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Author Topic: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)  (Read 34973 times)

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Offline TehyaBabyy

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #250 on: March 30, 2014, 09:17:40 PM »
*winks at her as she sways a bit*

If this wasnt a PG-13 room, it may be.

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Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #251 on: March 30, 2014, 10:18:33 PM »

why Tehya...what so ever gave you the idea I was /that/ kind of girl?

*said way to melodramatically to be anything but coquettishly playful*

Offline TehyaBabyy

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #252 on: March 31, 2014, 05:44:16 PM »
*hiccups and winks*

The way your large friends there are trying to hypnotize me.

*gestures to Lele's chest*

Offline OrihsVastusIra

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #253 on: April 05, 2014, 05:50:31 PM »
A dark and daunting prospect. A mysterious man, saunters down the path. For the most part he looks human, though dressed in a most chic garb, one would take him to be an eccentric. A suit and tie, adorned with stripes of grey and black, that fitted neatly to his lean frame; with leather boots about his feet that went up his shin, and leather gloves upon his hands. Atop his head he even wore a top hat, with the very same grey and black strips, and to his face a masquerade mask that covered the upper half of his face. Yet those bright amethyst irises of his seemed to shine ever so wickedly, and his long jet black strands of hair that fell about his shoulder,  made him look more beast than man. Like a cave man almost, with a close cut beard, and tanned skin.

The door of the house was pushed open, and the tall daunting man seemed to look straight ahead. With strong sturdy steps he entered the place and gently pushed the door close, in a manner that would not attract too much attention. Only then did he follow on with his strut and made his way to a more secluded part of the house. But.. Was this a house, or a tavern? He wasn't too sure, and had soon found himself sitting at a table by himself, a good way away from the fireplace. His right hand befell the table top, and his nimble fingers began to beat a tune upon the wood; all the while his grave gaze shifting to and fro, looking to those about him. Though for the most part he kept quiet, and to himself.

Offline DesertFlower

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #254 on: April 05, 2014, 07:46:18 PM »
The forest beyond the Gingerbread house had been full of wild flora, dripping with dew; they had scented the cold air with a honeyed fragrance. She had stopped a short while to pick some, placing a red one into her raven hair, resting it behind her left ear. Returning to the house she had stepped in to find those that she had spent some time with before had long since left and within the walls of the warm haven were several newcomers, one of which caught her eye, he was sat alone at a table far from the warmth of the fireplace and its dancing flames. The layout of the house had changed considerably, she wondered just how long she had been gone for. Averting her attention onto the man sat alone; her hazel eyes appraised his form. There was a certain eccentricity to his chosen garments, he looked to have a story but didn't look as though he was willing to share. Thinking at first to find her own secluded spot she instead yielded to her own curiosity, there was something about him that made her want to approach, though she didn't really know what. Nodding amicably at the other newcomers as she made her way over to his table, she took a seat opposite him. Firstly placing down her flowers, she shrugged off her raincoat and started rifling through her large satchel bag. Finding out a bottle of wine; she proffered it toward him and eyed him steadily, a smile curving her red lips.

"Care for some?"
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Offline OrihsVastusIra

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #255 on: April 05, 2014, 09:51:09 PM »
'Tap.' The subtle tapping of his fingers came to a sudden stop, and it seemed as though silence ensued but for a second or two as he looked across to the approaching woman with those intense amethyst hues of his. Though a second later the silence was filled by the sound of her footsteps, and then finally a subtle 'thud' as she sat opposite him. Orihs couldn't help but quirk a brow, for she hadn't said a word and had already begun placing her flowers down upon the table top, not even caring to say hello or introduce herself as she removed her raincoat. It was quite strange, at least to Orihs, for a stranger to approach in such a manner, and one could tell that he found it quite awkward as he lifted his right hand then to scratch at his bearded cheek. And even when she plucked the bottle of wine from her large satchel bag and smiled at him as she had,  Orihs's gaze didn't lighten any. In fact even after she had spoken Orihs took a second or two till he'd purse his lips and speak up.. "How very unusual.. You bring a bottle of wine to share with a stranger, and you bring no glasses?" Orihs held notion that perhaps she did indeed hold some kind of glass within that large satchel bag of hers, but would humour her for now. "Perhaps you'd have me drink it straight from the bottle?" Slowly, bit by bit as he spoke would his cheeks rise, and he'd grin ever so slightly before beginning to chuckle softly beneath his breath.

Offline DesertFlower

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #256 on: April 06, 2014, 07:38:51 AM »
Inclining her head slightly to the left, she smirked.
"No, I'm sure there are glasses around here somewhere but what good are they if you don't like wine? But I shall presume you do." She retorted, raising her left eyebrow; her wide smile waning. Perhaps he did want to be left alone, but he had not told her to cease, rather he had humoured her odd gesture and so she took it as a sign to continue. Leaving her belongings at the table, she went off in search of some glasses. The rustic kitchen had remained just as it had been before she had left, and so with ease she located two wine glasses and a corkscrew. Returning to the table to seat once more before him she uncorked the wine; pouring a glass for herself and then sliding an empty glass toward him.
"Help yourself, it's Ribolla Gialla, I hear it's produced in Trinidad and Tobago. I also hear it's got floral notes." She shrugged. "Though I won't ever profess to being a connosisseur on such things."

Taking a sip, she inhaled the light acidic fragrance before remembering she hadn't introduced herself.
"I seem to have forgotten my manners, I'm Jasmine." She nodded politely. "You must forgive me, years spent on the road puts me out of touch with what the normal social etiquette is; it changes from place to place. I daresay you find me odd, but thank you for humouring me all the same."

Offline OrihsVastusIra

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #257 on: April 06, 2014, 11:45:47 AM »
Though Orihs seldom held the company of others, he found this woman was quite interesting. She had brought a bottle of wine without having carried along with her glasses or a corkscrew, and Orihs could only discern from this that she had perhaps been here before and knew that she could acquire such things within these walls. He had seen that smirk of hers all too well, and when she spoke it sounded a little like mockery. But though he thought such things he wouldn't show it, and kept that subtle grin upon his lips. "It's not often that I find myself drinking wine, but I shall partake of a glass with you." He said, his voice holding a low and husky tone to it, and he looked to her then as she sauntered off. Yet Orihs still was not quite sure what this place was; if it was a house surely one would have not moved about so freely in it. Or was it that this was her house? Or a Tavern? Or an open house? He seemed to think about these things as she had left, but once she had returned would cast the notion from his fickle mind. And it was only when she slid an empty glass towards him that he'd move once more, reaching out to take it within his right hand, and lifted it up just over his head to inspect the glass. Certainly it was highly unusual for one to do such a thing, but Orihs was making sure that the glass was clean; for who knew what type of people lived within this place. Either way, once he had inspected it and found it satisfactory he would place the glass back down upon the table top and took the bottle of wine, and poured himself a hearty serving, filling the glass about 3/4's full. He was then to taste the wine, but paused as she spoke out, and added little word to her comment. "Ribolla Gialla uh? .... Never heard of it." And with that lifted the glass to his lips, though he did not sip of it just yet, but rather inhaled it's scent, taking a deep breath as his nose drifted little over the fine wine. But for all it's worth as much of a wine taster he may have looked to be, when he did indeed bring the glass to his lips to sip of the wine, it was not sips he took, but rather hasty gulps. And in a matter of few seconds had tilted the glass back fully and had drained the contents of it completely; though in his haste a thin stream of the clear wine had seeped down the side of his maw, and once he had set the glass upon the table top, he'd lift his left arm and wiped at it with the sleeve of his forearm. It seemed almost barbaric, for a man of such peculiar garb to do such a thing, and indeed it was barbaric, but Orihs made it look as though it was the norm, and when the woman spoke once more he showed no signs of awkwardness. It was only when she spoke her name though, that he realised he himself had not introduced himself, and had partaken of her wine. And in hopes of clearing any ill thoughts of him, would give her his name as well. "Orihs.." He'd say, and paused briefly before speaking further. "I'd had thought I was the odd one, but if you think I find you as odd.." He chuckled softly at the words he was then to say.. "Then you'd be correct." His tone seemed to be a playful one then, and he'd gaze up into her eyes with those bright amethyst irises of his. A gaze that was so unnerving she'd perhaps wish to look away.

Offline DesertFlower

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #258 on: April 06, 2014, 04:34:44 PM »
The skies outside darkened and yet the fire within the cottage ceased to wane; the orange flames licking against the plentiful wood within the grate. A distance away, in the far corner where they sat, she watched with curious hazel eyes as he emptied the contents of his glass before her, the sleeve of his forearm mopping the trail of wine that had seeped from the glass and onto his jawline. How unusual his mannerisms, but how intriguing she found them. Not wanting to seem rude by staring, she took a lengthier sip of her own glass of wine; the crisp liquid slipping down her throat with ease. Placing her glass down, Jasmine fixed the flower behind her left ear a little more securely with the aid of a hairpin; she had several in her hair, unruly curls meant that without such pins her ringlets would hang before and around her face; obscuring her vision. Tucking a rogue tendril behind her ear, she subconsciously traced her index finger along the course of her bottom lip; moist with wine; her action smudging her crimson lipstick ever so slightly.
"Orihs, that is not a name I have heard before." She admitted with a ghost of a smile playing out on her lips as she tried to think on it's origins. Failing that she returned her attention fully onto him as he continued to speak. Jasmine found that she liked it when the man before her found humour in his words; his prepossessing eyes almost evoking a sense of challenge within her when he brought them up to gaze into hers. She did not look away, no, rather she met them with a wide grin; her straight pearly teeth displayed as she laughed softly.
"You would not be the first to find me an oddity, but we are both here tonight, both with time to while. Tell me, how did you find this place?

Offline OrihsVastusIra

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #259 on: April 06, 2014, 11:43:09 PM »
He felt those hazel eyes of hers lingering upon him far too long, but said nothing on the matter. Did he intrigue her so? Of course Orihs was an oddity, and usually one's reactions would be to leave the bizarre man alone. Yet there she still sat, wiping her rouge lips, in which seemed to him to be a most sensual manner. When she spoke on his name, he seemed to have nothing to add save for a subtle nod of his head; and though she smiled his face remained impassive for the most part. It was only though, when he had given her that heart wrenching stare and she held his gaze, that he was truly taken back. She even grinned and laughed softly, and Orihs wasn't quite sure just how to react to this. Most times one would have looked away almost immediately, in a way that showed they felt out of place. But no, not her. His gaze though seemed to linger for a few seconds more before he looked down towards the wine bottle. In that moment though he did not reach for the bottle, as one may have thought, but rather lifted his right hand to his head, and pulled the top hat from atop it, resting it down upon the table, before reaching up once more and combing his fingers through his long velvety jet black tresses that cascaded down over his shoulders. He gave a subtle huff then, and looked back up to her, though the intensity of his gaze had dulled substantially, and it was more that he was looking to her to show that he was listening, rather than trying to make her uncomfortable. And though Orihs was a man who seldom shared words with others, he thought that after all she had done to acquaint herself, that she was entitled to a response that didn't go like.. 'Why don't you mind your own business and scoot along little butterfly.' And so pursed his lips once again, before speaking out in that rich sombre tone of his.. "How did I find myself here? Why, I'd answer that question to the T if I knew myself." He paused then and scratched the back of his head.. "Well.. I was walking with my eyes closed you see, and then suddenly I opened them, and found myself upon a path. I followed the path, and then found myself here. It's quite very strange.. But, when I close my eyes and walk a couple of steps, I often find myself in the strangest of places.."

Offline Angel Sinner

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #260 on: April 07, 2014, 09:37:43 PM »
She took a deep breath as she looked behind her.  Where was she now? She should have been more mindful of her surroundings. Pulling her coating tighter about herself her continued on her way.  The path continued and winded further up.  She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ears.  She was not sure where she was and who had tried to chase her or why. With each step she took her boots make a crunching sounds and there was a light before her she hurried wanting to find some shelter.  As she reached the end she blinked the house was magnificent.  She noticed that there were others entering and leaving. She tried to straighten herself and fix her hair as she made her way to the door.

She paused as the handle before finally opening it and stepping inside.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting she scanned the entrance and stepped further in.  She just needed to find out where she was and how to find a way back home.  Somehow she had lost sight of Teagen.  She felt quite alone in this place and not sure of where she should stand or sit or who to talk to without looking sticking out like a sore thumb.  She moved silently toward one of the windows and peered out.  From this view you could say that she was back home and that the house she now stood in was her home.  With her over bearing mother and her very pretty cousin and a her cousin whom she found attractive and alluring and one she could actually not have at least if you wanted to be follow the rules of society. 

Exhaling she placed her forehead at the cool glass and let her lids close slowly.  Why had this happened? She wished that she take the last few years back and not have disobeyed the rules.  Things might be different and she would be in a better spot.  Instead she was here alone and running for her life.

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #261 on: May 23, 2014, 08:09:09 PM »
*Emerging from the surrounding dense and dripping wood, with the air sweet from the damp undergrowth upon a very unusual house that seemed to be made of edible materials. Speaking to himself in the lonely manner of someone who needs to speak just to hear a voice once in a while*

I'm sure I've heard of something like this before but for the life of me I can't remember it.

*Crossing the 20 feet or so from the edge of the clearing to the front door of the cottage and crossing the threshold. The building seems to come to life as if just waiting for someone to entertain. The dust seems to remove itself from the counter tops and the furniture, lights turn on among similar effects. The man removes his midnight blue cloak warily and hangs it on a coatstand next to the door. Revealing his form, A tall humanoid covered in fur a couple shades lighter than his cloak with white highlights on the end of his tail and his head. His face has an elongated snout with a look of cunning. Wearing simple garb of leather armor along with some tools of his trade. He crosses to a couch and takes a seat looking around and the odd cabin*

This doesn't seem like a bad place to stop and relax before continuing my wanderings.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #262 on: May 23, 2014, 08:24:17 PM »
She had been traveling for awhile, and she was getting weary. Looking about the woods, she silently cursed to herself, noting that she probably should have marked the path from whence she came in some sort of manner. Roni sighed, almost positive that she had somehow been turned around. Where the path branched, she debated which fork to take.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—   
I took the one less traveled by,   
And that has made all the difference."

She muttered the end of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken aloud to herself as she decided to take the less well-worn path. It was worn enough, but it seemed as if it hadn't been used in some time. Perhaps it had been the weather… When she came to a clearing, she looked around closely for any forms of life. The…wait… no way. Was that a gingerbread house? Balking, she didn't think too much as she stepped up onto the porch. With a surreptitious glance around, she licked the doorknob. "Mmmm peppermint…"

Her curiosity sufficiently piqued, Roni abandoned her reserve and stepped into the place for a look around, shoving her unruly sable waves from her face so green/brown hazel eyes could peer about unhindered.

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #263 on: May 24, 2014, 01:29:52 AM »
*Watching curiously as a woman walks up to the door, that he left open to let a breeze in to the overly sweet smelling house. He keeps quiet as she leans down and gives the doorknob a quick lick as an incredulous yet playfull look plays across his bright blue eyes as he says.*

You know licking that knob has the basis for a lot of different jokes, but I won't go there for now. I will ask  however why you would want to lick one of the most touched items in a house.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #264 on: May 24, 2014, 08:40:40 AM »
Roni startled slightly as the sound of a voice, jumping back just a teeny bit. Her head twisted as she scanned the main room of the house, eyes finally settling on a…fox. Wrinkling her nose, she put her hands on her hips as she tried to think of a really good answer to his question.

"It looked like peppermint…" was all she could manage. Brows drawing together, she closed her eyes and shook her head slightly at the lame answer. When she opened them once more, she sighed softly. "I'm a big fan of peppermint. Forget wintergreen or spearmint. I'll take peppermint over either any day. Or cherry…" Not that cherry was in any way a mint of some sort.

Talking about food in a gingerbread house seemed the logical and obvious step in the conversation, especially after she licked the doorknob. This required a change in topic! "Sooo… You just sort of stumbled upon this place too?"

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #265 on: May 24, 2014, 07:04:56 PM »
Chuckling to himself as she seems stumped and flustered by his question. He stands up crossing back to the door and holds out his hand.

Sorry for flustering you, but maybe you should come in out of the cold and maybe dry off by a fire as I notice your hair seems damp. I'm sure there is an over or fireplace somewhere around here. The Gingerbread House again seems to find the prospect of another visitor tempting so as he is speaking a fireplace actually forms out of the wall and lights itself.

He looks toward the newly formed fireplace. Still not sure how I feel about this house doing stuff on it's own. Anyway the name is Skye. Nice to meet you.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #266 on: May 24, 2014, 07:34:20 PM »
Taking the offered hand, she gives it a hesitant little shake, smiling softly. "It's okay. I'm easily flustered when I'm taken by surprise." Shivering slightly with the dampness, she pushes her hair out of her face once more, since it tends to flop forward into her eyes. "That sounds like a good idea…

Stepping further into the house, she smiles more broadly as the fire crackles merrily, moving to take a seat on the hearth stones. Who needs a chair anyway? She doesn't quite let go of Skye's hand in the process, her grip sliding out of his more than anything else as she murmurs to herself, "Soft like velvet…"

Taking a seat, she looks up at him. "I'm Roni. Nice to meet you too." This simple greeting was accompanied by a dazzling smile as she attempted to tuck some of the short waves towards the front of her head behind her ear.

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #267 on: May 24, 2014, 07:53:28 PM »
His ears twich and a smile crosses his face ash e follows her toward the fireplace at her comment, but takes a seat nearby to let his fur dry but at the same time not getting to close to let his fur singe.

Maybe after we both dry a bit you can come feel some more. He says this with a wink and a smile.

So what has you wondering the roads less traveled? Takes a pause to consider his words. Although it seems they are currently getting more travel than the other at the moment.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #268 on: May 24, 2014, 08:03:48 PM »
"The path looked lonely," she admits with a soft smile as she turns toward the fire and reaches her hand out as if to touch the flames. His comment about feeling his fur doesn't so much go unnoticed as it goes uncommented on. She's a lady, after all. Or hopes to be.

Her hand gets closer to the flames millimeter by millimeter until she eventually pulls back, just as the orangey glow seemed to be drawn toward her hand. "Perhaps this particular path needs more travel. This house certainly seems lonely enough, and it has appeared to perk up for having living beings inside once more."

Looking about, she gestures towards the fact that nothing is dusty, and now there's a fire where there wasn't one before. "I think it's quaint and cozy."

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #269 on: May 24, 2014, 08:13:44 PM »
" I agree that this place could use some more people but it's already infinitely more comfortable with another traveler to chat and spend time with. After a second of silence. I'm sorry if my comments seem to forward but I have been alone on the road with no one to talk to but myself, so some of the filters seem to have flown the coop as it were.

He leans back in his chair loosening his leather to let his fur breathe and so it won matt to bad. Even right now it seems his fur has gone all spikey. He vigorously runs his finger through the fur on his head to air it out but only causes it to fluff.

I really hate the damp.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #270 on: May 24, 2014, 08:31:25 PM »
Roni's own hair was fluffing up pretty badly as it dried, but that was the way of the wave. There was nothing she could do about it in this humidity. "I suppose I'm pretty lucky all things considered. I only have the hair on my head to worry about. You have hair aaaaall over."

Smiling, her hand reached toward him, one finger giving a featherlight stroke over the back of his hand. "No need to apologize. I wasn't offended in the least." Looking about, she sighs softly. "I know how you feel though. It's been a bit lonely on the road, and it's nice to have someone to talk to. For now though…I don't mind it just being the two of us."

Idly, her fingers continue to stroke over the fur on his hand, sliding up his arm as well, but always going with the nap. Wouldn't do to have him be uncomfortable. "Are you really this soft all over?" she inquires almost innocently.

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #271 on: May 24, 2014, 11:53:42 PM »
It will probably get a lot worse before it gets better. As the room start to heat up from the fire more and more of his furstarts to stand on end around the rest of his clothes.

Matching her smile as she starts to "pet" him. I don't mind it being just me and you either.

As her hand starts to move up his arm, he turns over his palm and reaches up to tickle her her arm a little bit.I'm pretty much this soft all over and softer in certain other areas. Of course there are harder rougher spots to like my hands and feet or teeth. He gives her a quick full smile of all his teeth with a little snap and stops quickly as not to scare her to much.

Offline Dovel

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #272 on: May 25, 2014, 08:10:57 AM »
With the early morning light streaming in through the window Dovel started a new day. He began to clean up the abandoned plates and dishes from the night before. Adjusted the chairs, and wiped down the tables. He sang, perhaps a bit too loudly at times, but since he was alone it didn't matter. Only after everything was put back in order did relax. Satisfied that everything would be ready for when the next wanderer ventured by.

Offline Roni

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #273 on: May 25, 2014, 11:32:02 AM »
Roni had apparently fallen asleep curled up in front of the fire, her cropped waves now a puffball about her face making her look a bit more animalistic than normal. With the singing, she stirred, making a small noise of protest. Surely it was far too early.

With a sniffle, she blinked her eyes open and yawned, stretching her arms above her head, moving them in an arc out to her sides. After rubbing the sleep crusties from her eyes, she blinked some more. Dark hazel eyes slowly focused on Dovel, and eventually she found her voice, tentative that she might be trespassing. Oh…hello. I…I'm sorry to be sleeping in front of your fire like this… The place seemed so lonely though…" Trailing off, she looked around to see if Skye was still about somewhere. Yeah, she supposed she had kind of been a jerk and fallen asleep in the middle of their conversation, but she had just been so tired!

Offline lemaunt702

Re: The Gingerbread House (All Welcome - Open Rp)
« Reply #274 on: May 26, 2014, 12:59:58 AM »
((I'm confused but anyway))

Walking back in through the door way panting a little bit with his tounge hanging out after a morning out running. Seeing Roni awake he quickly composes himself. I appologize that I scared you so much with my smile that you passed out. The weather has cleared up and his fur in much more agreeble and flat.

Focusing on Doval who seems to feel himself here. Hello there sir, I hope we haven't intruded on your humble abode but it's a really nice place.