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Author Topic: Lust's Fantasy RPs inside and waiting! (Female seeking male dominate)  (Read 898 times)

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Alright little lovies. Lady Lust has been away a while for numerous reasons. Real life has beckoned me to bid this site farewell for a while and now it's given me time to come back and get my nails nice and ready to type!
Anyways, this is my new request thread.
I might play in pms. I sometimes do, but not always. Threads are just easier to keep track of.
I have medical issues real life, so this is your warning right now. Being upfront and honest here, I may vanish from time to time for medical issues and I apologize in advance. I'll try to give you warning if you rp with me, but I can't make promises for all the times something real important to my life pops up.
I like having ooc and plots as much as anything.
I'm a nice person, but I am bipolar. Might scare some of you, but once again just being honest.
I am a female born and raised.
I prefer to play female main characters who are attracted to male main characters!
Now onto the good stuff.
My Ons/Offs are in my signature.
I'll try to keep this as neat as possible for OCD reasons.
I tend to ramble, it happens, just my way of life.
Another warning: I'm a submissive but I'm not an easy submissive. I won't just up and submit to you. I like to be tamed.
Request: if you do decide to IM me via YIM, which is all I have, I just have a request that you tell me who you are from E, so I know from which site I'm getting the message from. Can't tell you how much my pet peeves go off when I don't know who I'm talking to!
These are all from another account on a different site that I use.
I will make plots per request, just give me a certain type of character pairing you are looking for and I'll come up with something!

Current Cravings:
Original Plots
Fantasy settings
My plots of course!

Pure as Snow
The villagers had never done anything wrong. They stayed in their place, their territory and never ventured into the forest. They were trapped and surrounded by the woods and the monsters that dwelled in them. They had lived like this for centuries..Only going out to the nearest outskirts of the forest to collect minimal food, wood, and stones to survive. They also fished in their land in the morning never at night. Everyone new the nightly routine: go into the nearest building at the first sign of nightfall, lock all the doors, turn off all the lights and sleep as soundlessly as one could. The monsters never really bothered going into the village unless food had been laid out by a villager forgetting. They often only circled around the large village before going into the large lake next to them and fishing.  The villages had never worried about the monsters attacking the village and they had never bothered to try and understand or figure out what the creatures were.

That had changed quickly. A pair of twins had been born in the night, it was not a safe thing. The monsters could smell it, the blood that came from the birth and the sounds of screaming of the mother in pain. They had been curious, they had ventured into the once forgotten village as a single house lit up. The people inside had been frantic, but they tried their best to muffle the mother. It was no use. As the first child was born, they had heard the monsters enter the town. They knew at the sound of wood being broken and large footsteps the monsters were coming right for them. Frightened, one of the hands helping birth the children took the first born and hide in the basement. It was only minutes later the second child was born, and the beast had found the front door. It had easily smashed through the door and ripped everyone on the first floor apart. Except...there was a baby crying on the first floor still. The Hand holding the first born downstairs waited, listening and fearing that the other would be killed. To the woman's surprise..she heard bones snapping and cries of pain before a soft voice called to the baby. Everyone was dead except for the beast and the child. The child seemed to stop crying and the beast soon departed with a soft whispering woman's voice and feet of a human's on the wood floor.

This, losing her twin had caused her to become curious. She had grown up with the Hand that had saved her life, and every night when the monsters came she could hear a baby giggling. The little girl had felt a connection to the beasts, and she often wondered why they had only taken one of them and not both. Then questions had come to the Hand as the little girl grew. Where was her father? Why did he not live in the village? Why had their been flowers left at their doorstep every night? Would her twin ever come back? Curiosity had taken hold of her heart, and she had been intrigued to learn more of these beasts the village was so frightened of.  So every night from her eighth birthday she had began to leave her light on from the attic. She would open the window and sit on the roof. She would hold a journal and pencil and she would wait. The beasts always came, she had always heard a child. Then she saw them for the first time. They were wolves, no larger then wolves. They moved quickly and with grace. There, in the middle was a person walking and holding a child in their hands as they went to her front door and left the flowers. She wanted to shout she wanted to ask them why they had kept her sibling and not her. Then she had heard it..the woman holding her twin scream a name and a No! She had heard it then, the large wolf on the rough tops coming straight for her. The only things she remembered next was hitting the floor and a new life had began..a life where she could no longer see and where she knew the truth about the wolves, the beasts. They were werewolves, but no one believed the spoutings of a girl with bloody claw marks over her eyes.

There's so many questions she had left unanswered. So many things she will do even blind even dragging her body on the floor to find out...She might even do the unthinkable. An innocent girl, with innocent intentions bent on revealing the truth between the beasts and the village.

(Terra x twin brother)
The Summoning
Cleil has always had a fascination with the unknown. So much that it normally gets her in trouble with her parents, her guardians..but this time she's gotten into a lot more trouble then her rents just telling her to stop and grounding her will do. She's always had a thing for with craft, for summonings and circles and getting mixed with covens and now...she's in deeper than she knows how to get out. At her last meeting with the coven, which is normally full of random lesser demon summoning, the head of the coven decided to go for something bigger, something to strike fear into their enemies. Instead of just summoning a doppelganger or a shadow demon, the coven leader decided to summon a demon she knew she could get her wishes from..a demon close to Lucifer's side. The first sight of the demon was unnerving, the way it looked just like one of them. Then again one of the older ladies had laughed at her and smiled before leaning in to whisper "You really thought the scariest of them would look scary? Their scary because they can blend in so well with us humans...and then they show their true colors." Cleil had been frightened at the picture of the demon, but when she heard what the leader of the coven had wanted the demon trapped in her circle to made her skin crawl. It was in an old tongue, but Cleil knew the words well from being in the circles for far too many a times, even when she had known better. "Přineste mi srdce mých nepřátel a vám dám nic tvůj pán touhy. Pokud odmítnete, pošlu tě zpátky do samotného Lucifera se zeptat na tuto listinu o něj." Which translated into : Bring to me the hearts of my enemies and to you I will give anything your master desires. If you refuse I will send you back to Lucifer himself to ask this deed of him... Then there were more words. A threat to the people in the circle that held it she told the demon, if one of the witches in the circle broke the secrete or refused to reappear before the deed was done than the demon could kill or take them them back to hell with him where they belong and burn their eternal souls. Cleil had that day burned into her memory, but she wanted out of the circle...this was far too dark of magic for her to be dealing with and her first thought was to go to the old church down her street and ask for forgiveness. Maybe the old priest could save her from the demon and her sins.
(Cleil x Demon - OC - Doesn't have to be the demon in the circle can be a different demon.)

What a Sweet Dog

Everything had always been silent in the town of Moditala. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Many people went on their daily habits, going to and from the store in the small Victorian city. Often a times Lulu had ventured into the city with her family. Sometimes they would go to the park to relax, the park being close to a forest. Life was normal, and Lulu never thought twice about what she was going to do. She had been arranged to marry a young lass when they had both been small... Despite Lulu's hatred for the boy, she had grown to tolerate him and his smug attitude. This was normal arranging a marriage and forcing the children to grown tolerant of one another, so Lulu had never spoken up to her parents.

Lulu and the boy had been in the park with their family one day. They had decided to stroll away from the crowd of people. Their parents had thought nothing of it, letting the two venture closer to the edge of the forest. That was when things had gone wrong. The two had not wanted to get away to kiss and cuddle, they had gotten away to argue freely. Lulu had let out the hate for the boy and the boy had let out his hate for her. They were yelling, pushing one another like little children and...Lulu was smashed against the tree before being knocked on the ground by the boy. She had thought at first he was going to punch her, and his fist had been ready to do so..but to her surprise growling had occurred and a wolf jumped out in front of her to protect her. This wolf wasn't like normal ones, it was larger and more vicious as it attacked the boy. Although she was frightened, Lulu couldn't help realize something familiar about the wolf. Was it the one she often had dreams about? Had she seen it before? There seemed to be something odd about it too as it turned to look at her..were those eyes human?
(Lulu x werewolf)

Truths Revealed
Ophelia's always had a thing for blood and vampires ever since she could remember. Her orphan parents normally had a hard time on keeping her in line. Often they tried to stop her from changing her hair color, wearing slutty clothing, going out partying, drinking under the age. Ophelia was a troubled child they said, and they often wondered if her parents were anything like her. Then again, her mother had died giving birth to her and there had been no sign of her father or the brother her mother kept saying on her daughter's birthing bed. Instantly Ophelia had wound up in an adoption adjacency's care when no one came to pick her up and now these two nice homely people were dealing with an out of control teenager.

Ophelia was never really quite when she went out, and they always seemed to want to stop her. Tonight had been no different. Her adoptive parents screaming at her as she climbed out the window and got on the back of her friend's motorcycle. Quickly, her parents voice had disappeared over the roar of the engine and they were off. They were going to a party, one with drugs this time, and Ophelia wanted to try them. The two of them were expecting a big crowd of people, some younger and a lot older than the 16 year old Ophelia, but none Ophelia wouldn't try to touch.

When they got there, there was no lights on the cabin. This was an odd thing considering this was where the party was at. Ophelia had gotten off the motorcycle only to have her friend motion "Wait here." as he walked to the cabin. She watched as he turned on the lights, and walked in front of the curtains. His hands were on the curtains, getting ready to pull them back when Ophelia saw it. A hand came out of the corner of the curtain and pulled her friend back and out of sight. The next thing Ophelia saw was the blood as it spat onto the curtains.

By the time Ophelia's lips had parted to scream, she heard someone making a tsking noise from behind her. Ophelia swung around to see a man in the darkness grinning. "Ah, so this is where the baby Ophelia has been hiding form us..Took us a long time to find you. Your father and brother should be happy.." Ophelia furrowed her brows confused as the man put a finger to her lips to shush her. "I know you are scared, but let me introduce myself." He grinned down at Ophelia with glowing red eyes and she shivered in fright. "I'm your uncle, and I have been asked to bring you home." Ophelia shook in fear as the man continued to grin. "Why don't you come out of the house and meet your baby sister boy? Or Maybe I should go get your father? He should be around here somewhere..." The man looked around and paused. "I bet you are hungry one. How old are you now? 16? Ahh the hunger should really kick in now."

Ophelia wasn't prepared for this madness, but quickly she would find a world she didn't know about and one she was to be brought into. A world full of blood, sex, and hunger.
(Note: This is a vampire plot. If by chance you didn't get that by reference I'm putting it out there now. As for pairings. It can be among these:
Ophelia x her brother, Ophelia x father, Ophelia x uncle et father, Ophelia x father et brother
Yes this is an incest plot.)
The Labyrinth
The labyrinth of Desmo, or death and destruction, is something all the low life villagers know about. The labyrinth's rein began twelve years ago. No one quite understood it but it went something like this; the children were playing in the small village, minding their own business. The adults had gone about their work. Yes there was a crime every now and then, but murder was very low on the scale of the village of Tiko. Ah, the crazy little villagers and their totems and idols how they danced and prayed. Everything had seemed normal until noon had struck. Several women ran about screaming, shrieking rather, for their children that had all but disappeared in their huts. They couldn't explain it, how the children had vanished so suddenly. but it had happened, and adults were vanishing too. It wasn't the normal ones you would think, the troublemakers, the pick was random, but over twenty had gone missing in a matter of seconds. No one knew where they had gone, but the victims did. They had awoken from a dreamlike state, placed in a room filled with leaves and branches, and they had all but stumbled to their doors to exit. However, exiting wasn't that simple and they had quickly found the door locked and barricaded by branches.

"WELCOME chosen ones!" A whispering voice had called to them. It was a chilling sound, a sound of several voices shrieking out their words in harmony. "You all have been selected for many different reasons. Let's hope you don't disappoint!" Ah the voice was crackling like leaves, who was it? What was it? Fear had all but stricken the villagers that had been kidnapped. The adults tried to remain calm, but their calm composure soon left them. "Welcome to Desmo...Let's hope you can survive." The voice rang again as the branches had left their doors magically, unweaving themselves and disappearing onto the walls of the room. The door, it turned and opened to reveal an archway made of branches and...limbs of humans that had failed it's test. In front of their view had laid the labyrinth, which stretched down on the hill in front of them and disappeared in their view. The labyrinth seemed endless, but what was worse...was being able to see the terrible things below waiting for them if they made a wrong turn.

It had taken several years of disappearances before people had found it, where they had all been taken. They had seen the labyrinth from the outside and heard the screams and cries as their loved ones had died on the other side of the towering walls. This labyrinth wasn't simple, and it wasn't nice. It was designed to kill and it thirsted for blood. What's more one really knew what happened if someone survived the labyrinth and made it to the end of it. Well...nobody except the people who had created the monster labyrinth and laid waiting for their champion to arise.

It was here, on the twelve years of knowing about the labyrinth that Yiddnai was stuck inside her village, waiting for the disappearing to begin. It never failed, sometimes the disappearances were random, but mostly they stayed close to the same month. So here, on the thirteenth month, Yiddnai lay waiting to see who the labyrinth has taken for the slaughter. After all, over the years the labyrinth has become more vicious. Instead of only taking from one village, it grew to take from many, and the number of people going missing had climbed it's way up to...three hundred by this year. The monster of the labyrinth only grew in size each year and it took more to feast it's hunger. Now, at the time of disappearances, Yiddnai was all but frighted with the rest of the villagers. She could make it through this week without being taken...or so she had thought one night when she had gone to bed. It was only in the morning that Yiddnai had awoken to a startling realization...the room she had heard so many fearful made up stories about now surrounded her, one of the over three hundred taken, and the chilling voice had filled her ears. "Welcome to Desmo. Let's hope you can survive." Only after the greeting did she watch the branches dismantle themselves from the door and open it to show her the archway of the beginning placement of her labyrinth spot. She had moved slowly to the top of the hill and stood in the archway to look down at the labyrinth. Her eyes had caught sight of only some of the traps that laid ahead...and the creatures that laid waiting to kill amongst the walls she and many others were trapped inside. How could anyone survive this?
(Yiddnai x oc)
Lies and Deceit

Growing up in the small town never seemed like much of a problem. Aoso was always the first one to run to her neighbors door and get him out to play. They had been childhood sweethearts, high school sweethearts and nothing seemed to keep them apart. If only Aoso had been more aware of the tall tale signs of her boyfriend getting weird. She should have paid more attention. He was a couple of years older her and Aoso thought him acting weird was just him maturing faster than her. Until she woke up in the back of his truck gagged and bound.

At first Aoso had assumed this was some sort of prank. He was just kidnapping her for laughs and giggles on her coming of age sixteenth birthday, right? She had only a few more days until her sixteenth party so this kidnapping bit had to be a joke. After all Aoso had just recently matured into a woman and she could think of nothing her boyfriend would want to do with her. She trusted him, and she shouldn't have.

It struck her when they stopped at a storage unit and he came around the back to pick her up. She squirmed, wishing he would release her so she could ask him what was going on. Instead the boy she knew as her boyfriend had laid her down to watch as he opened the storage unit. Inside it seemed pretty ordinary, a few boxes and furniture stuffed here and there, but in the middle of it there was a large bundled up rug. Quickly he worked to pushing the rug out of the way to reveal a hatch beneath it, and Aoso froze. He was seriously kidnapping her and he had what looked like a tunnel beneath these storage units?! Unreal! However, it was true and she watched as he picked up the latch to reveal a tunnel light with candles going down into the earth. He said nothing as he grabbed her and hoisted her over her shoulders pulling her inside the storage unit and closing it before taking her down the winding steps further and further inside of the earth's crust. There, Aoso was amazed to find not a room he was going to be storing her in, but an entire creepy gothic city, both grusome and amazing.

"I know you thought you were mine, but I lied." The boy admitted as he trudged through the streets with her on his shoulder. There, behind his shoulder she could get a look of the people coming in and out of the buildings. Their glowing hands or eyes, the way some of them floated, even some of them had tails. First Aoso thought they were mutants, but as one laughed she quickly realized what they were: demons, all eyes on her and laughing as the human was brought into their city. Quietly the boy brought her closer to the main building where a line was being formed, she was curious as to what was going on until the boy chimed in again: "You are a sacrifice to our elders, or Gods, just as the other girls here. Innocence is what they like to taint so that's why I had to keep you all to myself until now. They might rape you, kill you. I don't really care as long as I get to stay inside the city again." He shrugged so sure of himself. "They often murder the ones they aren't pleased with in the most horrible ways. I hope you don't scream if you are one of them. It only makes them want more." He laughed evilly and Aoso froze. A sacrifice she was? To please some sort of demons? Their Gods? So there wasn't only Lucifer?
(Aoso x OC - I was thinking she would be with one of the lords of the demons, but if you have something else in mind let me know!)
Adultery at it's Finest
After the angels fell, the game changed. However, one thing had never changed:she was bound to Lucifer by his large act of sin. Being rapped under God's thump wasn't enough for Lucifer. At first he had kept the rape a secrete, blackmailing her into being with him. Now that Ixie had protested his affections and ran to the one person she had truly sought after, Lucifer had acted. He had come to God in the throne room, kneeling before the creator and brought his golden lance to his hand. There he had pointed the gold tip at the creators heart and said those terrible words that began the fall. He had blurted what he had done, creating the first sin ever and he had made his ruling to try and overthrow God to control her and destroy the angel she sought. Things had not gone well for Lucifer after that and he had easily been cast out of heaven. However innocent Ixie was, God too had turned to her and cast her out to be in Lucifer's clutches for being tainted. Ixie had cared less about the other angels that had fallen for free will. She was stuck in Lucifer's arms, and as the fall lasted nine days, she had been bound to him for nine days. When they had reached earth, Lucifer had made a portal to somewhere new and dragged Ixie along into what depths he now referred to as Hell.

For several long years after the fall, Ixie had been less than pleased with God's decision. He had cast her aside like a piece of trash for being used and tainted. Her soul no longer pure, Ixie had acted like a mad angel as Lucifer kept his clutches on her tying her to him in a manner of betrothal. Still, after dealing with her pain and inflicting pain onto mortals, Ixie had found a moment where she had escaped and returned to earth. She had torn her wings from her back, a means so Lucifer could not find her, and walked the earth in search of a release from her torment and pain. There in desert in the waters, he had found her. The fallen angel Ixie bathing her naked skin and removing the last bone pieces of her wings from her back. At first the face had been unfamiliar to Ixie and he had coaxed her into coming with him. Soon the man had taken advantage of Ixie's weak stake and caused her to break her betrothal, which was more of a lie then real, to create a better sin of lust and betrayal. IT was only when Lucifer had found her, and pulled her back into her clutches that Ixie realized she knew the strange: This odd man that had wanted her so badly and mad with fire in his bed had been none other than the angel she had once sought for attention and love. Questions had poured into her head at that moment. Why was he here? How had he found her? Had he fallen with the rest of them? How would she get back to him to interrogate him?
(Ixie x the angel)

Siren's Music
It's the year 1470. Most of the time things are quite simple and go as they normally should. However there is a world that no mortal sees or knows about. A world they think only belongs in their minds. It's a world full of creatures both good and bad. Gnomes, Trolls, Angels, Demons, Fallen angels, vampires, werewolves, fairies, sirens, other unsorted immortals. However frightening this world may be, it's not often new blood is brought into the mix. Maybe, just maybe, once every millennium a new child is breed into this mysterious world, but often they are kept a secrete for fear of tainting. Both sides will want the new born to swing their way and join their cause. There's more. Often times creatures will steal the child and drink their blood, to regain the immortal status they have now lost. It's now this year when the whispers of a new breed siren is rumoring around and every creature wants to know if the rumors are true for different reasons. Some creatures have pure intent and most have purely evil intent.

Ralisalith is only the age of sixteen, and for sixteen years she has been in hiding. Today, on March 17th, 1470, her parents have finally decided to give way to the baby siren's pleading for daylight. She wants to dance, to siren, to lure humans with her powers of movement and music. Her parents oblige. Letting the baby siren take her violin to a small gathering in a ball, where they allow the young girl to play her songs. However careful her parents have been up until this point, they haven't been careful enough. They think they are alone with humans. They think Ralisalith is safe with blending in as a mortal, but every creature can see the notes flying off of her body as she plays and there is a creature hiding amongst the human's watching and listening. Creatues aren't affected as badly by a siren's music, and a young one will have no real affect on any immortal. Somehow, Ralisalith is different than other young siren's. Her notes have seemed to flutter and floated into the mass of people and sought out the presence of the creature, luring him to her, and he's coming towards just as her music begs. He's intrigued by her music, that such a young siren can have such an effect on him and now he knows the rumors are true. There is a new breed siren, and he's found her. She's more powerful then normal siren's and well, he wants to claim her for unknown reasons. Will she be safe? Will she be kidnapped? Will she be murdered? The fact is, Ralisalith's in danger and her parents can feel it.
(Ralisalith x OC)

Under the Surface
The pure bloods have always been the top of the food chain. They made the rules, they dictated who was sent to do what job or live where. They also could decide who got married if they wanted. Mostly the pure bloods interbred, to keep their blood strong, the other vampires below them, well..they meant little if they were made with a bite. It was them, the pure bloods, the elders who commanded everyone even their own children. When outsiders came and brought new vampires in, either they were deemed worthy or they were killed off. They had lived like this for thousands upon thousands of years, maybe even longer. A vampire child, a pure blood, was hard to come by. The vampires could mate, yes, but pregnancy was never guaranteed. Sometimes it was take centuries even thousands of years before a pure blood child was born. Even then some pure bloods went all their lives and died in battle without ever conceiving a child. That must have been why it was such a blessing when the pure bloods had conceived several children together.

However there came a problem. Unlike minor vampires, pure bloods had problems when giving birth. They didn't conceive half breeds.  Either the child was born full vampire or born full human. It only happened every once in a while that a child was born as a human and they often gave the baby away. That's why it was even more heart breaking when it was the only girl of the group that had been born human. It's true vampires matted, but the amount of pure blood females had dwindled from past wars. They had been the easier targets of the war, to take down the mates and cause the vampires to flea to try and create more of then. That had been the whole reason pure bloods, some without any dignity, had began mating with lesser vampires and thus creating half breeds and different ranks in the vampire system. That had also been the reason some of them had began changing humans, so they could parent something and bring their numbers up.

Now they were paying for that mistake. They had numbers, yes, but they mainly consisted of lesser vampires with little to no powers that wanted more power. They were selfish, and the pure bloods were not happy with this. That must have been why the few of them had mated with other pure bloods to try and have pure blood babies. So they had more pure bloods to control the increasing annoying vampire population of idiots. So they had more leaders and more mates...and once again the attempt had backfired. They had several male pure blood babies human girl. Humans aged differently than pure blood vampires babies. The human pure bloods were still pure bloods, just..well they kept aging till they died. The full vampire babies grew to their twenties, and stopped aging, where as the human pure bloods would keep growing and aging like a normal human till they died. However, there was a way to fix it. If they were patient, one of the pure bloods that wanted to mate with the human could wait until they hit their twenties and turn them. This would awaken the human's pure bloods vampire blood and let it corrupt them, so they too would be a pure blood vampire and not just a pure blood trapped in a human's body. It was not uncommon for the pure blood males to get impatient and turn the female before then, when the female was sixteen through nineteen,  it just often ended badly. The brain would not develop any further and they were stuck in that age and mind set forever, or as long as they weren't staked. Some of them didn't mind, they liked it, having a child to always take care of, but the children often staked themselves. Most of them for the reason they were underdeveloped, some of them had never gone through puberty yet, they were embarrassed to be the young ones while all the other vampires were in their once more actions had backfired. Yet another reason their numbers had dwindled and the pure bloods had nearly become extinct.

The father had to make a choice. Either give up the human girl, or wait to change her or wait till another pure blood decided to change her...It's always hard to take care of a child whose addicted to the light when the family is addicted to the darkness...She is after all, just another pure blood under the surface of her skin.

(Daddy x Daughter
Fight for Dominace
For millions of years they have been hiding in plain sight. Fighting for their territory with other shape shifters. Finally they have found a place to call home, one that can not be taken away from them. London, Paris. It’s everything she’s ever known and she has no room to let another shape shifter get in her way. Crawling up the ranks from nothing to something that is the life Cathria has created for herself here. What can stop her from making it to become one the first female shape shifters to be at the top ever in their history?

London, their home has gone untouched by other shape shifters for as long as she could remember and probably longer. They have their treaties, they have their rules. However, they had not made treaties with all the shape shifters in the world. During the holocaust some of the shape shifters had been pushed out of their homeland and had to hide. They had to look for somewhere safe. No one wanted to be discovered and killed, not because they were handicap, Jewish, etc, it would be for the simple fact they were different. So the shape shifters in Europe hide underground.

It has been years since WWII and the 20th century began long ago. Once idle underground in Europe old forgotten shape shifters have emerged. They must go hunting, looking for new places to call their home. These other shape shifters have been moving around Europe trying to find a place where other shape shifters lived, a place where they have no treaty keeping them at bay. London, that’s why it is so promising. Cathria’s family has never seen these group of shape shifters, has never heard of them. Now they step into the streets of London . There is no treaty they want, there is no treaty they have ever made with one another. They are taking jobs, blending into society and bringing up their lives. Which makes it harder to get rid of them. Especially since most of Cathria’s family has lived in the shadows of London, not drawing any attention to themselves. These new comers are doing just that. They are trying to be human, make relations with normal beings, and some of them are even becoming famous....Cathria has already been given the task to get rid of them, or make them bend to their rules. How exactly is she suppose to get rid of them when they are acting more human than she’s used to? She could dispose of them like an animal, but then again they know exactly that there are other shape shifters here, and they would not be afraid to point fingers.

A fights beginning to brew in London, for which of the groups get to stay. There will be some casualties, their will be blood, their will be tears, and one of them will lose. The question is who? Why? How?..and what do they plan to do with the other when they win?

(Cathria x opposing werewolf packs wolf)
Ghostly Touch
The glorious summer of 2013 couldn't have gotten here any faster. She's graduated from high school, going to college in a new city without her parents and what's more? Yosa is renting an old abandoned house and fixing it up. Nothing seems wrong, it's just an old house that needs some love. Her uncle and aunt had picked out the old run down Georgian styled home for their niece figuring she would like it so. However beautiful the outside of the house is, the inside is atrocious. Boards are scattered on the ground, flooring is missing, the stairs are gone, and Yosa is in over her head with a summer full of labor. She's traveled to this small house, repairing it as best she can to it's former glory so she might be able to move in. After all, the college semester has not started yet and Yosa has plenty of time to sleep on the old floor in a sleeping bag after a hard day of labor.

For the first several nights of sleeping on the floor, nothing seemed to be wrong. Everything seemed to be accurate, an old house with a pretty punk girl sleeping in it fixing it up, it was only on the 7th night things began to get weird. Yosa was startled awake by something falling and breaking on the kitchen floor. She had climbed out of her sleeping bag as quickly as she could and ran to see what it was. The tile that had neatly been placed on one of the marble counters that was done had been thrown across to the other side of the kitchen and shattered into a million pieces. No way could something like that have moved on it's own. At first Yosa decides to ignore this event until a slight chill crawls up her back and she hears footsteps in the living room where she had just come from. Her mind is running a hundred different scenarios in it at a time, but the one thing it keeps falling to is an intruder in the house. The closest neighbor is ten miles away and Yosa is surrounded by land. The house is an easy target for a home invasion and Yosa is prepared for just that. She grabs a hammer, turning to enter the living room again as all the lights in the house suddenly shut off.  She swings the hammer about wildly as voices start muttering all around her. Yosa's frightened, but she isn't about to go down without a fight. At the moment she is swinging around the hammer like a mad woman she feels something, touching her, a hand? Yosa flinches trying to get away from the hand but then there's another and before she knows it she's unarmed, defenseless and trying to swat away the grabbing hands. A light flickers on, startling her as she sees nothing there, but she can still feel them, hands crawling up and down her skin, someone pressing into her a voice laughing. Frightened, Yosa runs into another room only to have the door slammed closed on her and locked. She tries to run to the window to get out, but something is holding the window down as if it was bolted. That mocking laughter, it's in her ear taunting her.

First thought was that it was a home invasion, now Yosa is figuring herself mad. There is a voice in her head, hands on her body touching her in the no no parts, and she's sure there is nothing there. Trapped in a room with the doors and windows locked and...the lights shut off again this time causing her to scream in surprise as she looks down. Visible the hands are now that are touching her, but they are glowing and hungry for attention. She isn't one to believe in ghosts, but there's no more doubting on what this might as of this moment. Can ghosts really be sex crazed? How is it that the hands feel as though the person is actually there with her. Is there some secrete she can reveal about this haunting? Or will Yosa get pulled down with the ghost's desires and her own?

(Yosa x Ghost/OC)

RP Example#1     /Spoiler introductions to The Mirror
Every year her college went on the same field trip to the same place in Egypt to the same museums. It was the most boring trip of the year, yet Annette always found the trips exciting. It enticed her, the museums they had filled with the old pharaohs and their things. This museum that they came to every year had a new exhibit of a unnamed pharaoh that had been discovered in the sands with his things. Annette was the first one out of the bus and running with the stairs into the museum. She had seen everything in these halls, time and time again and now there was something new to look at that she couldn't wait for.

"Annette slow down you hopping bunny of energy!" Her gay friend Star had called to her. Annette paused at the top stairs of the museum looking down at the dyke and smiled as she took her long red hair and began to braid it before pinning it up. She straightened her pale teal top and fixed the belt around her pants that held them up. Annette bent down to swat the sand off her combat boots as Star finally met her at the top of the stairs. Star weaved her arms through one of Annette's small pale one as they busted through the museum doors. "Ah don't you just love the smell of the undead Annette? Of course you do...I can see that twinkle in your eyes." Annette rolled her eyes.

It took then a couple minutes to go through the museum until they finally were at the new display. Usually there was guide to tell them more about the display, but there was nothing really special about the glass case. Star took one look at the case, huffed and pulled away from Annette before going to the other exhibits. No one really seemed interested in the case but Annette wanted a closer look. There were two cases in the middle of the room. One with the sarcophagus of the pharaoh and the other with the things they had found, or at least some of them, in a standing up glass case. There seemed to be a few things for a woman looked in the case, hair pins, jewelry someone of that time might wear, and a mirror. "None of these things look like things a pharaoh would have.." Annette muttered to herself as she examined the mirror closer. She crouched down, crossing her arms over her chest. The mirror looked brand new, and it glistened as she glimpsed inside of it. There were jewels embedded into the mirror, gold spun around the handle and Annette placed her hands against the glass case. She wanted to touch the mirror, to examine it and see if maybe a name had been inscribed on the back. Instead the mirror shinned and rippled and Annette's brows furrowed in curiosity. She pressed her face closer to the glass as the case started to shake. "Hey Star! You have to come look at this!" As she got to her feet the room started to shake and it was like Annette had been drugged as she tried to move, the room was spinning around her and before she could even think to yell for someone again she had hit the ground.

The noises came first to her ears, but there was only black on the back of her eyelids. Annette rolled on her back. Maybe Star had heard her calling for her and came into the room, but the ground felt funny. Was she...on sand? She moved her fingers around, pushing the sand around her fingers hit something metal before she slowly began to open her eyes. She saw the sky first before she heard the native tongue of the land being shouted out amongst the streets. Annette sat up roughly, her hands grasping whatever they had found in the sand. She picked it up clutching it to her chest as she pushed her back against the wall of a building. She was in an alleyway..but it was like she was on set for a movie. Was she dreaming? Was someone playing a bad joke on her? Annette looked down in her hands at the item she was the mirror in the case and it was glistening at her. "How the...what the fuck is going on?" Annette almost screamed.
RP Example#2   /Spoiler Introduction to Malfunctions
The room was quiet and still. Darkness had cloaked it's walls except for the little lights on the side of the large capsules in the room. They lined up hovering above the ground one small pillars. The capsules were large and white with small little blinking blue and green buttons to the side that indicated certain things. It was only the fact that the room was vacant except for these capsules that made the lights duty of reflecting something irrelevant.
A large beeping noise came from the capsules, a light flicking on over the white dome head. The doors to the room flung open as two men stepped inside talking amongst themselves. One held up a panel and the other clapped his hands so the lights flickered on. The lighting was dim, but it gave them enough room to see where they were going so they did not trip over their white robes. Slowly the two men made their way to the beeping capsule. The younger of the too went to the little blinking buttons as the elder held onto panel and pressed random buttons on it.
"Well? Is it ready to be opened?" The elder man asked the younger one. The young man cleared his throat as he hit a few buttons before the top of the dome blinked and disappeared. Inside the capsule was some sort of green mass of liquid and wires pouring into the green liquid. "She's being summoned to the Council. Hurry and wake her up Otiu." The young man watched as the elder man left and closed the doors with a loud thud. The vibrations caused the liquid inside the capsole to ripple and it was shortly after that a small hand emerged to hold onto one of the sides. Then another hand pushed forth through the liquid and held onto the side. The small female hands gripped onto the corners before pulling herself up out of the liquid. Her eyes were the first to open as she gasped for air and moved to remove the wires stuck up her nose and attached to the rest of her body. She turned her attention to the young man as he cleared his throat noticing that she was naked.
"M-Morning Sofia! You've been called to the council!" Otiu announced as he bowed his head. Sofia ran her pale hand over her wet black hair before she slowly moved and pushed herself to a standing up position. She stood at a mere 5'4 but her brows were furrowed and her hands her on her sides as she looked down at the embarrassed man. Her long brown hair reached past her butt either indicating she had been asleep inside the capsule for a while or she had refused to cut it. Her large bust was revealed, large white orbs that were perky as they were full and they stood at the size of 36c. Sofia's golden eyes scanned the room as she coughed up some of the liquid and spit it out into the capsule before extending her arms to Otiu. "Help me out...and fetch my clothing." Otiu looked up and grabbed Sofia's arms. She jumped down then onto the cold marble floor with his help. Leaning on him seemed needed from her early awakening, but Sofia cared less about her shaking legs as she pushed Otiu away to fetch her clothing. He went to the corner of the room and started poking at a wall. Lights chimed in under his fingers as he went before the wall split in two and revealed a room with hanging outfits stretched in a line. A voice, robotic, clicked into play above Otiu's head. "State their name." The robotic women's voice called and Otiu cleared his throat as he looked back at Sofia. Otiu turned back towards the room, it was apparent now that there was a thick glass in his way from touching any of the hanging outfits. "Sofia Laine Vesik, soldier of the Senate, 0067839." Otiu called out the code and words he had been told to earlier and the voice above him paused before making a clicking noise in acceptance of his information. "Accepted." The robotic voice replied. The room in front of him lit up then, and a suit in the far back was lit up. The machine started to move, bringing all of the suits forward until the one highlighted was closest. A small robotic arm came out of the panel and picked up the outfit before bringing it forward. The glass slide to the side and the arm stopped a little ways out of the room to present the outfit. Otiu gratefully accepted it and slung it over his arm. "Thank you Uon!" Otiu turned his attention to Sofia as the arm retracted inside the room and the glass slide shut before the walls came to cover it back up. He moved slowly to her before presenting the outfit. Sofia grabbed the purple jumpsuit and slide it on. It was like wearing latex, it clung to her body and showed off her curves, but that wa not the purpose for it's appearance. Otiu moved to the capsule Sofia had been in, closing it and shutting it down before he bent down. He clicked on the floor before it slide open and revealed a pair of black boots, gloves, and a small piece of black glass. Otiu scoped all of the items up before shutting the panel and he moved to present it to Sofia as she finished zipping up the side of the suit. The zipper disappeared when Sofia was done and she began to click on her wrist. Lights shined on her wrist before a hologram popped up above it. It showed a chart, revealing the levels of her suit in take. Sofia clicked her wrist again dismissing the suit's chart before she took the items from Otiu's hands. She slide on the boots, they were long and heavy and stopped just below her crotch. Sofia tightened the panels on the boots before grabbing for the long black gloves. She slide them over her arms and adjusted the straps before moving to pick up the glass. Sofia situated the glass over her right eye before lightly tapping it with her finger and releasing it. The glass hovered over her face before expanding. The glass expanded, making a black sheet over her eyes before expanding further. It stretched out into a black material that moved over her skull and settled there after adjusting itself to her head's size to stay on take. The small sheet of glass had made it's own helmet and it only took seconds before the black glass lit up in front of her eyes with information. "All systems on." She heard a small voice call in the panel inside of her ear from the helmet. Sofia sighed and nodded before stretching out and wringing her hair out. "Alright. I'm ready." Otiu nodded his head and moved to lead her out of the room.

It seemed to take forever for them to finally get here, to the briefing room, but when Otiu had done his duties he left. Sofia had moved in, to find some members of the council mixed with the Senate looking at her. In front of them on a table were guns laid out. Her golden eyes only scanned the equipment before she turned to the men as they addressed her. They merely said hello, before going straight in on what had happened. "We need you to retrieve something for us...Someone stole it and decided to time skip." Sofia nodded her head silently as she moved to finish braiding her long hair and put it up out of her way. "I won't ask what it is, I'm guessing it's important if I was woken up early, I'll only ask when I leave." Sofia pursed her lips together ad the men smiled at her. "So eager!" one called. "That's the soldiers of the Senate for you!" Another laughed. A man stepped forward pointing to the weapons and cleared his throat. "Pick your weapon wisely Sofia, and then go now..the coordinates have already been implemented into your suit, you only need to activate the time skip." Sofia nodded and moved forward to the table. She grabbed a large automatic silver gun and opened all of it's glowing panels before closing them. She pulled the strap from the gun and flung it over her back before picking up a small hunting knife and shoving it into a loop around her waste. The men moved then, gathering together and conversing as they began to leave. She only briefly paid attention to them before she started to poke at the collar of her suit. The suit lit up and the voice chimed in her ear again, "Coordinates set and ready. Initializing time skip." Sofia sighed before the light of the suit engulfed her and blinded her...and she was on her way.

When the light subsided indicating she had made her destination, she had expected to be on land in a crater like usual. Instead, as Sofia opened her eyes and gasped, she was falling. She flailed her arms as she looked around at the ground below, but before she had time to move her hands to touch her suit she thudded against the ground with a loud Crack! The air was pushed out from her lungs and she rolled on the ground. The roll was involuntary and it didn't stop. Sofia continued to roll down a steep hill, the gun on her back slamming into her as well as the sheathed knife bit into her hip. It was only when Sofia's body jumped up again and she smacked head first into a boulder that she screamed in a bit of pain. Her body easily thudded to the ground next to the boulder and Sofia rolled on her back as she spit up some blood. The glass of her helmet had been cracks and sparks were coming off her suit. "System malfunction." The small robotic voice chimed into her ears and Sofia grunted. "No fucking shit!" She sat up slowly and reached for the helmet before pulling it off her face and slamming it into the boulder to watch it shatter. "Well, I guess I'll just blindly go about my business even further...." Sofia took the gun off her back and held it in both hands as she moved to her feet. She wasn't quit sure where she was and she moved to go down the hill further into the vacant lands.
It was only when she turned the corner behind a hill that the stench of death hit her, and her face twisted in disgust. "Lovely..." Sofia grumbled as she moved closer to the stench of death until she found it...the bloody battlefield where men had axes and swords sticking out of their corpses. "Well..." Sofia grunted at the sight before shrugging it off and moving forward into the battlefield. The mass amount of death never seemed to end and Sofia walked for hours in the battlefield. When she finally got on top of a hill, she paused behind a tree. Sofia pressed her back against the tree before looking over her shoulder at the sound of men talking in a weird language below. She squinted as they walked, bloody from the fight, and cheered one another on. Sofia strained to hear the words coming out of their lips, of any indication of what language they were speaking. When she finally heard it she knocked her head against the tree and sighed in relief. At was a language she knew how to speak and understand. With that information, Sofia moved out from behind the tree and down the hill."Wait! You two!" Maybe...approaching the men wasn't the brightest of ideas and they paused to turn around and look at her. Sofia froze realizing what she must have looked like to them, something very out of place. She held up the gun pointing it at them as she cleared her throat. "D-Don't move! I just need to ask you something.."
RP Example#3 /Spoiler introductions to Siren's Music
For sixteen years she had been kept in hiding underground. Being trapped underground wasn't so bad. She had gotten used to the fact her parents had and were her only friends, the only ones she could trust. They had explained to her why they had done such a thing, kept her in hiding all her life, and she had understood to an extent. They had feared for her life, much like any parent given the situation they were all in. Both good and evil wanted to use her, or any new breed for that matter, to turn the tides in their long worn out war. Some even had more sinister plots to kill the new breeds and use their immortal blood to regain the immortality they had lost. She had learned to stay away from the waking world of humans, and she had lived under the ground in the cave as a good little girl.

Everyday had been practically the same for Ralisalith who nothing more than a toddler when it came to her siren's age. She was the human age of sixteen, but to someone who lived for eternity she was nothing more than an infant just learning how to teeth and wield her powers. Everyday as the clock struck noon, her father had returned to their cave with mail from the waking world. He was normally careful, and had kept the mail away from Ralisalith's prying eyes so she had grown to wonder about the world above. Still, on a Tuesday, her father had faltered on his attempts to protect his daughter's innocence and had left the mail slewed out on the mahogany table. There, while she was playing with some dolls her mother had bought her, Ralisalith had bumped into the table and the mail had fallen onto her dressed back. She had sat up, baffled and reached to pick up the nicely folded letters. At that exact moment, Ralisalith had grabbed a letter that had caught her attention. Her pale fingers had skimmed the outside of the page that was embroidered with fancy lace, and she had read the scrolling print of a handwritten invitation to a human's ball. Her gold specked eyes had lit up with amusement as she had read and read, until her father had come into the room and snatched the invitation from her hands.

"You shouldn't be reading our mail Ralisa!" Her father had snapped, calling her by a nickname her parents had found befitting of the young siren. Her gold specked eyes were dancing, the thought of something new brimming and exciting in her head. "You might taint your mind." Her father had staed gravely before rolling up the papers so she could no longer see the fine black ink through the thick parchment.

"It fell, I was curious." Ralisalith had retorted dropping her gaze to her handmade white dress. "What's a ball?" Ralisalith had looked up, her eyes twinkling in the dim candle light mixing with the brown hue and gold. Her father had sighed, shifting his weight on his foot.

"A gathering of sort mortals like to endure. I won't have you going." He crossed his twiggy arms across his chest, looking down at the little teenage mortal looking child that was sitting on her knees with dolls thrown around her on the floor.

"I want to go! I want to see the gathering!" Ralisalith had cried like a child, so eager to get out of her prison to explore a world she was not allowed to touch. Her father had shook his head, lips parting to speak when her mother had danced through the doorway.

"If she wants to go we should let her. We can tag along Dryl. To make sure she's safe." Her mother was smiling, a hand on the framework of the door. She had moved the pale hand to grab the note in her husband's clutches, before snapping it out so it was unfolded before her violet eyes. "Besides love. It's human writing, there should be nothing to worry about." She smiled more, showing off her perfect straight white teeth behind red lips. Dryl's gold hues fell on the parchment before tearing it out of his wife's hands. 
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Re: Lust's Fantasy RPs inside and waiting! (Female seeking male dominate)
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Taken Plots
Stepping back in time is as easy as one, two, three for any mercenary for the cause. You get your orders to follow some criminal back in time, retrieve what's been stolen and bring it back to the Senate. It's the same for Sofia Laine Vesik. She get's her orders to follow a fellow solider back in time and retrieve the stolen goods and bring it back to the capital. Sofia had no idea where she would be going back in time, her only idea was to retrieve the stolen goods that the Senate told her to retrieve.
No one ever told her she would be going back into the Vikings era to hunt down this villain. At first everything looks like it's running smoothly, she goes through the time warp to the Vikings era and all she has to do is hunt down the man...well until her suit starts malfunctioning and Sofia has no way to travel back home without the other person from her time zone and when the Vikings see her, their only explanation for her appearance is she was sent by Thor..this can not end well for Sofia.

(Sofia x Viking)

The Mirror
Annette is always fascinated with Ancient Egypt. Hell wherever she went there had to be something on the culture or she refused to go. That was just her way of thinking, her way of life. It was the whole reason she had agreed to go on a trip with some friends to see the museums about the Pharaohs that ruled all of Egypt, and she never figured which sarcophagus they would find. Easily Annette was intrigued when word came out that it was the first pharaoh’s sarcophagus that had been found and she wanted nothing more to see what they had found with it. So there she found herself in a museum walking around his sarcophagus and...finding a mirror that had been forgotten on the floor. Slowly Annette had picked it up and glimpsed into the mirror and there she could see Ancient Egypt reflected in the mirror. Surprised, she walked around with it eying what the streets would have looked like back then and she never questioned how or why the mirror worked like that. Still awe struck by the mirror, Annette continued to walk about until she bummed into a large stone and the mirror went flying out of her hand. As soon as it hit the ground the mirror shattered to pieces and a bright light enveloped Annette in it.
When Annette opened her eyes, she was not in the museum anymore, she was back on the streets..but not the present day streets. She found herself in an alleyway, and people bustling and walking about crowding the streets of Egypt. When Annette laid eyes on the people she knew she was in trouble. Somehow the mirror that had shattered had brought her back in time to the first days of Egypt and she was still holding onto the broken mirror of the pharaoh in her shirt and jeans. If anything, Annette knew even if she was naked she would stick out like a sore thumb. Pale skin vs the tan skin of Egyptians made it hard for her to blend in, and how was she suppose to explain the pharaoh’s mirror in her hand?
(Annette x Pharaoh, or Annette x Pharaoh’s son)

Arranging the wrong kind of Marriage
Zara had known someday this would be coming, but unlike most of the lessors of the realm, she had clearly not wanted it. She had spent her whole miserable life trying her best not to catch anyone's fancy. Not the kings, not their sons, not the soldiers, not even the men in her village. She had tried her hardest to make herself undesirable, but it seemed someone had found her and knew her secrete, or perhaps just how lovely she was under the shawl and many robes she wore.

She had spent her whole life trying not to be seen in the village. Hiding her beauty as best she could and had crawled out of her house many times to the blacksmith to...have him crate her "brother" armor. Zara had a brother indeed, but the armor was not for him. It was black and brutal with many spikes all over the body, and as she had requested the smith had forged her armor of the best dragon steel he could get his hands on. The armor, had been made for her, but only Zara truthfully knew that.

Several nights Zara had snuck out to join the king's army to fight and the war and with her helmet and stack of black armor, she had been dubbed the Black Knight, one of the most brutal of warriors with a particular way of fighting. She fought with no weapons, only the large and small spikes riddled all over her armor served as her weapon. Zara had become the best at hand to hand combat and the spikes, well made her even more deadlier.

News had spread throughout the kingdom about the Black Knight, and Zara had stayed low. She had not wanted anyone to find out she was a female in a mans way of the army, only several brutal looking women had ever been acknowledged in the army. She had thought her secretes had been safe, who she really was and her beauty, but it seemed someone had found out Zara's beauty and had called for her father to approve their hands in marriage. Zara was less than pleased, and she knew what was at stake. If she married she would never be able to leave to fight in another war, and the Black Knight disappearing could mean panic amongst the army. She knew they would go looking for her, for the Black Knight until they found the truth, and that meant trouble. She needed a way out of this marriage and the only way Zara knew how to get out of the marriage was to murder the man she was betrothed to. Zara had a plan. Who would deny the Black Knight entry into their home? No one. So she had decided to come to his house as the Black Knight and to murder him the only way she knew best: As the brutal, unmerciful Black Knight.
(Zara x OC)

It's always the same; running, she always running and someone is always following her, chasing her, and hunting her down. Vaserus tries her hardest to run as fast as she can in her dreams, but the person has a pull on her. Taunting, they always are, mocking and waiting seeming to know her every turn. The nightmares never to seem to end any other way besides Vaserus waking in a cold hard sweat.

"Ew, you smell like death." The soft voice of her sister calls, laughing at her.
"Shut up Star, did you get it? My dream?" Star poked her head up and huffed a bit before holding up the dream-catcher that glistened in the moon light.
"Done and Done! Nabbed it while your pretty violet head was sleeping." Star hopped onto the bed, wiggling around until she got comfortable. "Now let's have a looksi!" Star set the dream-catcher in the middle of the bed. Her hands dancing above it as she chanted.
"Do you really need to do that?" Star grinned shaking her head.
"It's only for the effect! The Effect Vaserus!" Vaserus grunted at Star, but the dream catcher before to hoover above the bed. It spun and spun before twirling around and stopping as light pooled out from it. As the light speckled, it soon shifted together to mae a bigger orb of light in the middle of the dream catcher. There the light shifted bigger, before pulling into a vision of the dream Vaserus had just had. "No more pause! We want to see what happened oh wise dream catcher of Vaerus's!" Vaserus grunted and rolled her eyes as she leaned closer, putting her chin in her hand. She watched as the stilled figures in the ball of light began to move. Vaserus saw the vision of herself, running, frantic to get away. However frantic it was, her face seemed calm and knowing and as she ran, she smashed face first into a black mass. Vaserus's vision looked up and it's eyes locked with someone's glowing eyes. Her vision froze before mouthing someone's name they couldn't make out. "OH ho ho! So your subconsciousness know the figure chasing you! How juicy!" Vaserus kicked Star, causing the small thing to jump up and hover in the air. "Not nice missy! I'm just showing you what you wanted to see!"
"Then be quiet will you! You paused the vision again!" Vaserus flicked the vision back to life. The vision grew bigger and brighter, causing Vaserus to flinch in the darkness, before her eyes adjusted as the light dimmed. There the vision was rolling again and it showed the massive figure that her vision self had known by name. His wings were unfurled showing their mass and great glory, and his hands rested on his shoulders.
" remember me my love." The stranger called to her vision self. "Only in your dreams I can come to you now, but soon I will find you in the waking world." Vaserus froze in real life. Maybe this vision was something she had made up to feel better about herself. Star huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest. As her vision self began to open her mouth to speak, Vaserus flicked it to pause it.
"What is it Star?"
"You know what that old priest said before? You remember right? 'There will be a day when you remember what you are and whose coming for you.' I think he's talking about this." Star shrugged her arms in the arm. "We already know what we are, but whose coming for you? Your subconsciousness knows but we don't."
"And well...the priest did call you 'cursed' and 'bound to run this earth into darkness.'"
"So you think this has to pertain to my dreams." Vaserus laughed back non her arms and tilted her head up grunting. "They are just dumb nightmares Star!" Star leaned forward with a grunt and pinched the vision so it flicked back into play mode.
"Come to me, I'll wait for you." She listened to her vision self say and Vaserus blinked a few times blushing. Star busted out laughing.
"Oh no please! Don't come to me my wittle legs can't holds in their affection for you!" Star mocked her and Vaserus rolled her eyes. "OH Vaserus you are so easy to tease. So one, you are in love with a creepy alluring man in your dreams. Two, he wants to find you in the waking world. Three, you are sooo bad at pretending you aren't amused by this." Star counted on her fingers before grinning at Vaserus.
Vaserus punched the vision causing the dream catcher to tumble and snap on the floor. "Listen Star. Whatever he is or wants from me it can't be good!" Star rolled her eyes and danced to the room to the previous night's dream catcher.
"You don't remember yesterday nights dream do you?" Vaserus looked at her with angry brows. "It was something about a past life and how you two would always find each other and blah blah blah 'oh we'll break this curse!' You have to remember your dreamy self saying that, right?" Vaserus grunted. She hated being portrayed as a weak girl in love.
"I swear to God I will find this stupid man and kill him for letting me look like a fool!"
"Awe but what if he's really your 'soul mate." Star fluttered her eyes in a dreamy gaze, no doubt mocking Vaserus more.
"OH shut up!" Vaserus screamed.
(Vaserus x OC) Yeah it was sort of an interesting way to put a plot, but sometimes I find rping the plot makes it a little easier to get the jest of the direction it's going in.
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Re: Lust's Fantasy RPs inside and waiting! (Female seeking male dominate)
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New plots # 2, 13 and 14 added

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Re: Lust's Fantasy RPs inside and waiting! (Female seeking male dominate)
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Plot # 15 Ghostly Touch, added