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Author Topic: Caelic is hunting. (M for F)  (Read 846 times)

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Caelic is hunting. (M for F)
« on: July 28, 2013, 07:04:04 pm »
Please contact me via PM's, rather than replies to this thread!  When I hit the top I'll get a few requests for play, and I'm not *always* looking. 

I'm back after a fairly long absence.  I'm only accepting a few scenes, so I reserve the right to be picky about who I play with, fair warning.  If I decline it doesn't mean I might not like to do something with you in the future, but I don't want to get so many scenes that I get burned out. 

Don't mind playing a female for the right scene, perhaps transformation or something.  Haven't really tried this, but willing to give it a go. 

Also discovered an interest in trying futa/f.

About me

I've spent a little bit of time on Elliquiy, and a lot of time on roleplaying in general.  I wouldn't take that to mean I am an excellent roleplayer; if you are curious as to my typical style I encourage you to glance at some random posts in my history. 

I'm very open to PM's, and I like hearing from people!  Ask me any questions you may have.  I do understand that a lot of the little kinks outlined in these forums have wide, varied interpretations and nuance, and I'm interested in finding out *exactly* what gets to the person I'm playing with. 

I like well thought out posts, but I don't need a novel.  In either case, I need you to give me something to work with, something to think about, tantalize me, try to move the story forward, or some combination of all of those.  I understand you can't do too much if your character is bound and gagged, but give me her thoughts, feelings, how she looks as she struggles.  Be descriptive.  If she takes her shirt off, my first question is whether or not she has a bra on, and what it looks like, etc! 

If we're playing together, I want to make you happy, and to enjoy myself.  If I'm not making you happy, let me know, and I'll try to change something.  If you want to end the scene, that's fine, please let me know!  We can try something else, or part ways.  It's fine.  I'll do you the same courtesy. 

Scenes I'm interested in. 

In the tradition of all good writers, I've stolen many of these ideas.  These are things I want to try, in no particular order.  I'm willing to modify all of these if you come up with your own ideas regarding them, and in fact we probably shouldn't play a scene if it doesn't give you some thoughts of your own! 

Feel free to mix anything from my general kink section into these scenes.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1.  Questioning Sexuality.   This is more of an outline than a fully fleshed out scene, so if you want this one throw in some of your own ideas.  Sarah (you can change the name) is a self professed lesbian and/or asexual person, or just a hetero girl who has just never enjoyed sex with a guy.  My character doesn't believe in any of those things, and the impassioned conversations that they've had about the subject at the college have made him determined to prove that he's right.  He finds a means of blackmailing or coercing Sarah, possibly also using drugs on/with her, and takes her against her will.  The twist is that even though she hates him for this, it is by far the most fantastic sex that she's ever experienced, she loves it.  Every time she cums for him, it forces her to question her values and sexuality.  I intend to play him as something of a jerk in this scenario, and also have him thoroughly abuse the fact that her body wants his touch even if her mind is repelled by it.  I see social aspects here as well, her worried about her reputation, things of that nature.  This is very open for discussion. 

2.  Daughter-in-law.  (Or "Sister in law" if you like.) A sudden, spur of the moment marriage has blessed my character with a new wife and daughter.  A man with very strong drives, he has had to work hard to hide his attraction to the younger of the two.  However, she caught him looking.  Sarah is jealous of her mother's happiness, and thinks a great way to ruin it is to tease and flirt with her new 'father', so that she'd be the one he really wanted, one Sarah thought he'd never have.  But he has a very strong dominant streak, and can only be pushed so far.  Eventually, he cracks, and has to indulge, taking the girl, and training her in secret from her mother.  Sarah can't help but tease him more and more when her mother is nearby, where he can't take it out on her - earning greater punishment and pleasure later.  Perhaps she wants to be caught with him, or perhaps she comes to enjoy the arrangement more than she could have dreamed. 

3.  Doctor's prescription.  Beth gets a new doctor, and a new prescription for her fatigue - just one shot, rather than all those pesky pills!  But it seems to have a few side effects.  The Doctor can surely help her with those, though.  In this scenario, my character as the doctor decides to take advantage of a lovely female patient, with a special drug he'd been developing, something with very long term effects.  The symptoms set in one by one - erotic dreams, expanding bust, and a steadily increasing libido.  An orgasm provides her with temporary relief, but she can't stay at home and masturbate all day.  And the time her relief lasts gets shorter and shorter.  Symptoms are certainly negotiable, would love to add more, or other complications, perhaps a rash from wearing clothes that are too concealing..

4.  Psychological help.  In this scenario, your character is visiting the psychologist for an embarrassing problem - one of a sexual nature.  Possibly experiencing a strong desire to sleep with a brother or other family member, or a desire to be raped by many men, or become a prostitute.  The psychologist is a deviant, though, and determined to push as many women as possible into disturbing sexual situations, perhaps getting a few samples for himself along the way.  There are a few different ways we can go with this - perhaps the psychologist lets her know that giving him control of her orgasms is the best way to handle this problem - or maybe she is informed that regular masturbation or edging while thinking of her vice is the best way to get past it, contrary to popular belief.  Open to a lot with this one. 

5.  Changing Relationships (Possible transformation, magic) - Our characters are good friends, possibly with attraction for each other to begin with, or possibly not, who come across a set of rings that are supposed to be magical.  They find the rings get stuck when they are worn, seemingly impossible to remove.  One of the rings is the 'master' ring, and the other is the 'slave' ring.  The rings begin changing the wearers to fit their new roles, mentally as well as physically, and give them some control over each other as well, within those same roles.  If they ignored their hormones, these rings could give them great power.  Or, lots of fun.  I see this one as a possible gender bender thing, if both characters start male or female - the master becoming a futa if female perhaps, the slave becoming physically weaker and more attractive, while the rings influence their minds.

Pairings and other less defined scenes I'd enjoy:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kidnapper x Victim :  Simple scene idea that can be expanded infinitely.  Maybe he took her spur of the moment, or maybe there is a family history and he's getting revenge on her, or someone else by taking her, etc..
Teacher x Student: Love this.  Many ways that it can go. 
  • A lustful student, teasing the teacher until he breaks down and takes her, while they spiral further and further out of control, risking being caught?
  • A tease who goes too far, inspiring her teacher to take and break a new pet?
  • A bitchy young girl who needs someone to put her in her place?
  • A failing cheerleader (or preferably alternative style) girl who just needs a little boost to her grade?
  • A teacher who deliberately fails a straight A student to force her into some "extra curricular" activity?
Student X Teacher:  Still fun!  I think of an older looking student, and a younger looking teacher. 
  • Blackmail:  She can't let this information get out, ever.. no matter what he makes her do.
  • Another unjustly bad grade, she's always giving him a hard time - maybe he should give her one.
  • Finding teacher in a bar; turns out she's a lightweight.  She needs an 'escort' home.

Villain x Superheroine:  These are fun in many ways.  Peril!  Sex machines!  Super-Powered pets!  Forced pleasure! 
Hunter x Witch or other Supernatural:  I like magic in games, it's always fun.  Especially if I can turn it against the user.

Futa x Religious girl - looking for a blackmail scenario here, with some degradation maybe.  The religious girl's parents don't trust her around any boys, but absolutely encourage her to be around her sweet young friend - who is blackmailing her to be her slut and slave.
MC X Best Friend's Daughter
MC X Brother's Daughter
MC X Friends Fiance: Love the betrayal.  They had something unexplored before, and he had to leave.  She's been a good girl - not even slept with her religious, soon to be husband.  But now that MC is back in the picture, those virtues seem to fade away.  Alternatively, a forced scene, or a scene in which she wants to be forced. 
MC x Wife's Sister
Rapist x Catholic Girl(s):  Impregnation angle here, maybe a race one, too.  Thinking of some abuse. 
Master x Genie: Lots of ideas for this one!  Very much want it.  He could control her totally, or not at all, or she could pervert all his wishes..
  • Genie only has to grant wishes asked for in her own language, but likes to pretend otherwise.  Room for plot here!
  • Must grant wishes, but only as she interprets them, only three, or one, whatever.
  • Genie is the trapped soul of the last person to use the lamp, who switches places with the owner after the third (or xth) wish.
Genie x Master:  These can work with you as the 'Master' as well, with the Genie subverting or controlling you outright.  Genie can only grant wishes, or will only grant wishes, equal to the intensity of the sex act the "master" performs for him/her.
Demon x Summoner or x Witch:  These are fun.  Demon shows, and breaks control, or subverts it.  Similar to the Genie, really, but a distinctly darker tone. 
Boss x Employee:  A power game, lots of the same themes as the teacher x student. 
Human x Fairy or Human x Elf
Rapist Bully x Student (willing to play male or female here!)
Multiple Men x Woman:  I'm willing to play multiple males in a scene.

Fucked Stupid: a new drug is hitting the streets that lowers ones intelligence in response to the number of orgasms one has, this has been a boon for slave traders, pimps and those in the porn industry as they can easily gain new victims.  How are the heroes of the city going to combat this new threat? (Blatantly stolen, interested to see what I could do with it though)

Things I like in general. Ons and Offs 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm a big fan of scenes where the social dynamic is between three people rather than two, even if it only involves two players, though three makes it more fun.  An example would be a scene with two sisters, one of whom has a boyfriend, and wants the boyfriend to help 'break in' the other, innocent sister.  Or any time one girl helps make sure another one gets fucked - spiking her drink, spilling stuff on her shirt, etc etc.  And of course cheating type scenarios. 

I also do like extreme scenes, but you'll generally have to ask. 

Well endowed - I like being big, and like the idea of girls taking a big one.  Even (or especially) if I'm playing a younger guy or futa
Lots of cum
Non Consensual
Light Bondage
Threat of pregnancy
Betrayals for sex (cheating, seduction of a friend, blackmail)
Piercings (both as part of sexual play, or a mark of domination, or just plain sexy on a lady)
Rough Sex (Biting, scratching, spanking)
Flogging/whipping/pain (only in the right scene.)
Forced lactation (drugs or magic)
Sex Machines
race play
mind control
aphrodisiac drugs
magic!  I do like magic quite a bit.  I am happy to play scenarios that have magic as an element for plot.
forced together by a family member/ex girlfriend/girlfriend
Teenage kleptomaniac gets caught
Orgasm Control
Presents! : Girlfriends sister gifted to boyfriend for a day, brother to sister, something along those lines. 
Gangbang, with me playing multiple guys. 
Tentacles, tentacle creatures (me playing)
Monsters in general (again, me playing)
Transformation scenes:  Guys turned into girls, girls turned into guys.  Maybe a war between a witch and warlock who can transform each other, who wins?  A feminist lesbian girl transforms a chauvanist into a petite helpless toy, etc..

I'm also a huge fan of superhero/supervillain scenes, and I've done a ton of RP along those lines away from these forums.  I'm into most of the kinks involved in that, too.  Happy to try a villain working against an up and coming heroine. 

Also generally happy to play demons, if you like that sort of thing. 

Pictures I like/Inspiration.  Feel free to discuss scenes based on these.  I enjoy erotic art as well as photography, I just find the art easier to come across.  I'll be adding more to this section as time goes on.  Very NSFW:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Kami Tora Stuff:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I enjoy most of Kami Tora's work.  Girls taking large cocks, getting covered in cum, guys and girls facing orgasm denial, or being forced to cum over and over again.  I don't think he has the best art but I generally love the scenes he is conveying.  One partner going wild or overwhelmed while the other is just smirking. - a short comic of his I enjoyed - another!  Don't think I'd enjoy playing out the pegging but I liked this anyway.

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Re: Caelic is hunting. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2013, 12:48:57 pm »
Updated, added several things since I originally posted this, also cleaned things up into spoilers.

Offline texastrinket

Re: Caelic is hunting. (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2013, 06:39:59 pm »
Hi there.

I hope we have a chance to talk.  A whole lot of what you said intrigued me.  Not merely the scenarios, but mostly the "ambience."  You paint a picture of a manipulative man who will use a woman's weaknesses to twist into something perverted in spite of her resistance.  Perhaps creating weaknesses to suit your needs. 

Words that specifically caught my eye:  non-consensual, humiliation, blackmail, betrayals, machines, mind control, aphrodesiac drugs, orgasm control. 

One concern is whether you need a bimbo.  I prefer to be the intelligent woman who can't stop what's happening.

Shall we talk?