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Author Topic: Seeking writing partners – D/s, Master/slave, harem, group-sex, N.C, humiliation  (Read 576 times)

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Hey all. I’m seeking writing partners for several new story concepts. I’m fine with male or female writing partners. My work life is busy, so I generally post 3-4 times per week, however I always put effort into my posts and give plenty of detail. My posts are around 4-5 paragraphs minimum, usually more. If you'd like to know more about what i'm into, please check out my profile here:

In all the concepts below, I would like to play the dominant male role except for ‘Heroine in Peril’ in which I’d play the busty female heroine.

Harem Slave - TAKEN - Master/slave, harem, group-sex, humiliation, light bondage, risqué apparel
Characters: New young (18-25) female slave X the Lord (her ‘Master’)
Setting: Modern, darker version of our world
Description: A beautiful young woman wakes on a bed in a room which is not her own. She remembers being attacked in her home by unknown assailants, then only darkness. The room is well appointed and is dominated by one wall that is a huge mirror. The only way in or out is a solid black door with a closed slit at eye-level. The wardrobe is stocked with a variety of outfits, ranging from the classy to the sexy, down to the down-right slutty, all made to her size. Having unknowingly been stalked from a far for weeks, she has been especially chosen by the Lord of the Estate, below which she now resides. She is to be trained as his newest harem slave.

I’d like to explore the relationship between the Lord and his new slave, from her ‘initiation’ through her training, into her becoming one of the Lord’s favoured harem slaves. The 'Lord' is a somewhat mysterious guy and his nature is somewhat 'other-worldly' (so expect some supernatural themes). There would be plenty of room to explore the setting – a large castle-like building and surrounding estate, as well as interaction and relationships with the Lord’s guards, guests and other harem slaves, as our new slave has her eyes opened to her new life and learns more about her Lord. One major focus would be on the slave learning the Lord’s rules and like/dislikes. I’m not into “pet play” but the slaves in this harem are made to perform all kinds of sexual and non-sexual acts and are fairly strictly controlled. Their duties range from entertaining guests, massages, maintaining high-levels of health and personal grooming, to stripping and submissive sex acts including group sex before spectators.

Heroine in Peril - TAKEN - N.C, Dom/sub, Ex, group-sex, bondage
Characters: Female heroine X Variety of Dom male characters/monsters of your choice
Setting: Fantasy or modern world or sci-fi
Description: This one is fairly open – but basically I’d like to play a sexy, busty female heroine who gets into all kinds of sexy situations. I’d like to have some action, adventure focused plots with a good dose of smut mixed-in. N.C group sex with big, ugly creatures/monsters or just big muscly humanoids is a MUST for this one!
I have a bunch of female characters in mind, ranging from a curvy little female half-elf rogue, a super heroine in a tight spandex body suit to a buxom blonde female pilot (for a sci-fi setting). The exact set-up will depend on the character and setting but I need someone who doesn’t mind playing a multiple different Dom male roles and/or monsters too.

Beyond this we can negotiate how this concept might be played out.

The Pact - N.C, Dom/sub, mental manipulation
Characters: Female character(s) of your choice X Male pact-binder
Setting: Modern world
Description: A man discovers a grimoire of ancient, forbidden lore. Exploring the text he discovers a ritual which grants the subject supernatural powers. Unable to resist the lure of power, he enacts the ritual, unwittingly summoning a malign other-worldly being. Speaking with the entity, the man learns the truth. To get the power he seeks he must make a pact with the being. Only by giving something up can he get what he wants. Sealing a pact, the pact-binder gains good fortune, sexual and physical prowess and endowment and the strange ability to excrete potent pheromones, which arouse those around him. In return for these supernatural powers he has given up 20 years of life to the being. The man uses his new found powers selfishly to prey upon the women he finds attractive. I’m interested in exploring a number of interactions and relationships where the pact-binder uses his powers, and some of the consequences.

Note that none of his powers grant any kind of real “mind control”. Using his pheromones he can make a woman turned-on and try to exploit the situation, the target does retain their own free will. Of course, those particularly weak of willed will be more susceptible to his depredations ;-)

For this roleplay I need someone who’s willing to play multiple female characters and possibly co-write the being he’s making the pact with, as he’s tempted on to more power.

I’m open to variations on the themes above or even other ideas for new stories. Please PM me if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading.

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