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January 19, 2018, 11:35:35 PM

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Author Topic: One Time Only Request {F for M Character} Non-Con, Quick Paced  (Read 337 times)

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Online SweetSerenadeTopic starter

What I am Looking For:
I am looking for a roleplayer capable of spinning a short term story with me. This will be a one shot, something that I want done in a week or two tops. Meaning people who are slow at responding need not apply for this story.  The roleplayer best for this job will be someone who can meet all of the requirements I have laid out. They are all very important for me to get this scene out of my head, and they are things very important to me in the completion of this story. I will only pick one person for this plot. That person will be the one who meets all requirements for the scene, as well as present a character that I absolutely love.

1. The player I choose must be capable of providing a high quality of detail in their posts. I want to be mentally stimulated by your writing. I want to FEEL what my character is going through, so I can provide a better response. I want something that will captivate my mind.

2. The player I choose must be capable of doing a Non-Con scene that transcends just normal rape'm mentalities. I want this to tantalize the senses, I want my character to constantly question whether or not it's really rape. I want my character to like what is being done.

a. This means no jumping straight to the sex.
b. This means significant amounts of foreplay on the female character - before the males cock comes into play in any way.
c. This means making my character beg to be touched, keeping her on edge... constantly.

3. Quality over Quantity of posts, but I want your posts to be a MINIMUM of a paragraph. A good big healthy paragraph. The ideal partner can dish out two paragraphs a post, and continually captivate me. Please write in third person. No first person players, I am not comfortable with first person play.

4. Dominant male characters apply here, only dominant male characters. This is a once in a blue moon request from me, I actually want to play a victim in a Non-Series based Non-Con scene. This is rare, and this is not something that usually happens.

5. Turn in details for one of the following styles of characters: (Please no male human characters)
Plant Entity(Must be Male formed, and must be attractive)
Shadow Demons(Must be attractive)
Dark Fae (Particularly shadow manipulators)
Kitsune (Think Youko from Yu Yu Hakusho)

a. Males must be intelligent, must be charming, and must know how to twist minds just as much as rape bodies.
b. Preference will be given to males with longer hair, and slimmer builds. Muscle bound hulks need not apply.

6. Please PM me if you are interested, or post in this thread to state you interest before Pming me for plot ideas. I'll give you details of plots I have available, based on the kind of male you are applying for. As a notation, I must tell you that one of the largest kinks I am looking for in this is sensual/sexual teasing being done by tentacle appendages (whether shadow, plant... actual tentacles attached to the character). I'll explain more in detail what I am looking for once you PM me.

What I am not looking for

Please do not apply if you have a fetish for enormous amounts of semen, large breasted bimbo characters, Cum on Face, Cum in Mouth, bathroom play, an inability to say the word 'cock' in your posts, an inability to describe what you are doing, lack of creativity when in relation to creative ways to torment a female, anal sex to ANYTHING(you better be washing that damn thing before it goes anywhere near my character again, I find that nasty).

Most of all
If you believe that a Non-Con scene means you can use my nos, you are wrong. My character is the one being subjected to a non-con scene, not me. Which means if I tell you NO, it means no. Failure to abide by this will end the roleplay, and will get you on my block list.

Need to know

I will only be looking for an appropriate partner for about four days(so long as I get at least three applicants). All applicants should understand that just because we begin discussing plot and ideas, it does NOT mean you are getting the Rp. It means you are being taken into consideration. I do not work on a 'first come first serve' basis. I will largely be choosing the male that embodies everything I am looking for.
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