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Started by Sethtwo, July 15, 2013, 09:34:36 PM

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The Vampire and the Veela

As the title suggests, I'm looking to do something in the HP verse. However, canon characters will be background characters at least, and may not even come up at all. I have only a basic plot in mind for this, and it is open to addition and suggestions from interested folks.

The Wizarding World, and Wizarding Britain in particular, has slowly become even more corrupt and repressive, especially toward near humans and other creatures. That leaves most dark creatures only a few options: Leave the country, hide among the Muggles, or perhaps try to create their own hidden communities, much as witches and wizards are hidden from Muggles. However, recently passed laws allow for and require the hunting and removal or destruction of any dark creatures in Britain. And that is where the story picks up. A vampire and a veela on the run together, though by no choice of their own.

Having to survive together means they need to depend on each other. Easier said than done, when they both want to strangle the other. I'm looking for a forced relationship, a love/hate relationship with a healthy dose of unresolved sexual tension, and they're both hiding secrets. Can they survive, or will they kill each other three days in?

Obviously, I'm searching for someone to play the Veela, while I'll be playing the vampire. As HP is vague on its vampire lore, I plan to use Vampire the Masquerade lore and rules. Familiarity with that game is nice, but not at all required.

This will be mostly vanilla, as the relationship and survival struggle is the main component.

CRAVING  The Apprentice: Based, somewhat, on the Sith Warrior and Jaesa Willsaam relationship. A Sith Warrior has been tracking a skilled Padawan for months, obsessed with claiming her and making her his Apprentice. Her Master is doing everything he can to keep her safe and hidden. But after months of constant travel and constant torment from the Warrior, she is beginning to chafe under her Master's strict training and demands. Her capture leads to her training, corruption, and seduction into becoming a powerful Sith. Eventually, what started as hate turns to devotion to her new Master, and even love.

CRAVING  Winning the Great Hunt: Based on the Bounty Hunter storyline from SWTOR. An aged Bounty Hunter seeks to compete in and even win the Great Hunt. With him is a young female hunter eager for fame, glory, and credits. When he takes her under his wing, they begin to work together. Can they manage to win the Hunt before they drive each other crazy? The exact plot is open to discussion, but this is a story about the eager youngster and the experienced, cautious veteran trying to work together, with plenty of sexual tension and disagreements thrown in. But perhaps she has an ulterior motive as well: Teaching the old hunter in rusted, sour armor that there are still things worth living for.

Behind Enemy Lines: Taking place during Act II of the Imperial Agent storyline. The stress of being a double agent is crippling enough. The stress of being trapped in the role with no way to escape is even more crushing. And so the Agent begins to try and blow off steam between assignments and missions. Until one particular woman catches his eye and shows him, perhaps, that the Republic isn't so bad after all. There are several directions this one could go, such as him getting her to defect to the Empire to join him, or her convincing him to defect to the Republic for real. All the while, both are keeping secrets from the other.

Something Mass Effect related, which is very open to discussion, including characters, setting, and plot.

Please PM me rather than post here.


UPDATED: Ideas from the old thread, and Mass Effect plot hook.