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Author Topic: F seeking M for NC/Extreme, Multiple Partners, etc  (Read 362 times)

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F seeking M for NC/Extreme, Multiple Partners, etc
« on: July 27, 2013, 02:56:09 PM »
The Warrior
A traditional fantasy style idea.  I’d be looking for someone to take the role of the GM. 

When Isabel was thirteen, she killed an orc with a knife.  When she was fifteen, she joined the local militia in destroying a troll.  By the time she left home at seventeen, she had been in more battles than most soldiers twice her age.  She was determined, after being rejected from joining the army due to the presence of her breasts, to become an adventurer and heroine.  She headed east, towards the lands that bordered the mountains.

This idea is a mix of sexual content and story.  I’m thinking that my character is in search of something that she thinks will help her make a name for herself, maybe a legendary sword or suit of armour.  Along the way, she has all manner of misadventure involving well-hung monsters.

Hack/Slash Inspired
An idea loosely inspired by what little I’ve been able to read of Hack/Slash.  I’d be looking for someone to play the villains/monsters/slashers/etc. 

Patricia was a slightly above-average student at an unremarkable school when it happened.  Her brother, always a bit of an oddball, went insane.  He killed their family and more than a dozen others, and was only defeated when Patricia put a bullet through his head.  Now she wanders the country battling the monsters, psychopaths, and demons that prey on humanity.

This idea is also a mix of sexual content and story.  I see it as being divided into episodes, each focused on a different monster/villain of the week.  In the end I’d like her to always defeat the bad guy, but I’d prefer she generally comes off rather the worse for wear. 

Virtual Reality
An idea shamelessly stolen from someone else.  I’d be looking for someone to take the role of the game itself, and the other players.

Erin bought the gaming console second hand, no point wasting money on something she only wanted for one game.  Unfortunately, she was unaware of the modifications the previous user had made.  When she connected, mentally entering the virtual world, she found herself there completely, without safeguards, and unable to exit.

This idea is also a mix of sexual content and story.  My character would be trying to escape from the virtual world, but would be barred by everything from other players, to monsters in the game, to viruses.  I could see this one getting really weird, depending on my partner’s preferences. 

A Night at the Nursing Home
Cate was the newest nurse at Cedar Nursing Home, fresh out of nursing school, she was assigned the graveyard shift.  What she didn’t know, what none of the staff knew, was that a group of the more active male residents had decided that if they were going to die soon, they may as well have a bit of fun first. 

This is a one-shot idea.  Basically, a group of older men (65+, though still relatively healthy.  I’m not envisioning men with walkers and colonoscopy bags) decide to have their way with the young female nurse on staff.  Bonus points the rougher they are.

Mass Effect
I like the Mass Effect universe, and am hoping to find a roleplay taking place in it.  This idea is inspired by the Bringing Down the Sky DLC from the first game.  I’d be looking for someone to play the bad guys.

It was a job, not a good job, but a job.  Olivia worked private security for a corporation that did asteroid mining in the Skyllian Verge.  Then the Blue Suns attacked, intending the take the facility for their own.

This idea could go a number of ways.  It could be focused on action, or go quickly into her being enslaved. 

Super Heroine
The child of a human and what might be described as a demon, Angela was always destined for an interesting life.  Still, despite the whispering of a dark part of her soul, she resisted the lure of evil and set out to use her powers for good.  She became the Crimson Guardian, and set out to protect her city and country.

Unfortunately, with a lineage tracing back to a powerful ruler of another dimension, it was only matter of time until she attracted the attention of others.  Her body and soul have power, and others want it.

Powers: Regeneration, Super-Strength/Speed, Limited control of fire
Weakness: Holy Symbols

The Party
Cecilia had always been the loner of the family, the one who kept her nose in books.  It was her younger sister who was the social one, so it wasn’t shocking when her younger sister threw a massive party while their parents were out of town.  Unfortunately, it was Cecilia that the men were interested in.

This is a one-shot idea.  It would be focused on a group of men deciding to have their way with a woman during or after a party. 

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Re: F seeking M for NC/Extreme, Multiple Partners, etc
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 03:10:49 PM »
I would love to either write for your "The Warrior" or "Virtual Reality" ideas. There would be no shortage of actual story, and tons of enemies that I make up either on the fly or introduce slowly through foreshadowing. The role of dungeon master fits like a glove on me, and I doubt I'd get bored.