The Arizona cabin (lesbian, rough, NC)

Started by elfguy, July 22, 2013, 08:36:49 PM

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Going across Arizona on a small road that goes along the desert seemed like a good shortcut at the time, but when the car broke down and she was left stranding in the middle of nowhere, things became desperate. The young girl who was just trying to go back west to find a new job instead found herself with nothing, and no idea where to go. So far from civilization, her cellphone didn't work, and she had only limited provisions. So she decided to leave her broken down car on this empty road and try to find some help.

She thought to be fortunate when she saw a house out in the distance, and quickly headed that way. It wasn't a big house, more like a large wooden cabin. But there were lights, so someone lived there. Hoping they would have a working phone or some way to help, she went up to the door and knocked. Of course in the back of her mind, she also feared that the place would be filled with thugs, men who would see the lonely girl and take advantage of her. She was relieved to see a girl open the door. However, her relief did not last long as she looked at how this person was dressed. It turned out that the owner of this cabin was a gun nut, and through regular use of drugs and alcohol, she had become very paranoid of the government and others. So instead of help, the poor lost motorist instead was captured by this gun nut. From there began the abuse, as she was questioned about things she could not answer, like who sent her, why she was here, and what secret organization she was a part of. All she could hope for was find some way to convince the crazy girl to let her go, before she got bored with her and decided to finish her.

For this RP I need someone to play a female motorist who will break down on a desert road and knock on Jessica's door to try and get help. I will play Jessica, the gun enthusiast who's highly paranoid and very suspicious of everyone else. She will take your character prisoner and abuse her physically and sexually trying to extract information. How rough things get is up to you.