Sith Apprentices (Star Wars, NC)

Started by elfguy, July 22, 2013, 08:49:19 PM

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Even though Valah is a Mirialan, and she was discovered by Jedi and sent to the Temple to become a Padawan, it did not take her long to realize she wanted far more than what the Jedi could offer. One night, when she was still young, she killed her master, a few Temple guards, and fled the planet, heading for Korriban. Ever since she joined the Sith Academy as an Apprentice, she has thrived, her masters and fellow students have been surprised at both her skills with the Force and lightsabers. She also has a great, athletic body, and doesn't shy away from showing it off, making a lot of others jealous, yet knowing they can't surpass her. That is, until today. A new Apprentice joined her class, and this one is also very promising. So much so, that one day, their masters sent both off in a joint mission to a Sith Lord tomb. While there, they compete every step of the way, trying to get the better of each other, until at the end they duel, and Valah loses. Stunned at having lost for the first time ever, she expects to be killed, but instead the other student decides to keep her alive, recognizing her skills and value as a Sith. Instead, she makes her swear to be loyal, and become a pet for all eternity. From that point on, Valah is forced to serve as nothing but a pet, fighting when commanded to, and pleasuring her master whenever she is ordered to.

For this RP I will play Valah and I need someone to play a M or F fellow Apprentice who will challenge her in the tomb and win, turning Valah into his or her pet.



Seems rather interesting, do you have any preference in terms of what race your partner plays? I have been dying to play a Kaleesh for a while now. But it is all up to you, I am very much interested in this and I would love to discuss things further if you want
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I'm definitely interested. Same as Dane though, do you have any race preferences for the fellow apprentice? I'd happy to talk about the details at whatever length you want.
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Right now I have already someone taking the spot, but I'll let you know if openings occur.