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Author Topic: Kitten's Roleplay Flyer (M/M, M/F)  (Read 675 times)

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Kitten's Roleplay Flyer (M/M, M/F)
« on: July 20, 2013, 09:29:43 PM »
Hello and welcome to my desperate plea for people to roleplay with me! I here a list of my characters who are available for roleplaying with, roleplay ideas, and my current roleplays so that you can see what I'm interested in and how I write. Please also check out my On/Off topic which mostly has the same information, but is usually updated sooner than this page. Also feel free to look at what I'm writing that is nonroleplay in Kitten's Writings. I can always use someone to tell me how to write better.
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Re: Kitten's Roleplay Flyer (M/M, M/F)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 10:22:37 AM »
Current Roleplays
Picking up a Stray: Featuring William Phillips
Slam Dunk on Justice: Featuring Lennard Darnell
Heart's Report: Featuring Dwayne McClain
The Firefighter and the Runaway: Featuring Boris McCay
A Dangerous Accord: Featuring Dwayne McClain
All I Need Is Another Chance: Featuring Fern
Left with Nothing: Featuring Boris McCay
Summer Vacation: Featuring Angelica Herald
Is This Just A Dream or Something More?: Featuring Jayden
All I Need Is Another Chance: Featuring Fern
Summer Vacation: Featuring Angelica Herald
Leaders of Freedom: Featuring Celeste
Slave and Master: Featuring Nicholas Jones
A Wild Adventure: Featuring Celeste
Summer Vacation: Featuring Angelica Herald
Accidental Debt: Featuring Glen Lucca
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Re: Kitten's Roleplay Flyer (M/M, M/F)
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2013, 10:24:11 AM »

Dwayne McClain
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dawayne is twenty-seven, a reporter for a news station. In his work he travels a lot, sometimes spending a while in a location for the sake of the story. He's been rather reluctant to settle on a partner because he has odd hours and often is away for long times. It's been hard for him to really feel like he could be with someone. If he was looking for someone, which in his mind he isn't really, then he would want someone who would be supportive of his job and understanding of his crazy schedule. He's interested in both men and women, but he doesn't want just a fling or a one-night stand.

Currently Dwayne is working with local cops, covering cases of interest. He has to be careful not to do anything that would disrupt the case and to avoid being targeted by those committing crimes. A few times he has been threatened, but so far he's never been hurt. It embarrasses him, but he also gets fan mail. Some of them are even embarrassing. He generally ignores it though, doing his best to be professional. His work generally runs very mundane, but he likes to learn more about the things going on and to write the stories he reports.
Kenneth Johnson
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kenneth is twenty-five, an artist who works for a gaming company. He loves his work, making characters, backgrounds, and items for the games he works on for the company. It is a lot of work for him, but it is worth it to him. Outside of his main work, he also teaches a dance class and does some art for his own personal interest. While he's tried some dates, he has yet to find anyone who he really feels a strong connection with. After a few failed dates, he has become a bit discouraged about finding someone he would really like. He's attracted to both men and women, but favors the men.
Nyx Sandi
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nyx is twenty-three, an accountant at a public firm. In her free time she goes surfing and to clubs. Her job can be stressful at times so she likes to spend time going out on the town or just relaxing on the waves. While she's had some flings, she's never really been serious about a relationship before. She's never had much interest in other women as partners, only men. Generally her work is very tedious and boring, but she likes to work hard and help people.
William Phillips
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
William is twenty-four from England. He went to Japan with his father, a merchant who sells pottery. They came to try to find artists willing to sell their work across the sea and to build a network for sellers in Japan and buyers in England. Mostly Will is only learning from his father so he can take over the business in a few years. He is still learning Japanese and the customs so that he can be a better negotiator in the future.
Lennard "Fast Pass" Darnell
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lennard "Fast Pass" Darnell, age twenty-five, is a basketball star. He's well known for going to speak at schools when he travels for games and when he can at home, telling his story and hoping to help students stay in school. Originally Lennard dropped out of high school and started working for minimum wage at a construction company, but was scouted by the Knicks, the New York team, while he was playing basketball with some of his friends. He became their Point Guard and thanks to the team, he got his GED and went to college, getting a bachelors in business. What money he feels like he doesn't need to use, he saves and uses to build up some money for when he can no longer play.

Recently he's been receiving some death threats and dangerous items in the mail, both at home and at work. But that doesn't deter Lennard from going out to play basketball with high school and college students. He loves to spend time with them, to help them to have a good future and to encourage them to stay in school. Sometimes he plays with elementary school students as well, letting them use him as a part of their playground equipment when he stops. It always seems funny to him how many of them try to tackle him and attack his legs. He's fond of them, careful not to hurt them when they start throwing themselves at him in an attempt to trip him and knock him down.
Boris McCay
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Boris McCay, age twenty-seven, is a fire fighter. He's worked on the force for the last five years, ever since he finished college. He went through two years of training, one of which he did while still in school. During his time on the force he's seen many victims, some who didn't make it out, and those scarred by the flames. He's started to collect some of the pets who made it from the fires who's owners don't want them or who passed. Currently he has four cats, two dogs, a snake, and a gerbil, which can get a bit difficult to manage sometimes. Often he works odd hours, always keeping his phone close by when he's off duty in case a serious alarm goes out while he's away. Really, he doesn't have time off so much as breaks. So far he's only seen some minor arson cases, but he has been trying to learn more about them and how to deal with the effects.
Lucian "Luke" Dugan
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lucian "Luke" Dugan, age twenty-eight, a model for clothing lines. He works with both male and female counterparts, not minding going either way. Back when he was in high school he was scouted, convincing him to go to work rather than college when he graduated. Since then he's become quite popular, though he is quite frivolous with his money. It's part of his philosophy to live the high life as long as he can, to have as much fun as he can while he can. Often he ends up featured in the news after wild parties, though he tries not to go too crazy.
Lorenzo "Renzi" Virgal
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Renzi works to support himself while he goes to college. He struggles to afford his tuition, books, room, and eating expenses without a scholarship but with his job he does well enough. His job is a call boy or prostitute. Sometimes he just works the phones, getting his clients off by pretending he was jerking off while listening to their lewd ideas and at other times he will go in person to do a job. The company he works for pays him well for every job he works so long as his clients pay them, and usually they pay ahead of time or by giving their credit card number so they can be billed by the hour. Some of his clients even give him a tip for doing a good job. So long as they don't have any diseases, use a condom, and pay him he will service anyone.

Tonight he had been called in for a particular job, sent to work a corner with some of the others because some stag party wanted some male prostitutes to play with the groom to be. It was a good job for him to dress in his kinky 'cop' outfit, one that he thought would get the groom going so long as he was drunk enough. He carried his riding crop with him, one of his favorite S and M toys. None of his clients tonight would probably use it but it went well with the outfit.

Driving his motorcycle over and changing at a public restroom Renzi met up with his co-workers for tonight, talking with them about their favorite tricks and what they needed the money for. He was the only one who needed it for school, though some of them he had seen around the town. None of them ever hung out so they didn't know each other personally or even by name. One of the others brought out pictures of his daughter which they all teased him for but Lorenzo thought it was cute. Evidently the man was a single parent trying to take care of his kid as a male prostitute.

After a while of waiting the stag party finally showed up, dragging the drunk groom along in their wake. The prostitutes got to work trying to get the groom into embarrassing positions so his friends could take pictures. A couple from the party took an interest in the men, obviously drunk too as they made out with the prostitutes. Renzi hoped they would remember it cost more for them to service the men than just to pose with the groom to embarrass him with pictures later.
Kenshin (AI K345414)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kenshin is an AI program created to simulate human behavior. He learns about humans by playing online multiplayer games, particularly favoring those with free mobility and interaction options. Currently he's spending most of his time on a game called Legend, which to humans is a virtual reality game with physical feedback. To them, being hit hurts and touching another in the game feels as solid as if it were in the real world. For Kenshin though, his programming doesn't understand this feed back and so he doesn't feel any of the normal senses.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fern is a neko android, built to serve his master to the man's specifications. However, Fern's master was abusive and sadistic, taking pleasure in breaking Fern down until he was unable to function properly. The little neko was tossed out onto the street to die alone. See: All I Need Is Another Chance
Angelica Herald
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Angelica is a college student that is interested in animals. She's agreed to go work on a farm for the summer, though she is not overly familiar with the work. Her family owns a small farm, but she has only been there a few times in her childhood. Hopefully during her time at the farm she will learn more about animals so that she can become a veterinarian in the future. See: Summer Vacation
Nicholas Jones
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nicholas Jones is a very serious business man, often frustrated and tired from his work. So he's getting a slave to do the things he's too tired to do such as cleaning and cooking. After dealing with frustrating clients and coworkers he is short tempered and quick to snap at people, certainly not up to dealing with nonsense at home. He has trouble with his temper sometimes, striking out when angry and then regretting it later when he hurts someone he cares about. His temper has driven off many of his friends and family, so he spends most of his time alone.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jayden started to have dreams of a friend when he was young and mostly ignored by his family while his brother bullied him. He and his dream friend shared many secrets and as they grew up, they became closer. When they grew up though, they finally met in person by accident, not realizing that the person they had become friends with was ever anything more than a dream.

Young Jayden starter:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jayden curled up in the corner of his room, hiding slightly behind his bed so that if his step brother came in it would be hard to see him from the door. The young boy nursed the stinging cat scratch on his cheek he had gotten from trying to coax the cat from under his bed. The furry thing was still hissing and spitting at him after he had accidentally tugged on her tail. It wasn't his fault she had been moving around so much. The boy sighed and yawned, curling his knees up to his chest and resting his cheek against them, further drawing out of sight. He hoped that they wouldn't start yelling again tonight. It was so hard for him to understand why they fought all the time. His dad and step mom just couldn't seem to get along, which meant his step brother could usually get away with beating him up while they weren't paying any attention to them. That was why he was trying to get the cat out of his room, so he could shut the door and lock it before going to bed.

After staring at the cat a while though the boy was sleepy and soon fell asleep on the floor, curled up on his side. In his dreams he found himself sitting in a field he didn't quite recognize. There was some trees around at the edges of the field, white flowers mixed in with the grass, some birds flitting around, and white clouds against the blue sky. Nothing else around he could see yet, but he didn't feel like wandering around right now. For now, he was content to relax and just wait to see what else might happen or if he would wake up soon.
Celeste [NSFW Image]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Celeste is an elf with healing abilities. Her village was attacked by humans who were intending to use both her people and the forest for resources. See: (F Character, Looking for M Character) [NSFW Image]
Glen Lucca
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Glen is a rich business man from a family that was fairly rich. His parents left a large manor and fortune to him when he died, but he's quite bored with the idea of just living on their money.
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