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Author Topic: Ideas and plots abound within! (M for F)  (Read 388 times)

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Ideas and plots abound within! (M for F)
« on: July 25, 2013, 01:39:24 AM »
Hello and welcome to my thread! I've just gotten accepted to E! and want to get right onto roleplaying. I'm not new to roleplaying as I've been writing for years and roleplaying for just as long in some form or another. Really, quick, lets cover the simple details.

Here are my O/Os. I'm a pretty simple guy, so they are pretty simple rules.

Pretty much nothing is off limits with me right now. If you suggest something and I'm not into it; I'll tell you. :)

I am perhaps one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet, and the way to my heart isn't food. It's Superheros. I don't care if they are OC's or canons. Hell, I'm even good with recreating canon characters to suit our whims. Dimension hopping works for me too.

I also love fantasy of just about every variety. If it involves swords, bows, and dragons... You can pretty much count me in.

As far as my limits go? Be warned, I have a sailors mouth once I feel comfortable... So I will say some dirty things if it feels right. And I have an insatiable curiosity about things that tends to border on voyeurism.

Now, onto the plots!

General Pairings
I'm really wanting to get something going with characters from the DC universe. For those of you who are new to that pantheon. It consists primarily of Supermna, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and The Green Lantern. If you are interested but don't know anything about these characters... Just let me know!

DC Universe
SupermanxWonder Woman
BatmanxBlack Canary
The FlashxPowergirl
Green LanternxSupergirl

I'm also in love with certain Marvel characters.

Marvel Universe
Spider-ManxBlack Cat
Captain AmericaxBlack Widow
Hawkeye (Clint Barton)xMockingbird
Captain AmericaxHawkeye(Kate Bishop)
Hawkeye(Clint Barton)xHawkeye(Kate Bishop)

I am totally fine with these characters being mashed up in other orders too. Or even with OC's. I just want a good story. As far as your typical pairings go... That's about it for now.


I have three plots at the moment that I want to try out. I have some rough ideas for fantasy ideas, as well as urban arcana, and alternate history.... But their not really resolved enough in mind yet. Here is what I do have:

The Courier
In the depths of space, a lone courier travels through the stars delivering all types of cargo. Medical supplies, computer hardware, weapons. You name it. Her only companion is her ship's artificial intelligence. It typically is nothing more than a voice floating in the either. Then one evening while at a spacedock delivering cargo, she decides to purchase an upgrade for the ship. Something that will make it a better navigator and capable of more human interaction, to allow her to pass the time more pleasantly on those long journeys.

This upgrade even allows ships AI to assume an artificial form. An humanoid chassis that can take on whatever form she likes. One evening after hours of playing chess and watching movies, our courier ends up making an unusual decision. Over run by her loneliness and hormones, she sleeps with the simuloid. It becomes a habit for her during especially long trips. Eventually, due to the more complicated programming of the AI, her simuloid starts to develop feelings for the courier.

Things become darker as they take on a new kind of cargo. A passanger. A handsome doctor in need of transport to his home world. The voyage will take three months. In that time, the courier begins to neglect her ship's simuloid in favor of their passenger. So enthralled is she with her new cargo, that she fails to see the glimmer in her artificial man's eyes.

This is something I see as more of a drawn out and long term story. It has an end, though I am receptive to suggestions as to what the ending is. It is hard science fiction, but I'd like the technology to take a backseat to the social aspects of the fiction.

You'd be the courier, and I would be the simuloid. I am receptive to changing it around and making the courier a man and the simuloid female. The simuloid could even be a being who change their sex at will.



The Adventures of Captain Atom!
The alien invasion happened like lightening. It was all but completed within days of its genesis. Governments were either destroyed, enslaved, or back the lackies of their extraterrestrial overlords. They quickly destroyed factories and space stations, leaving only a network of floating wireless platforms for communication with their homeworld of Mars. Little did they know that the defiant men and women of the United Earth Government were already establishing a resistance. It's secret headquarters stationed on the dark side of the moon. This resistance is lead by the intrepid Captain Atom and his daring crew! They've got the weapons and they've got the guts.

Now all they need to do is defeat an enemy that no human being has ever seen face to face.

This is a retro-futurism/dieselpunk/steampunk story and it has a lot of possibilities. The overlords of Mars could be an amazonian race of women. It could be a story of romance between a gutsy reporter and Captain Atom. It could be a love from afar story about Atom and his a-typical female ship's mechanic.


Watchman's Apprentice

Caden Haloran isn't so extraordinary. At least, not as far as his parents consider him. His father is the fifth in a generation of farmers. His mother the fifth in a generation of mothers. He comes from a respectable family, with respectable prospects. His greatest hope is to perhaps marry out of his profession and becoming an apprentice to whichever poor bastard becomes his father-in-law. At least that was the case until Caden was chosen to compete for the highly coveted position of Apprentice Watchmen.

The Watchmen defend the realm from all manner of threats... Dragons, evil wizards hell bent on dominating the citizens of the realm, and even foul beats from the arcane regions beyond The Vail. They have been organized for over five hundred years, with the soul purpose of uplifting the weak, defending the public trust, and administering the justice of the body politic. Their members are comprised of hundreds of men and women from across the realm, each one having been selected through the Trial of Proof. Little is known about the Trial other than to the Watchmen. What is known is likely just folklore used to scare children and criminals into behaving.

It was of little matter to Caden, there was nothing special about him. He didn't know magic. He wasn't exceptionally strong. He was clever, but not to any amazing degree. So when the blonde haired Watchmen showed up, her features obscured by the hood of her cloak and the armor that covered her from her neck to her toes; he thought there was no way he would be leaving his village.

Imagine his surprise when... He overcame the Trial of Proof.

This is a mash up of the high fantasy and superheros genre. I'm looking to play Caden and have a willing partner take on the role of the blonde woman who administered the Trial of Proof and likewise be his mistress as he trains to become a Watchman. The world is only vaguely established. I did this so whoever wants to try this can work with me to build the world and it's varied characters. I do have organizational ideas for the Watchmen and such, so if you're interested shoot me a PM.
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Re: Ideas and plots abound within! (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2013, 03:05:09 PM »
The Courier

Watchman's Apprentice
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