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Author Topic: [F seeking M] Mid-length Taboo  (Read 349 times)

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[F seeking M] Mid-length Taboo
« on: July 18, 2013, 03:59:24 PM »
Hello and thank you for opening this thread. Feel free to pick up a T-shirt on the way out for only $4.99.

Now, with a classy (Not to mention bad) joke in place, I feel ready to present to you, the two plotlines I have in my hands waiting for the right person to take such a gift (Or curse) for their own. Please take a look at the rules before you read the plotlines, if it becomes clear that you have not read my rules, I will probably not even reply to your PM. You have been warned.

1. All these plots are ♂x♀ only and I will only play female. There is no bending this rule in either of these settings.

2. I am perfectly fine with roleplaying with females playing males if they know what they are doing. One of the most convincing males I have played with was actually done by a female.

3. If you so decide to contact me, I want you to capitalize the first letter of every word in the subject, and it has to contain at least three words. If you don't do this, I will not respond to your PM, so make sure to double-check this before messaging me.

4. I respect your offs if you respect mine. If you violate mine, I will inform you and give you 48 hours to edit. If there is no edit or signs of you intending to edit, I will end the roleplay. If I by accident touch one of your offs, make sure to give me a notice, the same rule goes on me. It's up to you if you wish to expand the time-limit though.

5. I am not my character. My character is a fictional being and nothing but that, so please don't naturally expect that I am exactly like my characters. Same goes for my kinks. The kinks are the kinks for the character and are not necessarily something that I would do in real life either.

6. Communication is important to me. Both about the roleplay and other stuff, I'd love to get to know you :)

7. For any females still reading; If you have another plot you'd like to present to me, come with it. I don't bite... Hard...

8. Contact me through a PM, not this thread. Convince me in the PM that you are worth my time. If I get a "I'd like to do plot 1" I can't promise I'll hold the insults back. I'm normally a very calm person, but when I make dinner and all the praise I get is; 'Serve, bitch' I naturally get mad.

9. As for post-length... This one is hard actually, considering that E doesn't have systems that lock the width of the site, it is very hard to determine what is one paragraph. I use a 22" monitor and with it, I expect two 4-line paragraphs. I'll put up an example of how long that is on my screen to let you know. More than that is always beloved though, but shorter than that will make me bored. I love detailed descriptions and I love to hear about every little breath he takes towards her neck, the way he awkwardly bumped into her knee while moving his leg between her feet and so on.

Now that all the rule-breaking perverted subjects have left this thread, we can move on.

Note; I am equally interested in both of them, so pick the one you like better!

 Plot 1.0 (Teacher X Student, alternatively Teacher X Principal or co-teacher. As a third opinion, Teacher X pupil's parent)

You are probably already familiar with this setting, right? Either nerdy or jock meets busty teacher and they fuck. Well, I have decided that I want to take this classic (Not to mention amusing) plot and twist it a little, for better or for worse.

So character 1, aka my currently unnamed character, would be the female main. She would be an about 25-30 year old teacher working at the local (Either high school or Collage, depends on how old you wish your character should be). Every year when the students got to know who they would have as a teacher, there was a lot of thought around having her as a teacher. To put it simply, she would have quite a reputation. Every student enrolling in her classes, regardless of past grades, always turned out to only be receiving F's or E's at best. If everything was correct didn't matter. She would always find something to pull down the grades with. However, the strangest part; At the end of the last semester, there were never a single student who passed the year with any subject having anything lower than a B. In other words, having her as your teacher would both benefit you and put you through hell. A bittersweet feeling to put it like that.

Now, for the other character opinions.

1.1 (Teacher X Student)

The student (Played by you) would have been a past straight A student, begging for not ending up in the class where my character would rule. However, going through standard misfortune, your character would of course end up in my character's class. Your grades would drop to F's already from the beginning and your parents would complain and complain about it without getting any response. The things put in the description for the grade would always be something ridiculous  like; "Forgot capitalized letter by surname" or "Sloppy handwriting" and the tests would never have any score written on them, just the grade along with the short description. Your character would naturally be frustrated and try to swap class, something she'd naturally refuse. There would even be times when she would ridicule him in class for trying to "wimp out" It would go on until he would eventually decide to go all out against her, trying to make her life hell just as much as she would try to make his day bad. (I will continue this through PM if the idea amuse you, but please, add your own ideas!)

1.2 (Teacher X Principal)

Would basically be the same base as it would with the original plot, but seen through the principal's eyes. He would be stuck in a complex where he would receive countless complains from angry parents about their "Falling grades" something he wouldn't be able to do anything about as he would be aware of how well the teacher's methods worked. All the students that she refined always ended up with the top jobs, best payments and most successful lives. In the principals tiring complex, he would end up with calling in the teacher to discuss how they should deal with it (Which would be the starting point)

1.3 (Teacher X Co. Teacher)

Same deal as before. However, your role would be as a newly assigned assistant teacher put into the role of assisting the one I would play. He would probably be either rather fresh to being a teacher, or being a bit of a 'veteran' that started working there after the semester had started. Due to his either inexperience or experience with more orthodox ways of teaching, he would confront her after class one day. (It would continue from that point.)

1.4 (Teacher X Student's parent)

Angry parents can be quite a handful sometimes, we have probably all experienced that some time in our lives (My own was when they forced me to eat salmon... I must say, it was probably the most terrifying and painful experience in my life) and n this case, against the son (Or daughter)'s will, this father (Played by you) would decide to go all out and contact said teacher and require a 1on1 conversation with her, something she ended up being forced to agree to as the man would threaten with going to the newspapers and start talking bad about the school. (It would progress from there.)

If any of these ideas did amuse you (Or you have an idea of your own) feel free to submit it to me in a PM! Out of the four alternatives, I think the one I'd be craving the most would be the fourth.

Plot 2.0 (Insert Evangelion reference here) You do (not) have an erection (Hah, they told me I could never make an evangelion reference for any given setting, but there you go! It's shit, but that doesn't matter!)

Before you start thinking that this is related to Evangelion in any way, I am sorry to disappoint you. The only pairing in Evangelion that would be taboo would be sandpaper x bitch (Rei x Shinji) so it has to wait for some other time.

Once again, a classic plotline with personal twist. This time, incest! Because, you know, Incest is wincest am I right?

This time, there is once again several opinions where you chose your favorite. Either way, you will play at least two years younger than my character, preferably more (And no, I am not a pedofile. Split my real life from my roleplaying or feel my wrath!)

Closed due to too massive response!
1.1 (Bigger age difference preferred)

I would play your character's older sister. We would have X years apart from one another, but despite that, we would have been rather close. While my character would have been studying, she would babysit your character (Or at least keep an eye on him) and they would have remained with a pretty decent communication until she moved out after graduating. Due to the several hours of driving between them, their contact would have been cut off. Besides the distance, she would be busy with her work and he would be busy with school and life, so there wouldn't have been a lot of time to get together again. However, as their parents would leave for a trip to Paris, just the two of them, the sister would have been contacted, asked if he could stay with her for the two week trip, something she would agree to. (The roleplay would probably start off at the point when he would ring the doorbell to her apartment or something in those lines.

1.2 (Smaller age difference preferred)

Same base, been close during childhood but cut off when she moved to live by herself. However, your character would have it a bit different. He would have graduated and moved away from home, sharing an apartment with his girlfriend, only to find out that during the stay, she had simply been using him, and the whole relationship ended with her stealing both his car, most of his money and several other things, leaving him with no other choice than to stop renting the apartment they lived in and call for help from their parents who would refuse to help him, meaning he had to solve his own problems. With nowhere else to go, your character would decide to call my character with a request to stay with my character till yours had his life cleared out. (Would start when your character called for mine)

Once again, feel free to contribute to add to this story, tell me if you like any of it, and re-read the rules to make sure you still remember them.

Until our roads cross again, enjoy life to it's fullest extend!
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