling him how his nightmares to them as a child inspired them to write and become a storyteller. How thanks to him they are a well known horror writer. About how they found stories of the Toothfairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny, Sandman, and Jack Frost boring because everyone knew those. How only his nightmares could inspire them. That he was their muse.

They then invite him to dinner.

So that's what I have. Anyone interested? Just so you know, before you PM me, I'm a slow poster. I work a lot of overtime at work and I write an on going fanfiction that I put a lot of effort into. So if you're expecting a post a day or even a post every other day, I am not the partner for you.
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Re: To Make A Spirit [RotG - Pitch][Light - EX][Any Gender]
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2018, 08:20:23 AM »
*blows dust off thread*

Added To Make A Spirit and closed Dinner With The Nightmare King.