Looking for a fun Roleplay (m for f)

Started by Bill525, August 04, 2013, 07:04:20 PM

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Hi, I am looking for a female who is interested in a detailed roleplay. Below are some of my ideas.  The only idea that I have played quite a few times is the New Student role.  I am still open to discuss this role, but it would have to be different for me to want to play it again.

I like my partner to have control over her character, so you are free to create a character you feel fits the role.  I enjoy being seduced, and any of the roles below are open. If you are interested, please message me, I am open to playing in a forum or on yahoo if thats easier. Thanks!


Role Ideas

Mysterious Neighbor

Bill and his wife Jessica, have been living together for two years. They have just taken their relationship to the next level by getting married. As they are about to begin the journey into the next stage of their life, a new person enters their neighborhood. The house next door has been empty for quite some time, but suddenly a woman has moved in. The couple has been watching their new neighbor move in, wondering why a seemingly single woman has moved into a neighborhood full of families. She is a mystery to the couple. Little do they know that the new neighbor has quite a past. She enjoys being the focus of attention, and she has got her eye on her neighbor Bill.

The New Student

Mr. Lewis is a favorite of many of the students at his school. He is a history teacher and also the basketball coach. His life seems to be everything he had imagined. He has his dream job, is planning on proposing to his high school sweetheart, and is coaching a sport that he loves. One day a new student comes to the school with a troubled background. She has just transferred in, as she could not stay out of trouble at her former school. Mr. Lewis has been assigned as an advisor for the new student. The principal knows that he has a great relationship with most of his students, so he figures that the new student may benefit from being around him. While Mr. Lewis attempts to help his new student, she sees the opportunity to possibly create some havoc in her new school and have some fun trying to corrupt him.

Fiances Sister

Bill and his fiance Melissa have just gotten engaged and are headed to Melissa's family home to spend the week with her family to celebrate the engagement. Melissa's younger sister is in college, and is the bad girl of the family. She has always been the wild girl, and her and Melissa could not be more different. Melissa is nervous to bring Bill home as she knows that her sister likes to push the buttons of the men that she is involved with. While at Melissa's parent’s house, Bill has to deal with her teasing little sister tempting him, trying to cause problems in her sisters seemingly perfect relationship.

The Bridesmaid

Bill and his fiance, Nancy, are preparing for their wedding day. Nancy has chosen her bridesmaids, and one is a friend from college that she lost touch with, but has recently started talking to again. As the wedding day closes in, Nancy's friend from college has shown her wild ways from college have not changed. She obviously enjoys a good time, and she also loves to flirt. While Nancy enjoys having her old college friend back in her life, she has wondered while her wild and flirty ways haven’t changed. Nancy’s friend has never been one to think flirting was bad, and since being around the new couple, she has enjoyed flirting with Bill. She can’t help but wonder if she still has the ability to test a man’s faithfulness to his woman. So she decides to have a little fun with the groom, seeing if he is like every other man.

The Temptress

Bill and Brian had been best friends since high school. They went to college together, and after college moved in to an apartment as they both were struggling to find jobs. Now that they both had full time jobs, they each got their own house. Bill met his girlfriend in college, while Brian stayed single for most of it. Recently Brian had met a new girl, one that he called his girlfriend and brought around every time they hung out. Brian’s new girlfriend was different then Bill had expected. She was a great time to be around, but Bill noticed her teasing and flirty nature. At bars, when Brian wasn’t paying attention, Bill saw her flirt with other guys. Bill’s girlfriend Heidi was not a fan of her. She told Bill many times that he should say something to Brian, but he never did. As Heidi and Brian’s girlfriends dislike for each other grew, so did the tendency of his best friend’s girlfriend to flirt with him. At first, Bill didn’t mind, thinking she was just being friendly. However, was her goal to just be friendly, or to get Bill to forget about his girlfriend and his friendship and give into the desires that she knew most men had of her.