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Author Topic: New Plot Ideas! {F Seeking Dom Males and More!}  (Read 2240 times)

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New Plot Ideas! {F Seeking Dom Males and More!}
« on: July 29, 2013, 09:35:05 PM »
Hey! I am Jinxy and welcome to my request thread. I I post as much as I can and if something comes up to pull me away I always let my partners know and always return and continue our stories.. Feel free to take a look at some of my plots.. If you don't see anything you like! Have no fear! I am very open to anything and if you look at mu O/O's you will see I am willing to at least try anything once, if not a dozen times just to make sure.

I am not, in anyway shape or form a grammer or spelling nazi, if it wasn't for spell check I would die! Like literally die cause I tend to type to fast for my own good and spell things wrong all the time.

I do however like a person who can write me a few paragraphs, though I do get it sometimes that shorter posts say everything they need to and that they are just as good. As long as you aren't one lining me we are good to go.

In rp, please, please don't dictate what my character will do. Honestly you don't know if she will struggle ,love it or fight back. Let me handle what they do.

Recently I am extremely interested in anything doing with Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade or hardcore BDSM (my character as submissive.). Its what I am craving the most at this time.
My O/O's

World of Darkness
World Of Darkness
A story based on the properties of the world of Darkness table top games. I know both VtM and WtA very well and would love to have a romance/smut rp based on either one of these table top games. I'm open to just about anything for it. So if your interested PM me.

A girl and her wolf.
She's never really fit in anywhere. She didn't have many friends in high school, college or now work. People seem to just kind of avoid her and she doesn't have a clue why. Not until one night. She's walking to her car and she's attacked by a man. He's speaking about things she doesn't have a single clue about!  Words like packs and life mates, princess and princess, destiny. She was sure he was insane. Then he knocked her out, the last thing she heard was growling and fighting.
When she awoke, she was cold and had a killer headache.  Her eyes opened and she was in the middle of a cave. Just outside it sat a wolf, looking out into the night of what seemed to be a forest. A small fire burned, enough to give her light but not warm her.
He'd been searching for years for her. She'd be taken far away when she was very young and now he finally found her. His destined life mate. But she was being attacked by his enemy. Vampires. This could not be happening. He saved her and brought her to his make shift home. He would have a great deal of explaining to do when she woke.Story: She is his life mate, they are destined to be together. She was sent away by her mother and father, raised among humans. Never knowing the magic that hid inside her. It was time. There families were being attacked by vampires and the uniting of these two could save both witches and werewolves a like.

Vampires Bride. Wolves Lover.
Vampires Bride. Wolves Lover
Jayla had it all. She had looks woman and men both stopped to look. Could life get any better? Of course it could. She met her husband (any name). He offered her something no one else could. Immortality. He showed her his world and she fell in love with him and it. But most of it was an illusion.
He was rich and powerful, a self proclaimed vampire king. He even had a werewolf under his pay roll. Cleaning up his mess. Now he had the most beautiful wife a man immortal and mortal could hope for. But his eyes as well as his other organ wondered, while his wife was away on many trips.
In the light of the moon, he ran on all fours, hated by his kind working for the undead. Worse he loved one. His boss's wife. She deserved better then him. So much better.
What I see for this plot is a woman loving two men. Jayla loves her husband. But she isn't blind to the things he does behind her back.
She also loves her werewolf lover, husbands body guard and clean up guy.
Both men love her. One is forever fateful, the other not so much.
*if interested in this plot PM me or leave something here. As this can be a role for three people or two if someone is willing to play both make characters. I see many things for this plot and would love to play with one.*
True Blood?
True Blood
Sounds like the show? A little. Based on it, just with characters made from our own minds. Not from the show. PM me with any ideas for this if your interested.

Vampires, from two different bloodlines are on the run together. Do they like it? No really. There two family's have been fighting for hundreds of years against one another. But with the recent events going on. They have no choice. Humans know and they are hunting. Just about most of the four clans have been killed and these two were thrust into a world of trusting each other weather they like it or not.  Between fighting hunters and one another the temperature between them continues to rise.
*I see a great deal of fighting, blood being spilled. Human blood. I also see them fighting a lot until they finally come to terms with the feelings growing between them*

Strangest Pack Ever.
A pack with a werepanther three werewolves and now a human girl? Just a little strange. But the Men of this rogue pack were lonely and spent months trying to find themselves a rogue female who could keep them company in the chill of the nights.Each man being extremely handsome and her type, when they were human of course. That made it easy for her. Until there taste started to become a little odd. It went from one on one to threesomes and then all of them in the bed, dark fantacys, chasing her through the woods, taking her down and having there way with her, in either there animal form or there human.

Dragons Heart
Two dragon shifter from two very different worlds. One of fire and the other of ice. Clans enemy of one another from the beginning of the dragon age. Some how these two young dragons meet and fall in love. Starting there own romance story of fire and ice, Romeo and Juliette. ((They have both human forms and dragons forms. So there are many interesting things to play around with.. I see the first hatching of a mix between the two As well.))

How to drive a dragon crazy
Her mother had married his brother. He was her uncle by marriage that was all. Yes he was a few years older then she but she still had a crush on the arrogant ass. Until he had caught her with someone and blew up her spot in front of the whole family, calling her a whore. She was now a general in the human queens army. She was glad she didn't see him again. Until she did.
He hadn't thought about her in ten years while he was off doing what he was ordered to. A part of an alliate group of dragons. Assassins for a lack of better terms. They took orders from only one person, there queen and only her. Plus the queen was his mother.
Story: This is based on a book I am reading so if your interested in it I will give furth details into it. I reall like this storyline and hope you will to!

Stolen Princess
Stolen Princess
In the light of the day a king awake to find his daughter has been taken. Who's taken her? Why have they taken her.
Late in the night he crept into her room and stole her beneath the light of the moon. She matched her, everything about this young mortal girl reminded him of her, The woman he once loved hundreds of years ago. Could it be possible she was the reincarnation of his beloved? If only to get her to see past the monster he was, the blood drinking fiend. If only to make her submit to him, to love him and become his.
*The male could be anything, from a vampire, werewolf or some kind of hideous monster. I see non con and then some way a little romance. Maybe escaping, running away, near death, ect.*

Syn has been alone all her life. Tossed from foster home to foster home until she was 18. Then she lived on the streets. It wasn't until she met him, did she know her life would be anything but lonely. He took her in and clothed her. Fed her. Gave her a job. A place to live. But it soon change all to quickly. He was young and rich, also alone like she. But he had dark fantasy. Oh so very dark ones. Ones he wanted to share with the oh so broken Syn.
*Another Dom and sub RP. This one would be much darker and more twisted then any others I have asked to do. I would*[/font][/size]
Serve and Protect
Serve and Protect.
There have been a sting of Rape/Torture/Murders going on in your City. Your a cop, Detective. You've just been handed a case to solve and if you do it. It will not only save your career, it will make it as well. The only problem is, there are no living victims. Other then dead bodies there is no evidence. Until.. My charter is found alone and naked sitting on a park bench. Clearly thin and tortured. For some odd reason in her broken mental state clings to you. She's beautiful. But you fight to look past that and protect her. She stays with you in your apartment. She's the only witness to this and you need to find out her secrets, gain her trust. (BUT maybe what you find out is not what you expected)
*Some how i see a romance starting up here. I see a man who sees a broken woman and wants to protect her with everything he is. OR... Maybe he's really the killer. A duel personality and she's suffering form Stockholm syndrome, unlike the other woman she's been the only one to break..*

A story of a Dom and his sub. What I am looking for here is a pure Dom and sub story. Full bondage, punishments of all kinds. So I will be needing a strong firm handed Dom to play this role, in directing my char perfectly. Punishing her when punishing is needed. Not many off's against anything. Am open to everything for this.

More then Just friends
More then friends
**I HAVE DONE THIS ONE A LOT AND AM ALWAYS WILLING TO GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY. IF SOME FRESH IDEAS HAVE BEEN ADDED!**A story of best friend, becoming more then that. I've had a like for these kinds of things for sometime. I see it simply like this. It would be from anything, from humans, to furry (I have a new love for fury's). Best friends, enjoying each others company as always. Maybe there was a little to much to drink. That's when things take a turn. And boy do they turn.
*In this it could become just about anything. From Non Con because an old crush that's been festering. To exploring the lifestyle of bdsm with one another. Her becoming his submissive. Maybe that festering crush causing him to black mail her into the role of his submissive.. This can take any kind of story line.*]

Angels and Demons
Once upon a time, before the fall of the Arch Angel Lucifer, there were two angels who had a rule braking relationship, a sexual one, they fell in love. It was forbidden for angels to be together. They were caught, and we're given a choice stop or fall. At this time was the time Lucifer fell. One Angel chose to stop, loving heaven to much. The other fell with Lucifer.
The Arch Angel is sent out on a test to prove themselves. The are to take out a specific Arch Demon. Once the demon has been tracked they were to take them out and return to the heavens.
Upon finding the Demon, the Angel knows right away, this was there lover there love. There shock leaves them valuable and they are captured by the demon.
At its mercy. Will the angel fall to the dark desires of the demon they once loved? Will the demon find there heart once more? Or will they destroy each other in the long run.

Her parents are in debt. They have only one thing worth anything and that is there now 18 year old daughter. Being the girls back they sign a contract. Marrying her off to a wealthy young man. Who they do not know has dark desires. He doesn't only want a wife. He was a slave, outside and inside the bed room. The poor young daughter has to do what ever he says or wants. But does she come to love it? Or will she hate them and him forever.

Magic Gone Wrong
Magic gone wrong. This is based on a book I read once, Called Claimed by a wolf. The roles of the warriors can be played by one Male.
They guard humanity against supernatural threats from the five gateways into the world. The Shadow Guardians: a vampire, a werewolf, a demon, a dragon and a Fae are united in brotherhood and war.
When a beautiful apprentice witch, unknowingly opens a realm to the Otherworld, there is a sudden influx of demons—and it's up to the warriors to help her stop them.
But to do that, she must bind herself to all the warriors, by going to each one of there beds for a night. Will she be able to do it? Or will she loose parts of herself to each of these sexy warriors?

Furry Slave
A strong tigress captured, collared and turned into someones willing sex slave after hard training and discipline She's broken and willing to do anything for her Master.. Anything.

A young Neko (or anything else. Lives a seemingly lost life. She has no family, no loved ones and doesn't understand how many things work. She's taken in by a man and offered a jib as his personal maid, But she has no clue just what all that means.


I have been craving to play submissive characters, but ones who don't always start like that, more darker things leading to her submitting. Like a Problem team needing to be punished ect.

Some other pairings I am interested in. (Other meaning either the same, or another creature of sorts or even human.)
Vampire and Other
Werewolf and Others
Teacher and Student
Family friend and Daughter
Boss and Secretary
Kidnapper and Kidnapped
Master and Slave
Best Friends Boyfriend and Friend
Furry and Other
I’ve also recently gained a love for incest roles
Father (stepfather)and daughter
Sister and Brother
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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Updated! New Ideas!

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Bumping! I need new partners!

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Updated! New plots!

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Bumping! New Ideas!

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Bumping! And updated

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F/M maybe F/F}
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Bumping and Soooo Updated!

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Re: New Plot Ideas! {F Seeking Dom Males and More!}
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