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May 25, 2018, 02:05:46 AM

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Author Topic: Strange Dance of Danger RP [UN]  (Read 589 times)

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Offline CyclopsTopic starter

Strange Dance of Danger RP [UN]
« on: July 10, 2008, 12:11:11 AM »
I want to do a new bit of RP...  It is designed to go between periods, but most of it will take place on the high seas or in space...

Let me explain...

Setting is distant future, post apocalyptic Earth, around 1,000 years after the fifth world war, no one is sure of the exact year, but the moon has crumbled into a ring around the planet that is seen in dazzling blues and whites at night and during sunrise and sunset.  The light from the sun is hotter, more to red...  The surface is darker but warmer and dryer, however, the oceans thrive.  Surface life is nearly impossible except on tropical islands and similar coastal regions where water is plentiful.

The worlds population is sparse as well, from our 6 trillion people now, has been taken down to around 1 million worldwide.  Mostly in island and coastal communities, in the tropics, however, about a quarter of this is at the poles where the ice caps are slowly melting.

Pure water not only is vital to life but also fuels things, water-based fusion reactors power ships - originally hulks of old naval vessels that were used as a last resort during the global resource war as new resources to construct new ships became sparse.  Gasoline is unheard of, plants are used to make nearly anything that oil would have been used of as well.

Enough background...

The game takes place in the Caribbean near the Bermuda triangle, an ancient gateway has been found deep under water that leads to another world.  Right now only one sect knows of its existence, but this is in danger of changing.  Whoever controls this rich new world of resources and temperate climate will control the destiny of the human race.

There are a total of 4 ships, each one a variant of a 1940's combat submarine.

Openings as follows...

Each ship needs at least a Captain, though other crew members on each ship will be happily accepted.  Those I'll try to fill first, but we can start without all the Captains.

Organizations will be close to pirate organizations, harsh rules, judgment of captains, very little in the way of answering for actions from superiors, the Captain of a ship is the God on that ship.  To be ruthless or kind as they like.

This sounds really exciting to me.  Please, lets have a go.

I have it listed as UN because, I think we'll let the sexual nature of the game evolve, some ships may be vessels of bondage and brutal sexual punishments, others sex may be unheard of, or anything in between.