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Author Topic: Trinkets' Cache of Schemes  (Read 1329 times)

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Trinkets' Cache of Schemes
« on: July 20, 2013, 03:28:47 AM »
M/M Ideas

Among the Rings of Saturn

MC, the prince of Saturn has longed for the guardian of the Rings, YC. It matters not to him that they have an age gap of sixteen years. MC can be a bit of a brat at times, but he has a heart unlike some members of the aristocracy. While he doesn't always show his feelings, it doesn't mean he's cold or cruel. But, he also likes to get his way and wont let anything stop him from getting what he wants, at least, if he wants it badly enough. MC isn't counting on your YC to have his hand in the BDSM community. Not when guardians are meant to protect the rings of saturn, the planets first line of defense. But when the pair are running for their lives when an assassination attempt kills MCs' father and makes his mother terribly ill they have to go into hiding. And somehow, they have to find MC elder brother who has in his possession the magical seal which is capable of restoring order to the planet.

By Love Bedeviled

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

MC is a demon hunting warrior and the last of three survivors whose small village was attacked when they were children. Every since then, he's been on a mission to kill all demons, not realizing that some of them are in fact, redeemable. For a demon is naught but a fallen angel who has lost their way by listening to and following Lucifer, or they were born of two demons. YC would be his next target, but perhaps, not all demons are completely evil, after all. Could love blossom between a demon and a man whose entire family was wiped out by the dwellers of hell?

Chain of Destiny

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

MC has lost his voice due to a traumatic scene between whom he believed to be his two greatest friends. They however betrayed him and stole everything that he was carrying on him when they'd gone to a far off kingdom in order to negotiate a treaty. YC decides to make MC his pet, not knowing that he is his betrothed (for in this world, the marriage between two men is possible.) Can love develop between Master and Pet? And, what happenes when the truth is finally unveiled?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Aoi no Exorcist
Ryuji (seme) x Rin (uke)
Yukio (seme) x Ryuji (uke)
35 Do No Ren'ai
50 x 50
Ai No Bousou Ressha
Ai To Yokubou Wa Gakuen De
Aitsu no Heart
Anata No Tonari Ni Suwarasete
Itsuka no Himitsu
Aniki Joutou
Animal X
Antique Bakery
Ashita Wa Joutenki
Ayashi no Kimi
Bakumatsu Seishun Hanafubuki
Body Talk Paradox
Boku Dake No Kimi, Kimi Dake No Boku
Daikari na Aitsu
Elektel Delusion
Fake na Junjou
Fujimi Orchestra
Gravity Eyes
Happy Honey Life
Hisho no Territory
Jigoku E Michizure
Junjou Mistake
Junjou Romantica (Especially Junjou Terrorist)
Koicha No Osahou (Tea for Two)
Koisuru Bo-kun
Kyou Kara Dame Inu!
Love Cafe?
Love Life
Love Neko
Love or Hate
Love Recipie
Lovers Doll
Miwaku no Ringo
Mujihi Na Otoko
Neko Samurai
Not For Sale!
Ore ni Koit Shite Dousunda
Otona Keikenchi
Papa I Love You
Pet Ja Nai!
Pet Oshigotochuu
Royal Fiancee
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Sentimental Garden Love
Sex Pistols
Soba Ni Oitene
Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu
Suteki Na Kigawa ga Nakuttemo
Taiyou no Kikoushi
Takuhai Cupid
The Guide of Love
Tie Me Up WIth Your Love
Tonari No Usotsuki
Tsumi Bukaku Aishteyo
Wagamama Wanko no Shitsukekata
Yome Ni Konai Ka
Yume Musubi, Koi Misubi
Yurusareta Uta
Crimson Spell
Kawaii Akuma
Neko no Yomeiri
Aigan Shounen
Akuma no Himitsu
Mr. Convienence

M/F Ideas

After the Nightmare

MC is a young woman of 21 trying to make her way through college. However, when she witnesses a murder, she's running for her life. Her rescuer is someone she never even thought would rescue her as they had been enemies since they'd met seven years prior. What she doesn't know, is her rescuers own dark secrets - of myth and legend (paranormal or mythological). I don't mind playing a second couple, or other characters to keep the plot moving.)

Before You Go To Sleep

MC is a Queen of land on another planet. She's looking for a toy with whom to play now that she is of age on her planet (25) and has ascended the throne. She has a sadistic streak and is looking for some poor soul, YC, to experiment on with her interests now that she has the power to alter the laws of her kingdom. She could take YC either from her own people, or from Earth, or an entirely different planet/solar system.

My health has been a bumpy road of ups and downs and loss of internet due to the bills acquired. Now however, that I am far more stable than before. Although I did forget about this place after all of that, for a time. But, I've returned.. And I mean to remain so, though there are certain parts of some months I do get busier than usual. I only ask that others have patience with me during those times and I will have patience with them. Thank you.
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