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Author Topic: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)  (Read 478 times)

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Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« on: July 22, 2013, 03:26:17 AM »
Hello everyone if you are here you are interested in whatever stories I have to try, well I'm going to list my potential stories hopefully they are to your liking ;).

Alright so I will try to list all my potential ideas and in the explanation it will label if it is story driven or just a smutty one shot.

As well I don't have a lot of ideas in the workings yet or stories developed to be honest, I'm open to ideas if you see any that are closely resembling my own.  I will be using this as my check when I accumulate or have random inspiration for ideas, just easier to list them here :P.

As well for RP venues I am ok with using forums here or if you would like the more instantaneous responses I also have AiM and YiM if you also wish :).

Fantasy Plots:

The Serelian(story oriented)
The Serelians are a race of fish like humanoid creatures that dwell in the seas, scale like skin and black eyes but still have a human like figure despite that and are able to breath underwater. They specialize in illusion and water based magic sometimes in conjunction, the females of the race us this to take on a fully human or elven form and entice sea fairing denizens they meet. Leading them to die purely for enjoyment, it is a sort of sport for the Serelian race.

However there was one of these female seductresses that did something no one expected, she was with her sisters when they were targeting a ship from the naval power of Calaia. On board this ship there was a young elf about 19 in age, he was only an apprentice and despite his potential for power still is inexperienced and is still learning to control it. The ship hits a rocky surface as the boat nears a medium sized island that forms a bit of a dome in the center where the water forms a small natural port, however one of the Serelian's sees the young elf struggling in the water.

As her sisters close in on the young elven mage the oddest thing takes place, the woman would rush forward past her sisters to grab him and manages to get him to the island and on dry land. He was taken from his mission he intended to complete but was saved strangely by one of the creatures seeking to kill him and his kin on the vessel, now both of them were stuck on this island and the mage not strong enough to muster a form of portal magic are stranded until they can leave. What will happen to the two of them as the young elf strives to complete his mission, and to deal with whatever threats that the sea and this island might have.

The Psedorian(story)Taken
He was wounded the image of a man on the ground covered in black leather armor and a cloak laying at the side of the road his face in the dirt, he was left for dead by whomever had wronged him or who he had wronged.  She saw the image of the warrior in the ground and would go to see who he was, flipping him onto his back she would see a mask covering half of his face and the only visible skin you could see was a light blue.  He was unconscious and in need of assistance and she for whatever reasons chooses to aid him, helping him return to health and soon he would awaken. 

And this is where the story begins, more details on what race he is and what he fully looks like under his armor would be provided to people interested.  The idea is that he is a foreigner on a mission who was knocked out and has a bit of trouble recollecting what he is doing, perhaps he is feared or mistrusted for his appearance and has to adjust.  Maybe your character doesn't have as sincere reasons for aiding him and wishes to use him, regardless of the reasons he will try to reach his goal but he has to remember first :).

The sorcerer's assistant
Now at the risk of this sounding just like that movie I will say this has nothing to do with it, I like it but this is in my own fancy world so it is completely unrelated!  Now onto the plot of this particular rp.

He is a sorcerer that people have over time come to both fear and respect despite his strong belief in trying to work for their well being, he simply achieves his goals of the greater good through odd and sometimes frightening means.  He is an old but strong sorcerer who dabbles in any form of magic he views as beneficial, however the prospect of dying is an ever present threat and there is no one he can share all his knowledge with in case he does pass.

He takes on an apprentice someone who can aid him in his endeavors and learn from him to act as a pupil and to learn from his numerous centuries of experience in the field, the elf finds such a sorceress with great potential to become a strong manipulator of the magical arts.  As well to aid him with his newest project that if people discovered what he was doing, would look at with fear but that won't stop him from trying to aid these people so he continues.  However the new spell he is developing might just be his undoing, or he just might lose his mind to the powerful creatures that he tries to play games with. 

Now this story has different potentials to go toward as the man I would be playing is trying to perfect a spell that would allow him to bind and control demons, locking them up in his haven and using them for experiments as well as siphoning their power to make himself stronger.  The downside is the spell creates a mental link connecting him to the demons he binds, so they can whisper things into his mind and try to confuse or disorient him.  He could either lose control and the beasts get lose, or he could lose his mind and become a demon to an extent.  Either way this is a bit of a vague idea the story isn't set in stone, so whomever wishes to play his apprentice the sorceress would like to add or suggest anything to this feel free to upon inquiring.

A Prisoner's release
She was in the town and decided to go into the local tavern for whatever purpose, when she arrives there is a buzz of a man who is looking for mercenaries, warriors, spell casters, or any brave adventurer.  When she would find the man she would find him to be a priest looking man who was elderly white haired and spots across his body, but despite this there was an air of calm and power about him despite his age.  The job would be the following, to aid him as he seeks access to an old prison that exists in the basement of a mansion deep in the woods.  There lies a solitary prisoner that this man wishes to release on his terms, and he needs her help to do so but what will happen when the spiteful creature is released from his prison and the two who released him are at his mercy.

Now this RP can go multiple ways depending on what you wish to do, he could spare her and rather than attack or harming her he would follow her into the town and tries to fit in perhaps or tries to learn more about her.  Perhaps he kills the priest and decides to attack or whatever to the adventuress as well, or he decides they both live and goes along with the plan of the priest for now.  It is free to interpretation, it is based on an old character of mine I wish to use again and his story.

A plea of help
The small city state of Regaria a matriarchal society ruled by a powerful warrior queen who rules the city, she is a noble and strong ruler who works hard to protect the people who call their city home but something happens.  A traitor in her home removes some of the arcane defenses that protect the city, as well as giving an outside enemy force access to the female dominated city and the invading force succeeds in using this advantage to attack and capture.  The city now at the mercy of this invading army and the traitor imprisoning the queen herself, using this advantage to pursue his interests of her.  She now backed into a corner of the cell with him, she has little choice but somewhere a voice speaks out an offers her something a way out of this predicament.

The voice is of a powerful dark sorcerer who was imprisoned by her ancestors the old elf was banished by an old queen that transcended her blood line, using what power he had collected over the years of imprisonment he stops time for all but her and makes his suggestion.  She break the seal that binds him and he will be released at her location, with his power he would raise the army that captured her city and kill all the invaders freeing her people again.  However what will the sorcerer do when he is free, will he return to his threat of the lands like he did before or will he perhaps stay in the city providing his aid in a sense of obligation of debt.  Perhaps he will expect more from the queen, either way the city is now safe but still in fear of another threat.

This rp can go multiple ways be it he uses his leverage of power and the fact he saves the city to blackmail the queen, he could rather stay in the city much to the dismay of the city waiting to see what he does and perhaps he aids the city through other trials.  I don't have much premise following his release but I think it could be fun, the person who wishes to take this RP could discuss this with me potential story ideas.

Modern:(none at the moment)


Science fiction: 

The Phantoms released(story oriented/oneshot)
  The time of war is upon the galaxy of Sirola and two major solar empires face off against one another in this conflict, the first of these empires is Gareldia which is ruled by a standard race of humans.  The empire of Gareldia is still filled with numerous races from each planet in its territory but humans are dominant (you can make your own races creatively for this :P), they are ruled by a council of 7 whom are from the original 7 planets that began the conquest to form their empire.

The second empire is Zeltia which is ruled by a race of slender very thin formed humanoid aliens, they have long necks thin limbs and small heads.  They have black eyes and are also bald but despite their lack of physical strength, they have powerful psionic abilities that compensate for their combat skills some using it to provide them with more durable combat abilities becoming efficient warriors.  Zeltia with superior phase based technology had the upper hand in this war until Gareldia decided to try something ingenious, this required them to capture a Zeltian mastermind which were masters of psionics.

Upon successfully capturing the alien psionic master they would extract samples identifying the source of its psionic abilities, it was a gland in their body which they would replicate using genetic technology.  Then the process of applying this gland to their own people began, they would create a sort of genetic treatment to allow the body of the test subjects to accept it.  However this had a drawback and the treatment would cause certain death for anyone who was given it, so the solution to this problem was a drug created to counter-balance this side effect and it worked for a time.

However about a month into the training of these commandos dubbed the name 'Phantoms' something else began to happen, it was slow at first but the men and women given this drug began to show violent tendencies without provocation.  It was wearing on their minds and reducing their ability to think logically, becoming sort of like animals and even worse they were all combat trained killing machines.  The message was sent to the capital planet and a sample was sent with it, a drug is being worked on to counter balance this but there have been a few attacks on the research station running this 'Phantom program' and all the phantoms on the station are threatening to attack all the researchers and security watching them.

(So this idea can go multiple ways, it could be some story involving this scenario on the station with a bunch of animal like commandos threatening to attack all the security and scientists or it could skip.  If you want to focus past that time it could be when the perfected drug is released, and the phantoms start deployment on various missions throughout the galaxy.)

If you are interested in any of these ideas please do not post a reply in the forum, send me a private message instead :).
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Re: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2013, 01:51:40 PM »
New plot added, "The Psedorian"

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Re: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2013, 01:50:04 AM »
New plot added, "The phantoms released".

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Re: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2013, 01:29:01 PM »
New plots added, "The sorcerer's assistant".

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Re: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2013, 01:42:56 AM »
New plot added, "The prisoner's release".

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Re: Fadereaper's chronicles of Roleplay! (M looking for F)
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2013, 05:05:49 PM »
New plot added, "A plea of help".