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Author Topic: 3 rp ideas  (Read 471 times)

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3 rp ideas
« on: July 16, 2013, 05:21:09 PM »
Please leave some comments if you are interested. I would love to hear input and suggestions on how to make these ideas better so they can really take root.  :-)

Welcome to Akuro High, the high school from hell. It is lawless school infamous in Tokyo for their hoodlums. The school is run by 4 gangs, their leaders are known as the four kings are supposedly the most feared students within the student body or maybe the entire school district. Almost every single student there can be classified as super human because of their unnatural physical abilities. Some of the students are "contractors," people who have formed a single contract with a demon so they can gain their powers. Only high class demons can form contracts with humans and they come to you to form a contract if they see you as worthy. The only reason they would do that is because they want to stay in the human world because they are strangely fascinated with how humans live. The demons can even take on human appearances in order to mingle with humans. Akuro High is actually a base for exorcists that fight off against demons that cause trouble, but the students don't know that...yet.

Pokemon Academy
Welcome to the Tentei region, a recently discovered region that was discovered a hundred years ago. It is currently the most wealthy and advanced region in the world. It is a geographically diverse region with extremely diverse people. The regions pride and joy is Shintaku Academy, a school where kids from all over the world go to learn about pokemon and to reach their goals, but it shall not be easy. One moment they can be in a classroom and the next moment the students will be stranded in a desert with their pokemon fighting to survive just so they will learn how to deal with the harshness of mother nature and to build strong ties with their pokemon. You can face your friends off in intense battles or in pokemon contests to show off your pokemons grace and beauty. You can even just raise and breed pokemon as a breeder. There are of course classes that you can participate, some exclusive to certain types people depending on what type of character you make. There is even something like a ranking system where the strongest trainer, coordinator, and breeder of each house is the house champion. You can even be one of the school's teachers and have stronger pokemon than the students to begin with.
> There are three houses you can join, each one based off the legendary dog pokemon:
> The fiery house of Kaen where the hoodlums and battle lovers go who have no regard for rules whatsoever! They get detentions, almost naturally like breathing and they throw extremely wild parties which usually results to some part of the dorm being obliterated. Even though these guys do not follow the rules and cause some crazy trouble they do have honor and loyalty, more than the other houses. This house is based of Entei.
> Or join the electrifying Raikou house! This house strictly follows the rules of the school almost religiously; you can say that they are the complete opposite of the Kaen house, which is why the two houses have an intense rivalry with each other. They look down on those who don't follow the rules, but because of that they are favored more by teachers. However if anyone tries to mess with their school they will come down at them ready to strike them down. This house is based of Raikou
> Then there is the Enmu house, the more neutral of the three houses and also notoriously filled with the most laziest students, though there are some exceptions. Some could be more like the members of Kaen or they could lean towards Raikou or they could be not be anything like those two houses. Even though that this house has some of the laziest students, they have some of the most talented students in the school. Their house is based of Suicune.

To be named

In the future technology has become so advanced that humans have made A.I (artificial intelligence) that actually have lives in the digital world and can talk to humans and vice versa. Humans and A.I.'s live side by side, they can't live without the others. There are some A.I. that are programmed for different use; combat. This is for sport as tournaments are held to see who is the strongest human and A.I. team among others and they are also used to destroy viruses.

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Re: 3 rp ideas
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2013, 12:59:27 AM »
   The AI idea sounds interesting. Were you thinking along the lines of androids, or computer-bound?