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Author Topic: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)  (Read 1723 times)

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ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« on: July 27, 2013, 05:18:59 AM »

ALfheim Online

In the land of fairies, where the Yggdrasil grows in the center of the world, nine races had quested to be the first to climb to the top and request and audience with the Fairy King Oberon. The goal? For their race to be elevated to the highest form of fairy, the Alfs, and be granted infinite flight. However, this quest was proved impossible before the game was shut down, and the hero of Sword Art Online ended the evil experiments performed by the Fairy King. Not long after, the game was reopened, this time on a new server, new goals, and the ability of infinite flight for all. Without the tensions of the various races all fighting to the top of the world tree for their own goals and needs, more cooperation flourished in the virtual world. Of course, no game can exist without an ultimate goal, so the Floating Castle Aincrad, was remade and added to the world to allow all to experience the challenges of the death game Sword Art Online without the finality of death within the game.

Taking place after the events of the Fairy Dance arc, I would like to run a game set in ALO where the players are members of the various races and questing to the top of Aincrad, as well as the day to day lives in the cities of ALO. Other core plot points are secret for the time being, but there will be more to the plot than meets the eye...

All nine races will be available to the players. I will also be seeking a co-GM or two to help run the game and offer more ideas for quests for the group, assuming we get enough interest.

As is the nature of the VRMMORPG is as much combat as it is socialization, I will allow PvP in this story, though I do hope players will be adults about taking hits and not assuming they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. As the Sword Art Online proved time and again, you can't have a good game without the risk of death. That said, if your character dies, they are just revived in the nearest safe zone or through a resurrection spell.

I wish for characters to be capable, but not all powerful. Please don't make a character that has mastered all their skills. It makes for a dull character and makes character development more difficult. Also, the game's stats were reset at the end of Fairy Dance, so even if you're a veteran player, your stats wouldn't show that. Also, I would like to involve out of ALO parts to this RP, so I'll be including a real world appearance part of the character sheet.

So, interested in taking flight and clashing swords?


Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[b]Screen Name:[/b]
[b]Real Name:[/b]
[b]In-Game Race:[/b] [url=]Races of ALfheim Online[/url]
[b]In-Game Appearance:[/b] Images are acceptable, though please place in spoiler text

[b]Real World Appearance:[/b] Images are acceptable, though please place in spoiler text

[b]In-Game Personality:[/b] How does your character act in the game? Are they sociable or a loner?

[b]Real World Personality:[/b] How does your character act out of ALO? Are they a completely different person behind their avatar?

[b]Skills:[/b] All characters can have a maximum of 15 skills equipped in their <<Skill Slots>>, which are the skills you are currently using and leveling. You can not use the advanced abilities of a skill that isn't in your skill slots, but you can still use that skill at a basic level. You are unable to use any <<Sword Skills>> associated with a weapon skill that isn't equipped in your skill slots. If you think of any skill that isn't included on the list provided, please ask before adding it to your sheet, though most everything has a skill in ALO.
[url=]List of Skills known in SAO and ALO[/url]

[b]Equipment:[/b] What equipment is your character currently equipped with? Feel free to be creative in descriptions and naming.

[b]History:[/b] A short history of your character. Just the highlights up to the relaunch of ALO, and the first 6 months of playing ALO after the relaunch.
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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 05:26:18 AM »
I would be interested. Would be fun to play a Leprechaun, always loved blacksmiths
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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2013, 11:00:00 AM »
though I'm currently GM-ing a second attempt at SAO I'd be game for ALO as well *chuckles* being able to fly adds a new element to combat and the fact they actually included magic this time around makes for some fun stuff.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 11:44:28 PM »
Good to have you aboard A Japanese Dane. A blacksmith would be a welcome addition, and it's nice to have non-combat players as well. Or at least, combat being a secondary role.

Thank you Pendarious, I would greatly appreciate that. I'll be sending you a PM sometime soon to chat out a few details of the plot and figure out some of the starting quests for the group, amongst other details I want to hammer out.

Character sheet will be up tonight in the first post, so please keep an eye out for that folks.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2013, 02:29:36 AM »
Saz, why not make a Real World history too? like who are they outside, why are they playing the game, what do they do from day to day. Or do you want that in the personality slot?

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2013, 02:36:52 AM »
I was combining both histories into one slot actually. The game would make up a pretty important part of their core history, since that's one of their favorite hobbies, obviously. Also, the events of SAO would probably have some effect on their history, such as them getting into VR games because of the SAO incident or just getting back into them after nearly dying in SAO.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2013, 02:39:08 AM »
Just wanted to make it clear, I'm gonna go fill out the form

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2013, 02:52:51 AM »
Take your time and remember that I'm always available if you have questions. Just a PM away.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2013, 03:04:16 AM »
Just sent you one actually :P

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #9 on: July 28, 2013, 04:25:04 AM »
Screen Name: Seras
Real Name: Shizuka Katsuo
Age: 22
Gender: Male
In-Game Race: Imp
In-Game Appearance: Seras stands at an imposing 6 feet in game, a trait that is quite common amongst his race. His pale white skin is offset by his dark indigo hair hanging in a mess about his head, though short enough to never hide his lighter purple eyes from view, despite being behind a pair of glasses tinted to match the colors of his race. He is far slimmer than other imps, but under his clothing hides an impressive physique that has as much power as his larger brethren. Dressed in purple, he wears a light indigo tee shirt with the neck tied loosely by black rope, topped by his preferred armored coat, also in Imp purple with black lining and silver plate. He also wears a pair of dark purple slacks covered by black chaps and silver grieves topping his black leather boots. At his hip is his long sword, held in place by a wide black belt with a silver buckle. He usually wears his armored coat opened in towns, only closing it when questing. The coat ends short of his waist by a few inches, with a high collar around Seras' neck.

Real World Appearance: Katsuo is an unassuming young man with dark black hair, trimmed short though always in a mess. He is usually seen wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses which house a portable computer screen that he uses to stay in touch with his guild at all times. When not working, he wears a black coat with purple lining, a mandarin collar hiding a scar along the left side of his neck at all times. He is almost always wearing a nerdy tee shirt under his coat, and never the same one twice. He tends to wear dress slacks, even when not working, finding them to be the most comfortable pants he could choose. While his avatar might be tall and built like a warrior, Katsuo is shorter at 5'10" with a lankier build, though he stays fit by practicing free running.

In-Game Personality: After his extended stay in Sword Art Online, Seras is an independent soul with the compassion to help any he feels deserves it. He will fight till his very last hit point if it means the survival of his party, and while he is more than happy to assist most new players in training their skills, he has very few people on his friends list. He is also incredibly proud of his status as a <<Clearer>>, being a member of every boss raid since the first level of Aincrad. Quiet and reserved, he truly comes alive in life or death situations within the game, giving his all at all times. The only time he ever seems to be truly at peace and with a true smile on his face, however, is when he is playing music on his lute.

Real World Personality: Quite, shy, and reserved, Katsuo is always proper around most people he meets, and constantly sporting a smile and bright eyes. However, those that really know him know of the fire that burns deep within him. He is quite outgoing around his friends, and quite the life of the party when truly relaxed, often providing the entertainment with his bass guitar. Only his true friends know why he is so outgoing though, and know the sadness that all that hides. However, Katsuo is also extremely proud, and would never admit to the horrors that he's experienced, and would never allow himself to break down in front of those he cares about.

<<Combat Skills>>
  • One-Handed Straight Sword
  • Parry
  • Battle Healing
  • Light Metal Equipment
  • Dark Magic (Racial Bonus)

<<Passive Skills>>
  • Sprint
  • Acrobatics
  • Night Vision <<Racial Bonus>>
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Detection

<<General Skills>>
  • Equipment Appraisal
  • Musical Instrument
  • Tracking
  • Cooking
  • Extended Weight Limit

<<Racial Traights>>
  • Flight
  • Night Vision
  • Dark Magic
  • Wall Run

  • <<Shadow Bringer>> A One-Handed Long Sword. The blade of this sword is colored in a dark purple with a bright silver edge extending down to the guard, which is also formed of the blade. The hilt is wrapped in black leather, with a pommel shaped like a flower bud. Quest Reward for defeating the area boss <<Moon Mother>> in the Imp territory quest <<Moon Well's Secret>>
  • <<Winter's Regret>> Light Armor Coat. A dark purple coat with silver plate added on the chest, shoulders, forearms, and neck. Offers ice damage reduction.
  • <<Shaded Glory>> Head Accessory. A pair of black semi-rimmed glasses with light purple lenses. Grants bonus to <<Night Vision>> skill. Player Made.
  • <<Wolf Hide Gloves>> Leather Gloves. A pair of black gloves topped with silver plates on the back of the palms. Fingerless. Player Made.

Katsuo had always loved computers, ever since his father bought him his first for his 10th birthday. Since then, Katsuo rarely spent his time away from technology of some kind, and built a compact computer that he could have on him at all times due to his love. As an extension to his love of computers, he also got into digital gaming of all types, particularly MMORPGs. He found that he could be something he couldn't be in real life in these games, offering him an escape from being an average tech geek who could barely manage to come out of his shell around people. It wasn't long until he got drawn into the idea of virtual MMOs, and ended up buying Sword Art Online on the release day.

After logging into SAO for the first time, it was quickly discovered that he could not log out. During his extended stay in the game, Seras, as he became known in the game, quickly took to assisting in the training of players to help them stay alive in the death game. While he wouldn't normally have been so apt to approach others in games, proffering solo attempts at the various bosses, the stakes of the game were quite apparent, and he knew there was no way he could survive alone. The best use of his skills as a gamer were to assist those without them.

Outside the game, unbeknownst to Katsuo, his father had gone insane due to the "loss" of his child. Rather than "let his boy suffer" in the death game, he tried to slice Katsuo's throat, only stopped thanks to a neighbor checking in after seeing the news. Katsuo was moved to the hospital, where they stitched up the wound, though it would always leave a scar. Inside the game, Katsuo continued training with lower level players while staying on the front lines of the game, wanting to push through the challenge and prove that all games are beatable, even a game of death.

As the two years in the game passed, Katsuo became known as "The Mentor" amongst those who wished to leave the first floor of Aincrad. He created a dojo that he ran daily to help teach basic sword skills to anyone brave enough to leave the first floor. He put every Col into bettering his students' equipment, only using item drops in his raids.

Upon leaving SAO, Katsuo initially had trouble reconnecting to the online world, fearing that it would leave his real body defenseless once more. However, one of his friends from the death game finally convinced him to give it another shot after he showed Katsuo a world that had limitless possibilities. Seras has been a common sight in Imp territories ever since.
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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2013, 11:07:58 AM »
Screen Name: Illyria

Real Name: Arisawa Lenna

Age: 18

Gender: Female

In-Game Race: Cait Sith

In-Game Appearance: Illyria stands about 5 feet 4 inches with an almost ghostly pale white complexion. She has silvery white hair that goes to the middle of her back with two long strands that are bound and go down in front of her shoulders. She has bright emerald eyes. She wears something equivalent to denim shorts, a sleeve-less shirt that shows off her midriff beneath a long blue coat that stops just shy of her ankles,finger-less gauntlets that are armor plated, armored grieves over her thick leather boots, the coat itself is high collared. She also has one fang that sticks down over her lower lip. (you know those cute little fangs some anime girls have?) also it should be noted that she is fairly gifted in the chest (High D-Cup maybe?), white cat ears,and white feline tail.

Real World Appearance: much like her character Lenna is stands at 5 foot 4 inches. Her skin is of a more average tint (for the Japanese), her hair is actually a deep milk chocolate brown color, her eyes are still green but are actually much duller in shade than her characters bright vibrant iris's. She has a tendancy to wear blue jeans or skirts often accompanied by a tee-shirt,she also always wears tennis shoes unless of course she's dressed up for a special occasion. if she isn't wearing something  like that then she is seen walking around in a school uniform. Lenna's breasts are the same size as her characters.

In-Game Personality:  She can be quite boisterous and loud very outgoing and friendly yet maybe a bit abrasive at times. She does know when to quiet down though and is a fiercely loyal friend.

Real World Personality: In contrast with her boisterous character Lenna is incredibly shy and easily startled. This meek girl has difficulties socializing with people and always seems depressed. People look upon her with pity because of how miserable she seems to be.


<<Weapon and Combat (active and passive)>>
One handed Straight Sword
Battle Healing
Light Metal Equipment

<<Racial Ability>>

Monster Taming (Does not work on Evil-God monsters)
Wall Run
Enhanced Speed

<<Non Combat>>
Extended Weight Limit
Familiar Recovery
Familiar Communication


<<Blade of the Monarch>> a one handed long sword that has a Butterfly shaped hilt guard, a leather wrapped hilt, the blade itself is golden colored with runes engraved upon it. (Boss Drop from "King Dustwing" during the "Wings of the Sky King" quest in Butterfly Valley)

<< Azure Skies Gale>> Light armor coat, A dark blue coat that offers poison resistance (Quest Reward for completing the quest "Flight of the Summer Azure Butterfly" in Butterfly Valley)

<<Silk Ribbons>> silken bands she uses to hold the strands of hair in front of her shoulders (Player made)

<<Tortoise Shell Gauntlets>> Gauntlets made from hardened tortoise shell and iron (Player made)


Lenna was a lonely girl growing up who had absolutely no friends because she was incredibly shy. When she was 8 years old she discovered the joys of video games and very quickly grew attached to them. 8 years had passed and  she was 16 having fully immersed herself in gaming where she had many many friends she stumbled upon SAO and was soon one of it's many victims.

When Kayaba first announced the beginning of the death game she was among those who thought it a joke however she very quickly discovered the truth behind those words. After realizing how serious the situation truly was she began to work hard and became one of the <<Clearers>> on the front lines and was part of every boss raid from the beginning to the end.

During her two years in AINCRAD She became a relentless fighter     who sought the end of their imprisonment however she would still take several days at a time to relax. Her tenacity gained her entrance into the famous <<Knights of Blood>> guild. Under Asuna and Heathcliff she found her pride in her job. However her joy would not last long as she participated in the large scale raid against the player killer guild << Laughing Coffin>> She found herself killing many members of the guild and even engaged against high ranking members <<Red Eye XaXa>> and << Jhonny Black>> after some time of fighting the two of them she was forced to retreat until the anti <<Laughing Coffin>> alliance  was able to regain its ground and kill or capture most of the player killers.

After gaining freedom from SAO Lenna spent many days quietly contemplating what she had become because she had actually killed people herself. It was true that those she killed had been bloodthirsty maniacs who enjoyed killing people but even so she had actually killed people. Eventually she got hooked into the sensational game <<AlfHeim online>> where she has been a cait sith warrior ever since.

<< Illyria's Familiar>>

Name:  Kori no kotei (Ice Emperor)

Species: Frost Wolf


<<Frost Fang>>
<<Ice Claw>>

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #11 on: July 28, 2013, 01:07:37 PM »
Screen Name: Dvalin

Real Name: Takayama Masamune

Age: 21

Gender: Male

In-Game Race: Leprechaun

In-Game Appearance: Dvalin is not a very stereotypical Leprechaun, he is quite high for his race, standing 5’8 tall with big a long lean body, not very broad shoulders but big powerful arms. His hair is light blue and arranged in a spiky backwards moving pattern to keep hair from his face. Most of the time he wears a pair of goggles, to protect his eyes from the intense light flashes that, occurs when he forges high grade magical items. The goggles make it almost impossible for him to see indoors except in his forge where the smelting oven and the materials lights through the heavily tinted glass. When he is not wearing goggles his icy blue eyes tend to make people think he’s always glaring when he looks at someone. He usually wears a dragon skin blacksmiths apron he made for himself from the skin of his first slain dragon. In battle he wears a black plate armor though without a helmet.

Real World Appearance: In real life Masamune is a frail looking young man, he was in a car accident when he was little that left him paralyzed from the waist down. His legs, what he calls meat sticks, are thin and haven’t been used for years. He rolls around in a super light weight wheelchair, pushing himself around in this thing has given Masamune unusual muscles growth in his arms, resulting in, like in his character, an unusual upper body strength. During the evens of SAO when all other people was reverted to their real world appearance, the program bugged, letting Masamune keep the legs of his character, while the rest was changed.

In-Game Personality: In game Dvalin is known as one of the two greatest blacksmiths in all of Alfheim, sharing this honor with SAO survivor Lisbeth, his great rival. Dvalin is intensely loyal to his regular customers, often going out of his way to acquire special materials and equipment to make better and better gear for his friends and allies. He is always the last to give up at a given task, and always the first to rise and work in the mornings. He is quite a workaholic, his disability giving him insane amounts of time in ALO, his shops motto is “Order today, pick-up tomorrow” on large orders.

In-Game Position: Dvalin has two shops, one in the Leprechaun capital that is now solely used as the sales house, as no new wares are Forged there with the exception of items during the Festical of the Forge. His other shop is located in quite a big building on the 4th floor of Aincrad and this is also where he entertains his friends

Real World Personality: Masamune always seem happy and eager to be with others. He is well loved by his friends and those around him. He is altruistic by nature and loves to share what he has with his friends. His family is wealthy which gives Masa money to spend with his friends. He is known to host parties that always ends up as the highlights of the month


General and Passive skills
•Slash Weapon Forging
•Thrust Weapon Forging
•Blunt Weapon Forging
•Light Metal Armor Forging
•Heavy Metal Armor Forging
•Metal Equipment Repairing
•Metal Refining
•Extended Weight Limit
•Heavy Metal Equipment
•Equipment Appraisal
•Tool Appraisal
Combat Skills
•One-handed War Hammer
•One-handed Dagger
•Darkness Magic

<< Dvalin’s Maul >> A huge one handed maul made by Dvalin himself during the Leprechaun festival of the Forge were every item gets a chance to get a huge buff to stats or class. One of only two weapons of the mysterious Ancestral item level, the other being a weapon forged by Lisbeth during the same festival. At first glance there is little special about the stats of this weapon from a warrior’s perspective, but to Blacksmiths such as Dvalin it’s unique item ability <Blessing of the Forge> is highly useful, as it decreases the amount of materials needed to make unenchanted weapons, armor and tools by quite a bit by limiting the amount of resources wasted under forging. Other than this it carries a medium fire enchantment. It is also distinguished by from creation to have been restricted to Dvalin. 

<< Stygian plate armor >> a gift from fellow Blacksmith and rival Lisbeth after Dvalin agreed to share resources with her when they were both involved with the Leprechaun guard.

<< All-biter >> a little curved dagger he got as a loot drop from << Primordial Lion >> it is made of the creature's bone and fang, and it is unique in that it cannot be repaired by currently known means. Dvalin carries it around, hoping to find the way to repair it in the future.

Masamune had since his accident been attracted to computers and gaming in general, he quickly became an ace in strategy games but quickly found them boring as the interaction with other players was limited. He soon turned to MMO’s as a way to get more in contact with people. He quickly found that he had little patience for the constant questing around and battling random monsters to get loot. He took up blacksmithing and started making better and better gear for himself. Now he could compete with the others against bosses, but didn’t have to do all the tiring grinding that annoyed him so much

When the beta for SAO started Masamune was quick to join, he again started his own blacksmiths shop, and during the beta he was one of the richest players as he seemed to be able to find even the most insane materials to produces wares from. This also helped him secure at good reputation, as most players liked him as he could afford to push down prices on his wares.

When SAO launched for real and Kayaba revealed his plan he instantly knew that this was for real. Instead of risking his life on the front against normal mobs Masamune founded the guild <Forge World> A guild of high level Blacksmiths who pledged to help the frontliners, in exchange for positions in their raids against the bosses. It was here that Masamune met Katsuo who would grow to become one of his closest friends

As it became evident that it was going to take time to get out of this place, he vowed to help Katsuo and his dojo, going as far as to supply Katsuo with a stack of Mithril weapons every two weeks to give to his students when they were done with their training.

Eventually SAO ended, and before getting locked out, he exchanged contact information with Katsuo and they met up repeatedly after the end of “The Death Game” as the media had dubbed SAO. Masamune, unlike most of his fellow <Clearers> felt an emptiness now that SAO was over, besides Katsuo and a few others, Masamune didn’t really have any friends.

When Alfheim Online came out Masamune was one of the first to join, making the Leprechaun character Dvalin, named after the Dwarven Master Blacksmith from ancient norse mythology. After about a week in Alfheim Online, Masamune sent out a mass email telling all he knew about the new game, and where to find him within
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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #12 on: July 28, 2013, 10:55:21 PM »
Interested and bookmarking this to come back to later. Don't have time at the moment, but ALFheim Online is my favorite world of the SAO series. So I'll definitely come in sooner or later with a Cait Sith

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #13 on: July 29, 2013, 12:04:43 AM »
Screen Name: Vincent
Real Name: Kodaka Hasegawa
Age: 20
Gender: Male
In-Game Race: Undine
In-Game Appearance:
Beyond being six foot two and sporting the standard wings of an Undine, Vincent has very short white colored hair, dark blue eyes, a muscular build, and well tanned skin. Vincent tends to wear his full cover helmet only in dungeons and during combat. The rest of his outfit includes his silver trimmed dark blue scale armor covering his torso, shoulders, sleeves, forearms, and neck. A pair of sharp knuckled ivory colored gloves covered his hands while a dark leather belt sat loosely around his waist over top of his scale armor and tying into a knot immediately after the buckle. Below he adorned a pair of heavy leather slacks with a tight fitting belt, and a pair of blue boots with fins angled on the back. Vincent wore his scimitar on his back with the hilt hanging down from behind his right hip for a fast and easy low sweeping draw. Outside Undine territory Vincent tends to conceal himself under a cheap hooded cape.

Real World Appearance: Kodaka is six foot tall with brown eyes and dark hair. He isn't very athletic but rides his bike on a regular basis. His favorite outfit is a green loose fitting t-shirt, blue jeans, a belt, and on cold days his heavy black coat. When not somewhere comfortable or secluded Kodaka has a tendency to slouch and have poor posture.

In-Game Personality: In a group he favors forward support and tends to crack jokes at inappropriate times and locations, this gives him a reputation as annoying yet valued in a party. Vincent is always ready to assist others or share what he knows yet his drive to escalate violence detracts from his ability to stay in parties.

Real World Personality: Kodaka hasn't spent much time making friends since high school and tends to rely on the small group still in touch. Outside his friends he is very shy and doesn't open up easily or quickly but once he gets to know someone well enough he will yield his upbeat and bombastic demeanor.

Two-handed Curved Blade
Martial Arts

Battle Healing
Light Metal Equipment

<<Racial Bonus>>
Support Magic
Underwater Combat
Wall Run

Night Vision
Extended Weight Limit

<<Non Combat>>
Equipment Appraisal


<<Chrysaor>> an ancient style two handed scimitar from an age long past. All markings and symbols have worn away. This weapon is the only known instance of the element Adamant. (Rare Item find under the Crescent Gulf in the "Lost City" dungeon)

<<Cyclopean Scale Armor>> A dark blue armor with silver trim built for a dragon slayer consisting of many small reinforced dragon scales over the torso and sleeves, plate pauldrons, plate forearm covers of stylized dragon skulls, and a plate gorget at the collar. Offers a resistance to fire. (Boss Drop from "Deep Blue" during the "Rain Dragon" quest in Rainbow Valley)

<<Siegmund's Crown>> a dark blue maximillian type close helmet featuring a T-visor. (player made item)

<<Hooded Cape>> A dark colored cowl that obscures it's users face and equipment. (NPC made item)

<<Gauntlets of the Great White>> an ivory colored set of armored gloves made from shark teeth. Grants bonus to <<Martial Arts>> skill. (player made item)

<<Finned Boots>> Shark skin boots with fins. Increases swim speed. (player made item)

History: Before <<AlfHeim online>> Kodaka hadn't much experience with nervegear, he was part of the beta for SAO but had to work on the night of the release and gave up on acquiring the game at all that first day. <<AlfHeim online>> rekindled his interest in vrmmorpgs and soon he was caught up in the life of Vincent. Vincent is well known, liked, and admired among the people of the Undine Capital but those within the government consider him obnoxious, frustrating, a nuisance, and at times impressive. In his military career Vincent has gained the mantle of most unwanted, unnecessary, and allied territory conquered by any Undine. While possessing a very positive disposition and uncanny ability to make friends he is recognized as having a great fault. When involved in small disputes Vincent has a propensity to escalate beyond the norm. This has resulted in one on one bar brawls, turning into all out battle royals, to the military annexation of cantinas, to full scale wartime military deployment within allied territory. Do to the unfortunate regularity and impressiveness of these instances Vincent was allowed to maintain his rank yet no longer has forces serving under him. In addition Vincent is banned from all allied cantinas, bars, and cafes in allied territory. Since the relaunch of ALO and subsequent attention shift from Aarun to Aincrad he sees his captain title as devolved to a loose membership to a clearer guild of the former Undine Army. Although he recognizes the benefit of a companies worth of available resources and authority afforded to him by his rank, Vincent's strong sense of loyalty keeps him bound to the group. Vincent's home is rather large and unkempt as it doubles as a former Undine barracks.
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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #14 on: July 29, 2013, 12:57:37 AM »
Alright, so after reading over the three sheets submitted so far, I'm feeling very good about the player base. I wish to remind everyone though that unless the Racial Benefit is an actual skill, it's just a bonus to skills and therefore not accounted in the skill list or on the skill cap (15 skill slots). Each type of magic is it's own skill, so do keep that in mind. If it's not in your skill slots, you're capped at moderate spells at best.

Pendarious: Add a portion to your sheet that covers your familiar, if you would. Other than that, Great work.

A Japanese Dane: Good work all around, though you may want to add mention of a shop or something where you make your wares in ALO. It's assumed everyone has been playing long enough to at least gather enough Yurudo to have bought at least a small house in game, if not a shop for vendor players.

Ember Star: Do take your time. Note what I said to Pendarious applies to all Cait Sith characters. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

Jebble212: Nice to have a player who didn't experience the death game on board. While the world tree quest is no longer in effect, the borders of the various territories are still in effect, so the Undine Army would still have to be a standing army, just in case the Imps or Spriggens feel like making some extra cash for their territories.

General Note: While the world tree is no longer the main quest, the quest to the top of Aincrad still has border wars quite common amongst the races. Animosity may not be quite as high as Fairy Dance arc ALO, but they still exist due to the taxing perk and ability to PK in enemy territory. Please keep that in mind folks.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #15 on: July 29, 2013, 02:13:16 AM »
Edited my sheet :D

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2013, 10:38:02 AM »
there we go edited my sheet

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #17 on: July 29, 2013, 01:41:31 PM »
I edited my sheet, he has a dissatisfied opinion of the army's current direction. I am assuming that the races may be competing for faster and greater access to Aincrad much like an arms race and this bothers Vincent. Does that fit better?

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #18 on: July 30, 2013, 11:28:02 PM »
Is this going to be very sandboxy and large, or will there be some overarching plot (like getting to the top of Aincrad) to tie players together?

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
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It has multiple plots running simultaneously. I am not saying too much about the core plot beyond the fact that there is a core plot at the moment. The main thing pulling the characters together at first though is the quest to the top of Aincrad and questing in general.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #20 on: July 30, 2013, 11:42:20 PM »
Hmm, I'll give it a shot then. I'm gonna brush up on Alfheim Online stuff, then have an app up either late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #21 on: July 31, 2013, 01:37:53 AM »
Added Darkness magic as well as Equipment and Tool appraisal

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #22 on: July 31, 2013, 02:30:12 AM »
Should we be listing Sword Arts as well, considering post-ALO Incident has them?

Edit: Even just a handful as an example of what the characters know? Would they count against the skill limit? Do racial skills count against the skill limit?

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
« Reply #23 on: July 31, 2013, 02:39:42 AM »
Good questions. I will say a few examples would be nice if you feel like it, though with the Original Sword Skill feature added to New ALO, you can make them up as you go. So a few that you know would be nice.

They do not count against your skill limit, as they are a subset of your sword skill (One-Handed Straight Sword, One-Handed Mace, Two-Handed Assault Spear, etc). Racials do not count against your skill limit unless they are directly a levelable skill that you wish to increase. Examples are various magic types, beast taming, and Night Vision. Wall Run is a special bonus to Acrobatics and Sprint, which requires you to level both, though even at low ranks of both, you can run a minimum of 10 feet. Blacksmith is a catch all for all smithing based skills, and a general bonus to those skills. Underwater Combat is a counter to the Underwater debuff that applies while fighting in water. Multi-Weapon weilding is a racial perk, as is Enhanced Strength.

We may also be coming up with our own racial benfits that we think should fit with the various races, since Spriggan obviously got the most attention. So if you think of something that might be a great idea for a Racial, please send it my way and I'll add it to the list. Same goes for skills.

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Re: ALfheim Online: The Land of Fairies (Interest Check)
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So many good groups, so little time!  Adding this to my' watch it unfold and enjoy the show' list. Definitely glad to see it spring up.