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Author Topic: The Exemplar Code (dark superhero D/s) M seeking F  (Read 296 times)

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The Exemplar Code (dark superhero D/s) M seeking F
« on: July 22, 2013, 11:09:11 PM »
All of these story ideas take place in the Exemplarverse, a dark modern day version of our own world. In a landscape ruled by chaos and coruption The Exemplars are the only force of order left. These men and women have vast powers and are guided by an ancient code. The Exemplars are the last beacon of light in an otherwise dark world but even this brave group has dark secrets. Thier code has a tradition of pain, power exchange and embracing your own demons. To become an Exemplar means being broken by the code. To remain an Exemplar means breaking others...

Here is a primer for the universe that I wrote up

The Setting: The game takes place in a darker chaotic alternate reality of our modern day. Many large governments have failed or had to give up large areas of their country due to lack of income. About a quarter of the world has been abandoned to anarchy and another quarter has been reclaimed by a few large worldwide corporations (Pacifica for instance is the city state that has taken over what use to be Las Angeles). Those governments that are still standing are largely corrupt. Even mother nature appears to be rebelling, with weather getting more severe and strange.

The Exemplars: This group of men and women stand as one of the last beacons of hope in a bleak world. They appear to posses enhanced abilities and mystical powers based on an ancient code that is only known by them. Very little is known about them by the outside world, except that they stand up for the defenseless and they have declared themselves above any other authority in the world. They have a base of operations called the Cithadel that stands in the ruins of London and they resources that rival the mega corporations.

Samaritan: Most consider this powerhouse woman warrior to be the defacto leader of the Exemplars. She runs the Cithadel at least and often takes charge of the other members.
Night Watch: A cunning, brutal fighter known for his tactical mind and power to control shadows. He works primarily on the abandoned west coast of the United States and the pacific ocean.
Gaia: A woman known for her magical abilities to control nature. She works closely with Samaritan to protect Europe and Africa.
The Bowler Hat: a mysterious figure that is always seen with the rest of the group and seems to be ageless. Maybe wonder if he is in fact the true brains behind the group.
Silent Knight: a ninja of sorts known for his quick sword work and his ability to manipulate electricity.
The Gunsmith: A loud mouth party boy who is known to be an expert of all types of firearms. He helps protect Asia with Silent Knight.
Ironside: The former sidekick of Samaritan and the only one to survive with her long enough to become an exemplar. He is known for his resiliency and helps run the Cithadel.
The Madame: A British hero who worked under Night Watch. She has some shadow powers and also is an expert of disguise. Her “beat” is Australia.
Storm Crow: A native American hero who is a profile and tracker who has some ability to manipulate nature. He use to work under Night Watch.
Virtual Grlll: Because of a tragic accident Aria Jones is trapped in digital form. She works from the Cithadel and is the techo wiz.

The Exemplar Code
Very little is known about the Code or how the Exemplars get their powers. I will give you a little bit of tease for three different parts of their secret society so that you are not entirely in the dark, but keep in mind some of this would not be in character knowledge.

The Breaking: The ritual that creates an Exemplar is a long, hard process. The Code claims that only a soul that has been tested and nearly broken can survive the ritual as an Exemplar. So when one is in training they are not only taught how to be strong, and how to survive…but they are also pushed to their limits. Often times in the days leading up to the ritual the prospect is tortured, made to think they have loss everything and otherwise manipulated. Then when they are ready they are flown to the Citadel for the ritual.

The Shadow Dance: The power of an Exemplar is not unlimited. Often times an Exemplar has to refresh their powers by taking part in a Shadow Dance. The Dance involves giving in to one of the heroes darker desires so that they see the darkness and can then avoid it any other time. Because of the need for this ritual the Cithadel provides the heroes with ways to act out their darker desires.

The Alchemist: The first Exemplar was created over five hundred years ago and he is still alive today. He is known by the outside world as The Bowler Hat but he is in fact an alchemist who claims to have learned how to contain the true elements of existence. It is exposure to these elements that lead to the Exemplars having their mystical powers. 

(All of these stories will have elements of D/s and non con. How dark it gets depends on the other player.)

The Watch

Night Watch has been an Exemplar for a long time, protecting what's left of the west coast from crime lords, pirates and corrupt corporations. He has guided two to thier Breaking (Storm Crow and The Madame) and now it was time to try a third. She was the recruit, driven to the cause by tragedy and unaware of what was to come. Her training had begun.

The Interrogation

The Cithadel is the main base for the Exemplars. Inside the group has caught a powerful terrorist that one has been in training for the Breaking. Now it falls on the shoulders of Ironside (the one man strong enough to survive being trained by the leader of the Exemplars) to interrogate her. The job will not be easy for these two have a history that goes back to thier training and a dark secret they shared...

Inside Job

Kid Chaos might just be the first villain to learn the Exemplar Code but he went know for sure until he trains one of his own. What he doesn't know is that his star pupil is a double agent. But can even the Exemplars top recruit handle a mission that requires this level of deception and can get soul survive the trials of the world first supervillain.

The Hunters * taken *

Storm Crow was once just an Exemplar in training until Night Watch broke him and he gained his powers. Now he has quickly become the best at the Cithadel when it comes to tracking criminals and understanding the deranged. After many years of work crossing the globe and bringing down the worse killers in a world filled with killers, the young hero has a new assignment: train and break his own Exemplar. But right as his training starts a killer emerges that stumps even Storm. Will his new apprentice have some special insight into this new threat. 
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Re: The Exemplar Code (dark superhero D/s) M seeking F
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2013, 03:07:24 PM »
Added The Hunters onto the list.

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Re: The Exemplar Code (dark superhero D/s) M seeking F
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2013, 09:22:49 AM »
Added primer and updated...