One military-themed RP, pretty please! :)

Started by Beorning, July 17, 2013, 12:31:16 PM

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Hello, E! :)

Here's a story idea I'd really, really want to RP one day. It may be a bit vague, but that deliberate, so that me and my writing partner could work out the details to our mutual liking.

Basically, I'd want to RP a story of a young woman (early to late twenties) who, against her will, gets drafted into the military. I would want to RP how she adjusts to her new surroundings, military lifestyle and so on. I see my character as someone rebellous and artistically-minded, so I guess she'd have some trouble adjusting to rules and discipline. Let's RP that! :)

I see this game as a psychological story. It could involve romance, but it doesn't have to. In a way, I'm looking for someone to play the role of narrator, as I don't know *that* much about the military... When it comes to the setting, my first instinct would be to go with modern times, but this story could work also as a futuristic sci-fi story.

So, any takers? If so, please PM me :)