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Author Topic: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])  (Read 1888 times)

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Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])
« on: July 16, 2013, 02:06:41 AM »
Fun with Ana Luusi

First, a few things about me. The prompts and ideas you see here are very loose and roughly sketched. I'd much rather prefer to work out the details with you on a one-to-one basis. I can commit to hopefully a post every other day. You might get the off day with me where I go two~three days without posting, but it shouldn't happen often. Just don't freak out! I'll let you know if something is happening that'll cause a delay.

Although I leave some story prompts open for partner with male characters, I almost always prefer to be working with female characters (or futa, providing both are humanoid characters that is).

I am not actively looking for roleplays, as I have amassed quite a few that I am now working on. If, however, you really think that you want to give me a shot just go ahead and shoot me a PM with a relatively well-fleshed-out idea for me to think about. I'll certainly get back to you about it, one way or the other.

One-Shot Fandom Pairings and Ideas
I'm really looking to do any of these in a short-term, one-off story that can be quick dirty and smutty. I'm absolutely dying to do some of these, so if you're interested, let me know.

Final Fantasy (Feel free to cross the streams with these e.g., Rikku x Terra)

Yuna x Rikku
Yunalesca + Tentacles x Rikku, Yuna or Lulu
Rikku, Yuna or Lulu (or all three) x Gang of Male Characters
Rikku x Tentacles
Terra Branford x Literally anyone
Terra x Ultros

Ivy x Catwoman

Mass Effect
Liara, Aria, Ashley, Miranda

If you see something here that gives you another idea, or you just think I sound interesting enough to want to hash something new with, then let me know!

Mass Effect Ideas

Strange Space

One-shot: I have no really solid ideas here, except that I think a group sex scene between FemShep, and Ashley/Miranda, jack and Liara all as Futanari could be really REALLY sexy.

Jack & Miranda

In this setup, Jack more than likely pushes herself onto Miranda with or without consent.

Testing the Hard-Ware

No really solid ideas here either. I just really love the image and want to work with them together. Probably a one-shot.

Final Fantasy Ideas

Not Prepared for Everything

We aren't told everything about what dear Rikku does while trying to catch up to the group in FFX. (I'm aware her clothing in this is from X-2). But rumor has it she got in a little over her head...

Bad, bad octopus

I don't think this one requires far too much explanation. Leave it to the Final Fantasy series to give us plenty of tentacle options.

Long Term Fantasy Plot Ideas
While the Cats Are AwayFxF/Futa/M/Monsters/NC/BDSM/Imagination!

The core of this story is rather simple. We are two nekos (catgirls), with a pre-established romantic relationship, traveling the wilderness of our fantasy world for one of several purposes. Perhaps we have been sent by our tribe on a mission. Or we're the last to survive a calamity and are trying to reach our people. Despite the cause, along the way our characters' sexual relationship takes several turns as they are set upon by a multitude of planned and unplanned sexual encounters with all manner of things they find during their travels. Over the course their journey, their romantic and sexual relationship will be tested by these trials. Will they both make it to journey's end together, or will the outside world they could never dreamed of spoil any hopes of love conquering all?

Fantasy Sex Extravaganza (Nekos, Futa, Extreme, Bestiality[?])
This idea is particularly simple. We devise a fantasy adventure (one of us GM's it) where the main character is involved in a series of episodic sex scenes along the way to a final story-goal. The scenes would allow for a wide array of interests and kinks to be played out. This idea is almost entirely smut, and the story-goals of the adventure itself would be sex-related.

Non-Fandom Ideas. Realism!

Cabin Fever

Our characters are enrolled in all-girls boarding school and develop a relationship, exploring varying levels of experience in being with other girls. Perhaps the school has become notorious for fostering this, or perhaps it's strictly forbidden. I'd prefer to sculpt the details of it with any interested customers.

The Wrong Crowd

It was a match made in heaven and facilitated by alcohol. The high school queen turned college freshman cheerleader idol found herself in bed with darkly dressed, goth girl. Despite having enjoyed the night (her first lesbian experience) she wanted desperately to forget it had happened. These hopes were dashed when a video of them having sex was sent to her e-mail with the threat to release it publicly if she didn't do exactly what was desired of her.

Settling the Debt

A long-running, deep-seeded feud between two rivaling influential families has found a potential accord. In order to ensure the cease of hostilities, the daughter of one family must sleep with the son of the other. The daughter is already in a relationship and while reluctant to participate, does so for the good of her family. Over the course of the night and several secret meetings, the two develop a fondness for one another. 

Trying to get Home (NC, Bondage)
Her life is now almost entirely out of her hands. Whether it's a band of militants, a new member of a harem, a businessman's personal slave or whatever else, someone always owns her. In the slave trade underground, she's become something of a legend; a prized specimen traded and sold to curry favor between people from all corners of the globe. Yet still she holds out hope that one day she might be able to make it home. She even does her best to affect the outcome of each trade that she might land on another step on her long road home.

This story would be played by one character (the slave) and the GM, who would rotate through a variety of masters and mistresses as she's traded, sold, stolen or even killed over.

Fresh Meat

Clearly he's just using her, right? She's a college freshman. He's a senior. Maybe he's trying to take her under his wing so that he can put one more notch in his belt. Maybe he just wants to fuck and forget. Or perhaps he's developed honest feelings for the quirky, newly gorgeous girl. One way or another, none of her friends think it's a good idea and as time goes on, she starts to question it herself as he gets her into more and more things.

Character Prompts
These are a few characters that I use that have no particular story to call home. If you see something you like, let me know!


Orientation: Straight. Could be turned bi.
Age: 22-26

Lynna is a force to be reckoned with. Over her young adult life, she learned that she could use attraction for her as a force to get anything she wants. Such manipulation started as early as middle school. She is not above sleeping with married men, blackmail, extortion or bribery and the list of powerful figures she has in her pocket grows by the month.


Orientation: Bisexual or lesbian
Age: 16-22

Alice grew up in a sexually repressed family. When she was 16 she managed to get her first of a series of tattoos that she would come to acquire as an act of rebellion against her parents for not telling her anything about sex while her friends were becoming sexually active. While a calm, sweet girl at heart, Alice looks to make any act of rebellion she can; be it sexually or behaviorally.


Orientation: Straight or bisexual
Age: 26

A suave, sophisticated socialite heiress. Annabelle's adopting parents, now deceased, left her an immense fortune which she uses wisely to ensure her future financial security. However, she also spends a sizable portion to fund her lavish lifestyle.


Orientation: Straight(?)
Age: 27

Jess. Poet. Painter. Musician. Hopeless romantic. In constant doubt of her heterosexuality. After a string of dreadful relationships, Jess is ready to completely give up on having a successful, long-term relationship. Despite turning down suitors left and right, she still secretly hopes that the right man will show up. But, with so many changes in her life, perhaps she needs to open up to a new market.

Characters and Pairings I Love
Aes Sidhe
Nekos (Catgirls)

Elements I Like
Sex Slavery
Sex Magic
Forbidden Love

Picture Inspirations

Catgirls and Futa Catgirls
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
<img src="" title="Hosted by"/>
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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M)
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2013, 03:14:27 PM »
Updated with revised fandom cravings and listed which ones are taken.

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M)
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2014, 06:23:55 PM »
Edit: Cleaned up prompts, updated occupancy statuses and added new fandom pairings/ideas.

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M)
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2014, 06:04:03 PM »
Edit: Added new story prompt: While the Cats are Away

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])
« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2014, 09:37:44 PM »
Edit (Final for a while): Added new fandom ideas, picture inspirations "Mistress Effect" and formatting.

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2014, 04:06:05 PM »
Edit: Added a new Mass Effect pairing and the character archive.

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2014, 12:55:15 AM »
Updated with two new plots: Settling the score, and Fresh Meat

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Re: Ana's Dirty/Romantic/Smutty Funhouse (F for F or M [NSFW])
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2014, 02:57:28 AM »
Cleaned up the format of the original post and added a few new prompts.