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Author Topic: Saffron (Sci-fi, Crime, Action, Freeform, Sandbox) Desperate for male characters  (Read 654 times)

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Offline DavethTopic starter

Hey everyone!

So, now that I'm approved I can finally put a ridiculous amount of writing hours out for show and try to kick off this group roleplay!

First let me say that what setting I will give here is the bare minimum of what you will need to play in the setting. This is for two reasons:

  • I know that some people hate masses of text thrown at them, so this way you can have a little or as much as you want.
  • Your characters will not know the history of this universe for the past ten millenia! Bit of an exaggeration but basically, the basic character knows very little of the setting, and then depending of what your characters background and experience is I will give you more relevant knowledge that they would know.

And, if you want me to justify every piece of the world with the appropriate maths this isn't the game for you. I have the greatest respect for people that can run games like that, but not only do I not like that side of sci-fi, I have to do that kind of stuff at university, and I don't want to bring it home with me. (Says the science student running a sci-fi game ;D)

The game is most likely to be NC but if there is a consensus I will go with it, for better or worse ;)

Hopefully this will be a very action orientated game so I'm going to ask for multiple relatively detailed posts a week.

And just for ease of reading and understanding what is going on if people could tag their posts, at least that what I know it as. What I mean by that is to at the top of your post put where your character is, with whom, when and if relevant doing what. This can have degree of relevance, for example: If all the characters are on Saffron then saying that your character is does nothing to clarify where everyone is, however, if all the other characters were off world or aboard a ship then simply saying you were on Saffron would suffice.

Example Post
Daveth's Office, Mercurial's Bar and Club, Commercial Quarter, Saffron. Morning of Slifer's funeral, 22nd Febuary.

What the fuck was Slifer playing at....

But he knew that was a pressurised zone... That a bullet was a death sentence for them all.... Now that brute Reever is heading up the brawny lot.

With a grunt Daveth pushed himself out of his chair, scanning over the papers on his desk as he walked round to the basin, splashing cold water on his face. Running his hand round the soft, cool porcelain was soothing; nothing was that smooth and clean in this place. Even the mirror his looked into had cracked round the edges, making his face jagged and misshapen. With a smirk he realised it was rather fitting, his grown out black crop of hair hanging over grey, tired, hollow eyes as his face seemed to betray the shattered mind behind it. And now he had to go and tell Slifer's wife, son and sister what had happened, that Slifer had lost it and shot at his own men in a pressurised zone. Depressuried the compartment. Killed them all...

The thought still didn't sit well with Daveth as he shrugged on his coat and left his office, the empty bottles strewn over the floor chiming as the door banged shut.

If everyone's replies were that kind of size, I'd be over the moon ;D

This is not a hard and fast rule as during some of the quiet spells there will be not a lot to do but when the game is really in full swing I'd ask that people please at least post enough to let the game continue. In those situation I really don't mind posts such as;

'Julie follows on behind, occasionally looking back over her shoulder for anyone following.'

Then at least the rest of the group can continue and hopefully we stop any annoying story lag. If at any point you know you won't be able to keep up a high post rate for a while please just send me a PM or say something on the games OOC thread. It is really simple for a character to skip a mission, have the flu, or some other reason not to be active for a while, and the game is still maintained.

NPCs: Players can control most generic NPCs within reason. Just PM me if your unsure of anything or if you'd specifically like me to play an NPC.

I really don't want a huge game so I'm really looking for between 4-5 players, not including myself. So please, if you want to play in this game reread the thread and check you can meet it's commitments.

Now onto some roleplay!

Humanity has spread across the stars, colonising, trading, discovering. And we're all still the same greedy, thieving, power hungry bitches. Isn't mankind great?

Wars have been fought, trading routes made and broken, colonies found and lost, so that by now most people only know of a few other worlds if any. Space travel is expensive, it happens, but for most where you are born is where you stay. Merchant convoys run, protected by the ships of the New Humanitarian Doctrine, an attempt at unifying humans across the galaxy through high taxes, martial law and vast conscription. The Doctrine main success came as it held off a hostile border incursion by the Farq, a numerous and warlike alien race almost two centuries ago. Since then the Doctrine has been more vastly accepted, maintaining patrols in their space and maintaining a system of defensive satellites which watch the border of their space and manage refugees and merchants, collectively know as the grid.

Operating outside of the Doctrine many smaller ships smuggler supplies of narcotics and other illicits (good barred from Doctrine space) through the grid from the outlying or independent colonies. These ships are known as Grid Runners, and can make quite a fortune by bringing back sophisticated Doctrine tech, skilled workers or healthy and beautiful women to serve aboard the House Ships (space brothels :P).

Outside of Doctrine protection the galaxy can be a gold mine or a death sentence. Pirates, both human and alien, ravage the shipping lanes and colonial routes, sacking the ships for their cargo and slaughtering the crew and passengers, keeping the most fit as slaves or food in the case of the Farq. Crime is a way of life, though with no laws in open space it is not technically crime. Colonies maintain their own laws and even taxes, though without fleets to patrol with they only apply with yoru feet on the colony, and only then if they can shoot you before you escape.

Our story takes place aboard once such colony, an orbital space station called Saffron. Saffron orbits an inhospitable ice world, frostbite so bad that even a moment exposed will flay flesh from bone and with blizzards so strong that most survival suits are nothing more than extra weight. Some scientists have said that this isn't consistent with frostbite or driving snow but have quickly vanished after speaking. The station itself has a population of nearly two million, mostly cramped into close quarters where a metre of space is taxed at the cost of food for a month. The station is split into different sections, known as quarters, in the following order from the highest on the station to the bottom.

  • Bridge
  • Penthouse Quarter
  • Upper Quarter
  • Commercial Quarter
  • Warehouse Quarter
  • Residential Quarter

The stations internal layout has transforms over centuries to become a total maze, even half a mile from your stall in the commercial quarter and people may have a different accent, dress differently and may not even speak your language. Owning a commercial space in Saffron makes you Upper Class, own a licensed pub or club (brothel) and you might as well be royalty. Anyone from the upper quarter will still command you kiss their feet but no one has seen an Avian(inhabitant of the Upper or Penthouse Quarter) below the Upper Quarter since the Doctrine first tried to 'unite' Saffron with the rest of humanity one hundred and fifty years ago. The man that confronted them was Jolin Quinn (Quinn being a title, essential meaning I own this station and ever piece of scum on it) who is quoted as having told the Commander of the Doctrine expedition that his had fucked his mother before ordering his guards to shoot down the entire Doctrine party. The crew of the station, who are rightfully the Captain of the station, maintain a standing guard force which act as an armed response to outside threats from the station and the station's internal police. No one has ever seen their faces as they patrol in grey uniforms, and locked into their black helmets and body armours, not a shred of humanity showing. Jolin is still the station Quinn today, collecting taxes and enforcing his dynasties laws through his criminal gangs, which have been in a long term power struggle with the station guards(Greys or MACs) for almost all of recent history. The Quinn's command structure follow down from himself, the Quinn's Associate (essentially a concubine, secretary, advisor, diplomat and private assassin all rolled into one), his four Commanders, and then each of their own gangs, which can range from four to twenty, each of which may watch over a selection of up to ten smaller gangs.

Current Senior Chain of Command
  • Jolin Quinn
  • Vera, Quinn's Associate
  • Daveth (General Management), Tavos (Grid Runners and Smugglers), Nevon (Rackets, Whores and Soft Jobs) , Reever (Muscles and Grunts)
Brackets show their rough responsibilities.

Our game will be around the gang of Daveth (ME! ;D) with each player taking a role in that squad as we maintain the daily running of our part of Saffron, pull some jobs and as this weird thing called an underlying plot pushes us towards something unexpected. At squad level (when dealing with myself and the other players) characters will have some individual talents but everyone must at least be a good shot and physically able. Remember that each of these players is meant to also be watching over upcoming members and their smaller gangs on the side so should be quite rounded. Everyone can pick a lock, hack a basic console, shoot with nearly any weapon, some characters will just be better at it and able to do things to a more advanced level.

Weapon technology outside of Doctrine space is relatively primitive and mostly plasma shot weaponry. Plasma shot weaponry is essentially conventional firearms except that the gunpowder chamber is replaced with a plasma charge which is ignited for much the same effect except a typical sci-fi noise on firing and leaving scorch marks. Different grades of plasma are available, some for more kinetic force, therefore flying straighter for longer, ideal for sniper rifles, and others which light a thin coating of gelatine fuel on the bullet head to burn and set alight the target. The plasma technology is also applied to grenades and other ordnance. Basically where there was gunpowder, there is now plasma. More advanced energy weapon exist, firing concentrated light in photon (laser) weaponry or electrically charged plasma in plasma weapons. These weapons are very reliable and are near enough infinite in their firing capacity but outside of Doctrine space are hard to come by and ever harder to keep in repair.

I think that's about all you need so here is the character creation info.

PLEASE PM THESE TO ME! That way we can make sure that characters only know what they should :P

Name: Need any help with this, or want to run something by me, just drop a PM!
Physical Statistics: These don't have to be exact, just a rough idea.
Description or Picture:
Specific Talents:
Any special items:

Also looking for one character to be a lieutenant, someone the Commander can reveal things too and also someone who can conveniently run a job as Daveth may disappear for plot shenanigans. I'll review all the characters and message those I think would be good for it.

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Offline Chreestafer

What's your plot idea? You have perked my interest

Offline DavethTopic starter

Was PM'd some questions so here is some extra information if you were wondering.

Armour: The plasma rounds are essentially just bullets so even our body armour today would have a chance to stop them. For the energy weapons it varies from type to type.

Laser fire will either go straight through something or barely scratch the paint. If you shot a laser rifle at a tin of beans it would go in one side but not out the other. Lasers are deadly against lightly armoured or non armoured pink (fleshy, human like) targets due to a high fire rate and going straight  through flesh. Get backed against a wall against even a semi-automatic laser weapon and the only term to use is Swiss cheese.

Plasma  fire is essentially a ball of blue lava that is compressed by an electromagnetic field and then shot out at you, it's own centrifugal force keeping in in shape until impact. Armour is pretty useless against plasma but is actually not as effective against just skin as lasers. Catching a plasma shot will leave a nasty burn, but won't kill you in minor areas (arms, legs).

The best defence is good cover and light armour across vital areas. the standard Gang body glove and armour is basically all that you need.

Aliens: Aliens exist and are known to exist. Initially humans welcomed alien contact and ever began to plan some cross species settlements. As wars broke out between human colonies, and some less than delicate negotiation strategies were adopted in the name of expansion most alien races began to dismiss humans as primitive. The Farq incursion gave humanists (a political lobby believing all of the universe is humanities to claim) the chance and since the Doctrine became a dominant power they outlawed any human contact with Aliens. Some outside of Doctrine space choose to ignore it while others maintain to a no contact policy. On Saffron, while Jolin Quinn doesn't like the Doctrine he doesn't need the hassle or expense of pissing them off so pledges to a regional charter covering sixty-seven colonies, nomad caravans and stations not to allow contact with aliens.

Response so far has been great so please keep questions, characters and general interest coming ;D

Offline DavethTopic starter

This is a plea for the MEN (characters) of Elliquiy!


We so far have one male character, me!

So if your at all interested please post here or shoot me a PM and I'll be sure to welcome you with open arms.

Of course we are still accepting female characters, I am just trying to keep a balance.
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Offline TheDreadPirateRoberts

This sounds like it could be fun. I'll try to whip a guy to join over the weekend.

Offline Mizer

Yeah, this seems like something that could be interesting.  I'll see what I can come up with as far as a character.

Offline DavethTopic starter


Hoping for more experienced characters, 30+, just to fit in with the senior gang group.

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I would be intrested to play this RP

Offline Caitlin

What's the male/ female ratio so far?