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Author Topic: Rutting Season [NC, Impreg] - Group Edition  (Read 468 times)

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Rutting Season [NC, Impreg] - Group Edition
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:41:58 pm »
Alright, this may look familiar to a few of you. I did put this idea up elsewhere but while it had few bites one of them - the lovely Elven Sex Goddess - informs me that it would work much better as a group game so I thought I'd put it up and see what happens. ESG and I will be Co-GMing.

In a sleepy small mountain town, the local elementary school teacher comes into the doctor's office saying that she was jogging along a trail in the woods that morning when she was ambushed and raped. The strange part is that the medical exam, mostly going by the bruising and volume of semen, points to the idea that she was gang raped by somewhere around a half-dozen men and an object like a police baton or a baseball bat. However - She claims there was only one rapist, he had horns growing out of his head, his penis was just that large, and when he came he just happened to release that much semen. Needless to say, what she says happened is not only unlikely but it should be medically impossible and yet she insists that's what happened.

It seems almost as weird as her reactions. She certainly recognizes that she was raped and will flat out say it, but she's not only acting like she enjoyed it - if she'd never say that - but she's convinced that her rapist impregnated her and she just came into the doctor's office to make sure that her rapist's large member didn't damage her too much inside to prevent her from having her rapist's baby. She certainly has no intention of filing a report or pressing charges.

Then it happens again the very next day when a housewife is found unconscious in her garden by her husband. Again, it looks like she was gang raped by about a half-dozen men then an object but when she wakes up she too says there was only one rapist, he had horns and a penis that should be medically impossible, she too acknowledges she was raped but seems to have enjoyed her attack, and she too is convinced that her rapist had impregnated her and has already decided that she wants her rapist's child.

And so it goes with a new attack almost everyday, one of the town's women raped, pleasured, and impregnated by what looks like a roving gang of psychotic men armed with baseball bats but the victims all describe a single, medically-impossible rapist. Something that looks more and more like he isn't human.

If you're interested, here's some info to help with character building.
Appearence: [Including a Picture would be awesome but not required]
Short Bio:
Quote from: If Character is Male
Other Info: [What you're looking for in this RP, Relevant O/O's if hoping for a sex scene. A husband or boyfriend of one of the victims would be keen, but if said wife or girlfriend is played by another player please okay it with them first.]
Quote from: If Character is Female
Satyr: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be raped by the Satyr]
Preg: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be impregnated by the Satyr. Being raped but not impregnated by the Satyr will be rare, but possible. Like if your character has Uterine Fibriods and between those and the medication she's taking for them your character smelled like she was ovulating even though she wasn't, for example]
Other Info: [What else you're looking for in this RP, O/O's for any rape/sex scenes you want to apply - excessive semen or large cocks for example.]

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Re: Rutting Season [NC, Impreg] - Group Edition
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2013, 03:43:37 pm »
I'll toss my interest in as a "victim.". I would like to write the scene, but the aftereffects and how it effects both the character and those around her sounds like a great challenge!

Name: Amelia "Amy" Nelson
Age: 24
Appearence: Amy is a petite, shapely young woman of the unimpressive height of 5'3 with a heart shaped face that is framed by shoulder length, curly chestnut hair. Large, moss green eyes, a slightly pouty lower lip and a chin that stops just shy of implying stubburness are her most distinctive facial features. Lightly tanned skin and a figure right out of a men's magazine makes up for the girl-next-door impression that is complimented by an often sweet, sometimes mischievous smile. 346C-28-35.
Short Bio: Amy, the daughter of the town mayor  is often at odds with herself. Her admittedly high sex drive  is kept under a tight lid so that her father's poilitcal career (he's about to run for the state house) isn't impacted negatively by her private life... not that the darling of the town has much of one. She's a charismatic personality with a tendency to flirt with scandel and although some consider her to be a bit of an airhead, her mind is much more accute than she lets on.

Her position as events organizer for a local hotel convention center keeps her busy and in touch with a wide range of people, although she much prefers being outdoors and wondering the walking pathes of the local mountains and woodlands.
Other Info:  Pretty wide open regarding content. See my O/O's for the "NO's", otherwise, it's all good.

from: If Character is Female
Satyr: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be raped by the Satyr] YES
Preg: [Yes or No, do you want your character to be impregnated by the Satyr. ] YES
Other Info: [What else you're looking for in this RP, O/O's for any rape/sex scenes you want to apply - excessive semen or large cocks for example.] Large cocks, multiple orgasms, excessive semen, oral, anal, vaginal, toys, breast play, lactation, pregnancy, inflation, the usual suspects. ;)